2018 Round 15 Teams and Discussion

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    Another Thursday night match - this one is between the #1 and #2 ranked sides

    Thursday, June 28

    Richmond v Sydney at Etihad Stadium, 7.20pm AEST

    In: David Astbury, Dion Prestia
    Out: Ryan Garthwaite, Kamdyn McIntosh
    Emg - Moore, McIntosh, C Ellis, Soldo

    In: Jarrad McVeigh, James Rose
    Out: Tom Papley, Harry Marsh
    Emg - D Cameron, H Marsh, D Robinson, D Towers

    Can someone please add the remaining sides once named on Friday night

    Ins and outs for the remaining games (including confirmed Sunday)

    Etihad Stadium, Friday June 29, 7.50pm AEST

    IN Matthew Suckling, Brad Lynch
    OUT Mitch Honeychurch (Omitted), Caleb Daniel (Injured)
    NEW Brad Lynch

    IN Harry Taylor, Cameron Guthrie, Quinton Narkle
    OUT Cory Gregson (Omitted), Lincoln McCarthy (Injured), Zach Guthrie (Omitted)
    NEW Quinton Narkle

    MCG, Saturday June 30, 1.45pm AEST

    IN Marc Murphy, Jarrod Pickett, Andrew Phillips, Levi Casboult, Nick Graham
    OUT Dale Thomas (Suspension), Lochie O’Brien (Managed), Cameron O’Shea (Omitted), Lachie Plowman (Injured), Matthew Kreuzer (Injured)

    IN Jack Hombsch, Jack Trengove
    OUT Darcy Byrne-Jones (Omitted), Tom Jonas (Injured)
    NEW Jack Trengove

    Adelaide Oval, Saturday June 30, 4.35pm AEST

    IN Luke Brown, Rory Laird, Rory Sloane, Darcy Fogarty, Cameron Ellis-Yolmen, Curtly Hampton
    OUT Andy Otten (Injured), Eddie Betts (Injured), Sam Gibson (Injured), Rory Atkins (Omitted), Myles Poholke (Omitted), Patrick Wilson (Omitted)

    IN Brendon Ah Chee, Brayden Ainsworth
    OUT Mark LeCras (Injured), Jackson Nelson (Omitted)

    Metricon Stadium, Saturday June 30, 7.25pm AEST

    IN Rory Thompson, Steven May, Wil Powell, Brayden Crossley
    OUT Tom J. Lynch (Injured), Jack Leslie (Omitted), Callum Ah Chee (Managed), Sam Day (Injured)
    NEW Wil Powell

    IN Ben Crocker, Brayden Sier
    OUT Adam Treloar (Injured), Levi Greenwood (Injured)
    NEW Brayden Sier


    Spotless Stadium, Saturday June 30, 7.25pm AEST

    IN Rory Lobb
    OUT Jeremy Cameron (Suspension)

    IN Jonathon Ceglar
    OUT Shaun Burgoyne (Injured)

    MCG, Sunday July 1, 1.10pm AEST

    IN Harrison Petty, Sam Weideman
    OUT Timothy Smith (Omitted), Bernie Vince
    NEW Harrison Petty

    IN Jarryn Geary, Darragh Joyce
    OUT Jimmy Webster (Injured), Logan Austin (Omitted)
    NEW Darragh Joyce

    Etihad Stadium, Sunday July 1, 3.20pm AEST

    IN Travis Colyer, Patrick Ambrose
    OUT Mason Redman (Injured), Josh Green

    IN Ben Jacobs, Ryan Clarke
    OUT Billy Hartung (Injured), Paul Ahern

    Optus Stadium, Sunday July 1, 4.40pm AEST

    IN Alex Pearce, Michael Walters
    OUT Connor Blakely (Injured), Ryan Nyhuis

    IN Daniel McStay, Mitch Robinson, Jake Barrett
    OUT Sam Mayes (Omitted), Harris Andrews (Injured), Zac Bailey (Omitted)
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by TheTassieHawk, Jun 27, 2018.

    1. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      Decisions Decisions !!

      Witts > Grundy or
      Mihocek > Lloyd
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    2. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      Praise to the Gods (old a new). There is WiFi at Uluru.

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    3. ike2112_01
      Redman's injury has scunnered my plans.

      I wanted to downgrade to give me cash to do a 3 other upgrades over this and next week. Should I now go for:
      Mihocek - even though he's past the bubble?
      J Smith - even though he's a bit more expensive and lower scorer
      Josh Battle - even though his position isn't settled
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    4. IPOD
      Pretty happy I dodged the Treloar bullet(although I am a pies man)have a trade conundrum going L Murphy - L Ryan (freo) and wanted to get either Westhoff for Fritsch or Fritsch out dpp keefe to fwd and get Lloyd.

      Option 1 - get Ryan and Lloyd
      Option 2 - get Ryan and Westhoff
      Option 3 - get Lloyd and Westhoff
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    5. ike2112_01
      Port seem to have a great run of games next 4 weeks so I think you gotta bring Westy in. Lloyd and Ryan is a toss-up for me, cos ultimately by round 17 I'd want to have them both I reckon.
    6. The_Swert
      Things are looking hopeful for this week.

      I could have 27 playing including my best 22. So there's no reason why I shouldn't go 2400+.

      Upgrading Fritsch to Westhoff to complete my forward line.
      Now my worst player is the speculative Rockliff who might need an upgrade next week, otherwise the team is pretty complete.

      Def: Laird, Yeo, Sicily, Simpson, Hurley, Rance (Ridley, Murphy)

      Mid: Fyfe, Mitchell, Cripps, Oliver, Martin, Coniglio, Parker, Rockliff (Holman, Spargo, Ahern)

      Ruc: Gawn, Grundy (Cameron)

      Fwd: McLean, Heeney, Gray, Franklin, D Smith, Westhoff (Ryan, Brander)
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    7. kram
      That’s a hell of a team Swert, how many trades do you have? Seems like you only need to turn rocky into Danger and your set. It looks like the team I’m trying to get to. I want Mclean and Franklin in the forward line instead of Boak and Billing’s. I have Whitfield and want Oliver. I was wanting Grundy over Goldy but I’m hoping Goldys a hold. I just can’t move this week though as my cows haven’t fattened enough yet. Feel so close yet so far
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    8. The_Swert
      I got 7 left now.

      I feel many teams are missing out on points in the Ruck without the big two. It's a big difference between 100avg and 125avg. I would try to upgrade that area first.

      Can't believe only 17% own Grundy at this stage of the season!
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    9. TheTassieHawk
      Final teams #AFLTigersSwans:

      No late changes.
    10. anthak
      I’ve made 1 trade this week to complete my team.
      Not the greatest final 22, but I’m ok with where it’s at. Just gotta hope for no injuries now haha cause I’m super low on trades!

      D: Sicily, Yeo, Laird, Simpson, Brayshaw, Tuohy (RSmith, Mihocek)
      M: Fyfe, Mitchell, Kelly, Danger, Cripps, Coniglio, Crouch, Rocky (Phillips, JSmith, Giro)
      R: Gawn, Goldy (Olango)
      F: Heeney, Gray, DSmith, Walters, Hogan, McLean (Fritsch, Ahern)
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    11. insider
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    12. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      Normally play the early game players as emergencies (one on each line) and due to time zone difference (NT) I lost out on Heeneys pathetic 18pts. Did anyone else cop that also?

    13. Senator96
      Surely most will have Heeney at this time of the year. He has been one of the top forwards this season.

      Any must get rookies this week? Will probably sit tight although have Austin in defence Phillips in mids and guelfi in fwds that could all potentially be downgraded
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    14. The_Swert
      I don't think any of this week's rookies are a must , I picked up J Smith but he's expensive and has iffy job security.

      Yes I copped Heeney, Rance, Dusty and Buddy :thumbsd:. Why did I predict 2400+?

      I regret talking up Dusty's ability to bounce back. He's been horrible and with Prestia back he might spend even more time fluffing around at FF.
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    15. anthak
      I traded out Dusty when I was desperate first week of the byes. At that stage I thought I’d bring him back in at some point, but I’m not sure anymore.
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    16. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      No must have Rookies this week! Although I just started picking cheap-o rookies with DPP for flexibility. 9 Trades Left.
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    17. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      We all have one of those players in our teams! I’m glad I punted Dusty for Kelly. I’d be happy with anything over 2200+ this week.
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    18. Moggies
      Would one of those rookies be Will Powell at the Suns? I need a M/F bench warmer and wondering if this first-gamer is worth considering? I had planned to get Patrick Wilson but he's out after one game...
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    19. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      Went cheapest on the list. I’m not after $$ cows anymore, although the ones I have need to do more before I punt them too. I’m after highest rank possible inside top 500.
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