2018 Round 23 and season review

Discussion in 'Blog' started by TheTassieHawk, Aug 26, 2018.

By TheTassieHawk on Aug 26, 2018 at 6:34 PM
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    Popular players had a good week in Round 23 with Danger came up big with a 187, Macrae 163, Gawn 156 and Grundy and Coniglio both scoring exactly 150.

    There should be some decent scores around for those who managed to avoid any final round donuts.

    If you were in Grand Finals how did you go ??
    ( Refer to the following link if you need to follow live scores for the final part of the final game
    http://live.fanfooty.com.au/game/2018/6698-saints-kangaroos.html )

    With the season now completed also let us know how you ranked overall this season, cheers TTH
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by TheTassieHawk, Aug 26, 2018.

    1. anthak
      Lockout is now finished

      I scored 2525 this week.
      Not too bad, but I had a poor finish to the season.

      Ranked 2464th overall for the season. I’m a bit disappointed because I was 1139th with 5 rounds remaining. I’d hoped to get in the top 1k, but moved backwards each week from there, and I didn’t make any grand finals.

      Well done to everyone who had strong seasons!

      And thanks to everyone who keeps this site ticking over! It’s a great community here and it’s been another fun season shared with y’all.
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    2. anthak
      TS Platinum league finished 41st of all 18 team leagues.

      I think it was our best ranked league this season
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    3. graeme
      2656 which moved me up 2162 places to 9110th. Holding trades for finals is now my preferred approach.

      Won TS ORFFA grand final, lost TS ORFFL grand final (by 3 point) and won TS EXPAT petit final.

      Many thanks to @walesy for hosting us the best afl fan site by a very wide margin. To all who contribute insights - thank you for making the SC season so enjoyable.

      Finally - yeah, it's trading time again the ORFF comps, :)
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    4. anthak
      @Buzzboys has taken out the Trading Games comp (again)!

      Well done mate.

      It was pretty tight at the top, but you finished stronger!

      Top 3:

      @Buzzboys score: 52089; rank: 1077.
      @anthak score: 51937; rank: 1620.
      @bunza52 score: 51173; rank: 7420.
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    5. Owen
      2637 this week and ranked at 617 for the year. My best result for the past few years. Biggest regret not having Grundy. Stef Martin just didn't fail enough at any point to feel like the trade was justified, and then when I wanted to do it I had injury trades to make.
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    6. walesy
      2499 in my cash league. Not awful, just 6 players different

      He scored a massive 2729.

      Ah well, nice that 2nd still gets paid :D
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    7. The_Swert
      2467 to finish the year, not helped by my panic Parker (inj) to Sloane (inj) trade (should've read the whole article...).
      Only won 1 out of 5 GFs.

      But still ended up inside the top 500 for my best result ever (484th to be exact).

      As always, there are some moments where I think what could've been:
      Taking Ed Curnow instead of Dangerfield, gambling on Rockliff, holding Rance for so long.
      But overall I clearly got more right than wrong.

      Cheers all.
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    8. walesy
      And, for the last time this year: Stats are up.

      Thanks to everyone who kicks around in these parts! I love reading your thoughts and just talking shit about this game that we all love.

      Hope you all have a great post-season, and hope to see you all again in the preseason! :D
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    9. Iain
      Thanks Walesy, and all that contribute here.

      Another poor year for me but managed to win the TS Tigers league so that's something at least, final rank of 7629.
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    10. Penske file
      Penske file
      My best score for the year 2648, won 3/4 GFs. Ranking not so good this year too many hiccups. You would think the learning curve would be complete by now, but somehow it keeps getting kinks in it. Maybe next year. Thanks again to all concerned.
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    11. Back2Back
      HAHA Good game, Will sort out payment soon!
      Cant believe we both missed Danger as VC. Real happy with 830 overall. It was the first year I didn't make one sideways trade, just held players out of form until they recovered (well most of them...)

      Thanks Walesy for keeping this website going, its invaluable.
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    12. walesy
      Hard to believe that there was a tie in Fantasy AFL for the overall.

      And that one of those guys was the winner of it last year!!


      Need to pull apart *that* guys trading strategy for sure! He obviously knows how to work those 2 trades a week!
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    13. choppers
      Highest score for the year for me (2628) and came at the right time to win the TS ORFFU League...
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    14. TheTassieHawk
      YahooTS v8.0 ranked #60 which I think makes 7 out of 8 seasons in the top 100, with the other being a near miss. If any team is kicked out for not pulling their weight it will need to be mine so hopefully we can get the same 17 others back on board next season to see if the TS Platinum League can be taken down in 2019 !
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    15. TheTassieHawk
    16. anthak

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