2018 Round 17 Review

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By TheTassieHawk on Jul 15, 2018 at 6:14 PM
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    Plenty of monster scores from popular players should see some high team scores.

    Unfortunately some ruck injuries and Robbie Gray getting KO'd may hurt teams running low on trades and also have some big ramifications for the remainder of the AFL season.

    Leagues are getting to the pointy end and no doubt there will be some narrow margins at the end of this round.

    Congrats to Buddy on kicking goal #900 and also to Aliir Aliir for kicking goal #1 in the clutch.

    Comment below !


Discussion in 'Blog' started by TheTassieHawk, Jul 15, 2018.

    1. insider
      2462.... seems significantly under-par
    2. Penske file
      Penske file
      2565 with Gray's sad effort due to injury, I seem to have won 10/10 leagues awaiting scaling.
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    3. walesy
      2569. Probably my biggest score for the year
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    4. Owen
      2514 with Gray. Kade Simpson's 81 my second lowest. Very consistent across the board. It'll be interesting to see what the high score will be this week, could be some 2800+
    5. anthak
      Yes, I went backwards 34 spots. Still in the top 1500 tho.

      My TG team (didnt have Gray) scored 2586 and moved into 1,325th, so is now beating my actual team.
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    6. anthak
      2751 for highest score!
      Big round
    7. walesy
      stats are go.

      Currently sitting 9th in my cash league, on percentage. Team needs to lift!
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    8. IPOD
      2378 1/2 leagues won unlucky lost by 44 with NicNat off for a full half or more (surely he scores around 44 in the 2nd half). With 2 trades and NicNat gone and Robbie Gray possibly too, i am in more trouble than the Early Settlers!
    9. graeme
      2498 including unlucky Robbie. As a non-resident overall is academic (what a pathetic rule), but interested in league wins. Quite happy sitting around 16K with 100K in the kitty and 9 transfers in hand.
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    10. Penske file
      Penske file
      Does anyone know the reason for Cox did not playing yesterday. Wasn't home so I was surprised to see Crocker in.
    11. Penske file
      Penske file
      The reason for the bad grammar there was I decided at last minute not to say withdrawl.
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    12. anthak
      I actually think it was a strategic move by Collingwood.
      I’ve seen different reports, one said general soreness, another said tight hamstring I think. He’s expected to play this week.
    13. JC
      2507 in the end, which is a long way from the 2700+ the SC app had projected for me prior to the Sunday games - and before JPK and Gray went down. But I still moved up 170 spots to 1325, which was pleasing.
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    14. The_Swert
      2482. I never get near the projections.

      But I arrested my ranking slide.
      Back up 14 to 536th.

      Planning on trading Rance to Lloyd or Brayshaw.

      Might also trade Dusty or Parker to Macrae or Danger even though they both got over 100 this week.
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    15. Owen
      Considering Rockliff to Danger myself, You would think Gray would be out for next week, so that might mean Rocky play forward more
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    16. anthak
      I’ve been wondering this too. You would think either Rocky and/or Wingard would move forward in Gray’s absence.
    17. Owen
      Hmm, just saw that Gray is still a chance to return next round. Apparently no head aches so far, probably helps that the game is on Sunday. Still, I would expect him to miss after being KO'd for a few minutes.
    18. stripey
      It looks like I’ll have bigger issues than this... I’m hearing Gray is still feeling groggy AND On SEN just now they said Sicily is off having scans on a suspected broken wrist
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    19. ike2112
      2318, absolutely dire I was being projected for 2580 for most of Saturday.

      I thought I could get away with Higgins on field since he'd scored 109 and 87. Then NicNat and Gray happened, Kelly, Westhoff and Rockliff all down (82/88/82).
      I was all set to trade Higgins for Toby Greene/Jack Darling and that was my 22 complete. But I only have 4 trades left and obviously need to bring in a Ruck - and I have to surely go for Grundy? I traded out Brayshaw for Sier last week as I needed to free up cash, really had wanted to trade out English this week for same reason.
      Team is:
      Lloyd / Laird / Yeo
      Hurley / Savage / Crisp -- Richards / Keeffe (loop with Sicily)

      TMitchell / Cripps / Neale / JKelly
      ZMerrett / Rockliff / Martin / Higgins -- Ahern / Phillips / Sier

      Gawn / NicNat -- English

      Gray / Westhoff / Boak
      Sicily / Heeney / McLean -- Battle / TSmith

      Do I just hope Gray is given the clear? I think Battle is going to be named by StK so he'd cover for Gray.
      Option 1 - NicNat and Higgins to Grundy and Darling/Greene (via Heeney in MF) [and hope Gray ok]
      Option 2 - NN and Higgins out, bring in a MF, Oliver/Macrae and choose a cheaper ruck (Sinclair/Nankervis) [and hope Gray ok]
      Option 3 - NicNat and TSmith out, Higgins to Fwd bench and choose both a cheaper ruck and Fwd = probably Nankervis and Darling [have Fwd cover in Higgins or Ahern]
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