2018 Round 18 review

Discussion in 'Blog' started by anthak, Jul 22, 2018.

By anthak on Jul 22, 2018 at 8:03 PM
  1. anthak

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    Looks like another huge round this week! Especially for those who captained Tom Mitchell.


Discussion in 'Blog' started by anthak, Jul 22, 2018.

    1. anthak

      Sorry, guys, I made a mess of the last thread, so I just deleted it.

      Can you guys post your comments again?
    2. The_Swert
      My highest score of the year 2522.

      I see a few scores above 2600, but I think anything over 2500 is pretty good this week.

      Lost one league by a point :spew:
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    3. choppers
      I had 2561, my best score this season.....
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    4. Owen
      2634 for me this week, four guys over 2600 in my main cash league. Could be some 2800s out there
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    5. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      2597 - Stoked!
      Jumped up 177 places to 650.
      5 Trades Left (FA Cash)

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    6. anthak
      2593 for me this week.
      Rocky and Jesse Hogan my only real disappointments this week.

      Won 9 leagues and drew the other! With the draw we both had the highest score in the league by a long way so it was kinda fitting to draw cause it woulda sucked to lose, however I was winning by 3 points pre-scaling so the draw did disappoint me at first.

      Moved up 320 spots to be ranked 1139th oa now. Hoping to push into the top 1k!
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    7. anthak
      one team scored 2812!
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    8. anthak
      TS Platinum league is now in the top 50 leagues, slowly climbing up the ladder from a long way back
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    9. walesy
      frickity frack. Lost my cash league game by 12 points.

      To make matters worse, I forgot to log in this morning to check my Gawn VC to switch him to Mitchell.

      To make things double worse- had I not traded in Hurn on Friday, I would have fielded Duman and won by 2.

      frackity frick frack frack.
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    10. walesy
      ok, stats are finished: D
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    11. graeme
      2434 but disappointed. Similar to @walesy was away and stuffed up the VC / C choice so ended with double Grundy instead of double Titch. Oh well, life goes on.
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    12. IPOD
      2451 for me tried to get Mihocek 101 on the field and thought i had it covered brought keefe on and was happy days until i saw he was a late in and no one to move him for but won both my leagues but gee whiz. So i was mildly happy with Nicnat for Martin and Sicily for McGovern. Now i roll with 0 trades and am assured of at least 1 final in both leagues but that may be where my season ends
    13. Royboy Forever
      Royboy Forever
      2420 for me and I still went backwards by 110 spots and that is after dropping 500 last week with 2514. My scores are getting better but my rank gets worse
    14. God Yeah
      God Yeah
      Looking to upgrade Rocky - Can afford Macrae/Kelly/Neale

      Macrae run home Port (Mars) Stk (E) North (E) Carl (E) Rich (MCG) or
      Neale Haw (H) WC (H) Carl (H) Geel (GMHBA) Coll (H) or
      Kelly Stk (H) Carl (A) Adel (H) Syd (H) Melb (A)

      trying to look forward to the finals, would love peoples thoughts on who I should grab this week?
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    15. TheTassieHawk
      My sides poor season continued with 2397 seeing my ranking continue to drop rather than improve and I expect to smash my worst ever ranking from 2012.

      Despite a 200 point win in my main league I am still 11th on 9-7 and a % of 101.0 and am no hope of finals in any of my other 4 leagues. My finals hopes depend on defeating the 6th placed side by 142 points to overtake them on percentage and then hope other results for the sides 7th through 10th fall my way.

      I have 3 trades left and I my fingers crossed that next week's opponent is either out of trades or saving them for finals in other leagues.
    16. TheTassieHawk
      If I needed to trade in a midfielder I would take any of those 3 as proven premium options.

      IMO it's always a lottery who will do better over a 5 week sample.
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    17. Cpt Pugwash
    18. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      Is there a Rnd 19 discussion blog?
    19. The_Swert
      Haven't seen one yet.

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