2018 Round 16 Review

Discussion in 'Blog' started by TheTassieHawk, Jul 8, 2018.

By TheTassieHawk on Jul 8, 2018 at 7:47 PM
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    The Fyfe, Heeney and Simpson outs have seen teams up top use trades in order to stay in contention and tested bench cover for others further back or already low on trades

    There seem to be some 2400 and 2500 ish scores around the TS leagues this week, and Wu Tang Clan went 2600 plus - congrats mate !

    How did your team go and who were this week's heroes and villains ??
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How many trades does your side have remaining after Round 16 ??

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Discussion in 'Blog' started by TheTassieHawk, Jul 8, 2018.

    1. anthak
      Traded Fyfe this week (to Dusty)
      Had Fritsch covering Heeney,
      Had Mihocek covering Simpson...

      Scored 2427 which is my highest score this year, so pretty happy.
      Won 6 of my 10 leagues,

      but lost one by a whopping 165 points to someone who scored 2592!

      I moved up 200 places to get inside the top 1500
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    2. The_Swert
      Crawled up to 2241 after a good Sunday.

      Main villains were Franklin, Rance, Parker, TMitch and Simpson.

      Should've traded out Rance to Lloyd instead of Rocky to Curnow.

      Doubled my rank to 550th :(
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    3. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      2404 (Heeney and Simpson on the Bench)
      Cpt On Grundy was a nervous wait.
      Traded Fyfe to Lloyd this week.

      Only in one league so 15 zip this year.

      Hope to move up to top 500-600’s
      Edit: Stayed in 800’s

      8 Trades Left
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    4. stripey
      2349 but thought I had the C on Gawn, woke up this morning t find it on McLean (he has never been my my BC or C btw so don’t know what happened there)... so that cost me 67 points I think... anyway I moved up about 300 spots to around 10.1k overall.. pretty bloody disappointed
    5. walesy
      Stats are up guys.
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    6. Penske file
      Penske file
      Best score this year 2425, won 8/10 leagues beaten by 1 guy with 2619, could be close to best.
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    7. JC
      A 2385 for me this week. I slipped 23 spots to stay just inside the top 1500. Won 9/10 leagues - and only lost to bloody @anthak . :p

      Getting a bit skinny for trades, though, so the next few weeks could be interesting.
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    8. IPOD
      I had a 2302 2/2 wins and a shout out to @anthak for the advice on keeping Petracca 138 and trading Holman 45 and Guelfi 55 - Gaff 123 and Sier 57. Also shout outs to Yeo, Big Maxy VC, Zorko and good cover provided by Austin for Simpson. Still have Heeney to come back and i held Fyfe hoping he can come back and save me 1 more trade i need 1 more back and provided Fyfe can make it back Heeney can DPP fwd and team is set (although could do with a tinker if trades are still there only 4 left)
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    9. anthak
      Hey mate, I’m glad you did that. I was watching the Melbourne game hoping you hadn’t traded Petracca, he looked great!
    10. IPOD
      Yeah he looked like he was getting more involved in the play and more midfield time...? Either way reaped the rewards of not trading now to see if he can keep it up for the rest of the yr
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    11. port_leschenault
      I wouldn't have had Trac on field if it wanst for Heeney being out. So stars aligned heaps this week, even getting monster scores in both ORF leagues.

      Now under 5k overall which is so much more respectable than it was before byes. Hoping can stay that way and maybe improve a bit more.
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    12. TheTassieHawk
    13. IPOD
    14. IPOD
    15. walesy
    16. IPOD
      Only have 4 trades left still have Fyfe
      TU - Hold trades play Ahern/Spargo
      TD - Trade Fyfe to Oliver leaves 3 trades - 178k
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    17. anthak
      I’m not sure I’d do either of those...
      how many spots still to upgrade? Just 1?
      And what other bench cover have you got?
    18. IPOD
      If I hold Fyfe cover is Ahern, Spargo and Sier. Just need to upgrade Austin/Mihocek - Lloyd hopefully (need to downgrade Ahern to a rookie next week to get Lloyd)
    19. anthak
      Don’t you still have a mid spot to upgrade? I thought you were considering to field both Spargo and Ahern?

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