2018 Round 8 Teams and Discussion

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    Mother Day Round watch out for 2 twilight Saturday matches and only the 2 on Sunday, it has caught me and others out in previous years


    Friday May 11 at the MCG (7.50pm)

    B: Impey, Burton, Frawley
    HB: Duryea, Sicily, Hardwick
    C: Smith, Shiels, Langford
    HF: Mitchell, O’Brien, Gunston
    F: Henderson, Roughead, O’Meara
    FOLL: McEvoy, Breust, Burgoyne
    I/C: Stratton, Howe, Morrison, Whitecross
    EMG: Schoenmakers, Brand, Worpel, Cousins

    IN: Langford, Henderson
    OUT: Cousins, Worpel

    B: Smith, Grundy, Lloyd
    HB: Mills, Rampe, McVeigh
    C: Cunningham, Kennedy, Heeney
    HF: Hewett, Towers, Florent
    F: Hayward, Rohan, Papley
    FOLL: Sinclair, Parker, Jack
    I/C: Ronke, Jones, McCartin, Robinson
    EMG: Aliir, Cameron, Fox, Newman

    IN: McCartin, Robinson
    OUT: Fox, Marsh

    Saturday May 12 at Spotless Stadium (1.45pm)

    B: Haynes, Davis, Shaw
    HB: Corr, Finlayson, Whitfield
    C: Reid, Coniglio, Taranto
    HF: Lloyd, Himmelberg, Shiel
    F: Keeffe, Cameron, de Boer
    FOLL: Lobb, Hopper, Ward
    I/C: Griffen, Langdon, Cumming, Tomlinson
    EMG: Simpson, Perryman, Mohr, Buckley

    IN: Cameron, Lobb, Cumming
    OUT: Buckley, Patton, Shipley

    B: Hurn, Barrass, Sheppard
    HB: Cole, Schofield, Nelson
    C: Duggan, Redden, Masten
    HF: Cripps, Darling, Rioli
    F: Waterman, Kennedy, LeCras
    FOLL: Lycett, Yeo, Gaff
    I/C: Ah Chee, McInnes, Hutchings, Ainsworth
    EMG: Watson, Rotham, Bayok, Allen

    IN: Ah Chee, McInnes, Ainsworth, Schofield
    OUT: Naitanui, Shuey, Petrucelle, McGovern

    Saturday May 12 at the MCG (2.10pm)

    B: Plowman, Rowe, Thomas
    HB: Mullett, Jones, Simpson
    C: Lang, Cripps, E.Curnow
    HF: Fisher, McKay, Graham
    F: Petrevski-Seton, C.Curnow, Garlett
    FOLL: Kreuzer, Dow, Kerridge
    I/C: O’Shea, Lamb, Wright, O’Brien
    EMG: Polson, Phillips, Shaw, Silvagni

    IN: Lang, C.Curnow, Lamb
    OUT: Phillips, Casboult, Kennedy

    B: Baguley, Hurley, Saad
    HB: McKenna, Ambrose, Goddard
    C: Fantasia, Z.Merrett, Mutch
    HF: Laverde, Stewart, McDonald-Tipungwuti
    F: Myers, Hooker, Zaharakis
    FOLL: Bellchambers, Smith, Heppell
    I/C: McNiece, McKernan, Parish, Stringer
    EMG: Ridley, Langford, Guelfi, Clarke

    IN: Fantasia, McKernan
    OUT: McGrath, Daniher

    Saturday May 12 at the Gabba (4.35pm)

    B: Harbrow, Thompson, May
    HB: Hall, Leslie, Ah Chee
    C: Bowes, Lyons, Weller
    HF: Holman, Crossley, Ballard
    F: Martin, Day, Young
    FOLL: Witts, Miller, Swallow
    I/C: Sexton, Ainsworth, Scheer, Rischitelli
    EMG: Spencer, Heron, Brodie, Nutting

    IN: May, Hall, Leslie
    OUT: Joyce, Spencer, Rosa

    B: Hibberd, O.McDonald, Jetta
    HB: Brayshaw, Lever, Vince
    C: Lewis, Jones, Salem
    HF: Harmes, Hogan, Melksham
    F: Weideman, T.McDonald, Petracca
    FOLL: Gawn, Tyson, Oliver
    I/C: Spargo, Hannan, Neal-Bullen, Fritsch
    EMG: Hunt, Garlett, Smith, Wagner

    IN: Salem
    OUT: Hunt

    Saturday May 12 at the Adelaide Oval (5.10pm)

    B: Bonner, Jonas, Houston
    HB: Byrne-Jones, Hombsch, Clurey
    C: Motlop, Wines, Polec
    HF: Boak, Watts, Wingard
    F: Westhoff, Dixon, R.Gray
    FOLL: Ryder, Rockliff, Ebert
    I/C: Neade, Howard, Powell-Pepper, S.Gray
    EMG: Amon, Pittard, Trengove, Barry

    IN: Clurey, Wingard, Rockliff, Powell-Pepper
    OUT: Pittard, Amon, Johnson, Barry

    B: Brown, Talia, Kelly
    HB: Laird, Doedee, Seedsman
    C: Atkins, Crouch, Mackay
    HF: Poholke, McGovern, Lynch
    F: Jenkins, Walker, Betts
    FOLL: Jacobs, Gibbs, Douglas
    I/C: Greenwood, Gallucci, Otten, Ellis-Yolmen
    EMG: Wilson, Fogarty, O’Brien, Murphy

    IN: Poholke, Walker
    OUT: Milera, Fogarty

    Saturday May 12 at Etihad Stadium (7.25pm)

    B: Suckling, Naughton, Cordy
    HB: Williams, Young, Crozier
    C: Johannisen, Hunter, Dunkley
    HF: Lipinski, Bontempelli, Wallis
    F: Dahlhaus, Gowers, Dale
    FOLL: Boyd, McLean, Macrae
    I/C: Webb, Richards, Honeychurch, Daniel
    EMG: Trengove, Biggs, Smith, Jong

    IN: Bontempelli, Webb
    OUT: English, Jong

    B: Hodge, Andrews, Gardiner
    HB: Rich, Cutler, Witherden
    C: Taylor, Robinson, Zorko
    HF: Rayner, Hipwood, McCluggage
    F: Christensen, McStay, Cameron
    FOLL: Martin, Berry, D.Beams
    I/C: Robertson, Bailey, Eagles, McInerney
    EMG: Keays, C.Beams, Allison, Mayes

    IN: Robertson
    OUT: Allison

    Saturday May 12 at Optus Stadium (8.10pm)

    B: Johnson, Hamling, A.Pearce
    HB: Ryan, Duman, Langdon
    C: Neale, Mundy, S.Hill
    HF: Banfield, Ballantyne, Matera
    F: Tucker, McCarthy, Blakely
    FOLL: Sandilands, Fyfe, Brayshaw
    I/C: Crowden, Cox, D.Pearce, Cerra
    EMG: Nyhuis, Sheridan, Hughes, Kersten

    IN: Johnson, Pearce
    OUT: Wilson, Hughes

    B: Geary, Brown, Savage
    HB: Gilbert, Carlisle, Webster
    C: Newnes, Dunstan, Billings
    HF: Clark, Membrey, Acres
    F: Gresham, Marshall, Weller
    FOLL: Hickey, Ross, Steven
    I/C: Steele, Armitage, Phillips, Coffield
    EMG: Lonie, Battle, White, Sinclair

    IN: Acres, Phillips
    OUT: McCartin, Long

    Sunday May 13 at Etihad Stadium (1.10pm)

    B: Wright, Tarrant, Williams
    HB: Macmillan, Thompson, Clarke
    C: Hartung, Ziebell, Dumont
    HF: Atley, Wood, Anderson
    F: Waite, Brown, Higgins
    FOLL: Goldstein, Cunnington, Jacobs
    I/C: Simpkin, McDonald, Turner, Clarke
    EMG: Ahern, Hrovat, Davies-Uniacke, Zurhaar

    IN: Waite, Daw
    OUT: Vickers-Willis, Zurhaar

    B: Rance, Astbury, Grimes
    HB: Houli, Broad, Vlastuin
    C: Lloyd, Cotchin, McIntosh
    HF: Castagna, Caddy, Townsend
    F: Edwards, Riewoldt, Butler
    FOLL: Nankervis, Lambert, Martin
    I/C: Higgins, Graham, Short, Conca
    EMG: B.Ellis, Miles, Soldo, Garthwaite

    IN: Cotchin
    OUT: Prestia

    Sunday May 13 at the MCG (3.20pm)

    B: Appleby, Dunn, Crisp
    HB: Varcoe, Scharenberg, Howe
    C: Sidebottom, Pendlebury, Phillips
    HF: De Goey, Moore, Hoskin-Elliott
    F: Thomas, Cox, Stephenson
    FOLL: Grundy, Adams, Treloar
    I/C: Murray, Brown, Wells, Mayne
    EMG: Blair, Fasolo, Crocker, Daicos

    IN: Brown, Wells
    OUT: Blair, Crocker

    B: Bews, Taylor, Henry
    HB: Tuohy, Kolodjashnij, Stewart
    C: S.Selwood, J.Selwood, Blicavs
    HF: Duncan, Crameri, Kelly
    F: Murdoch, Ratugolea, Gregson
    FOLL: Smith, Dangerfield, Ablett
    I/C: Menegola, Parsons, Cunico, Thurlow
    EMG: Buzza, Stanley, Z.Guthrie, Horlin-Smith

    IN: Taylor, Smith, Ablett, Parsons
    OUT: Fogarty, Hawkins, Stanley, Z.Guthrie


Discussion in 'Blog' started by TheTassieHawk, May 11, 2018.

    1. TheTassieHawk
      Patrick Keane tweets

      The AFL advises Jeremy McGovern has withdrawn from the West Coast side for tomorrow's Rd8 match v GWS Giants at Spotless Stadium. Will Schofield comes into the 22.
      Francis Watson has been added to the emergency players.

      Round Eight Final Sunday Teams (only the 2 matches):

      Collingwood v Geelong Cats:
      Interchange: Murray, Brown, Wells, Mayne.
      Emergencies: Blair, Fasolo, Crocker, Daicos.
      Brown, Wells in for Blair, Crocker.

      Geelong Cats v Collingwood I
      nterchange: Menegola, Parsons, Cunico, Thurlow.
      Emergencies: Buzza, Stanley, Z Guthrie, Horlin-Smith.
      Taylor, Smith, Ablett, Parsons in for Fogarty, Hawkins, Stanley, Z Guthrie.

      North Melbourne v Richmond
      Interchange: Simpkin, McDonald, Turner, Clarke.
      Emergencies: Ahern, Hrovat, Davies-Uniacke, Zurhaar.
      Waite, Daw in for Vickers-Willis, Zurhaar.

      Richmond v North Melbourne:
      Interchange: Higgins, Graham, Short, Conca.
      Emergencies: B Ellis, Miles, Soldo, Garthwaite.
      Cotchin in for Prestia.
    2. TheTassieHawk
    3. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Geez I wish Norf were shitter.
      Ahern would get a gig in a shite Roos side.
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    4. IPOD
      Think I have decided that I’m going to double down bonner - keefe and banfield - Spargo cop the NicNat donut and possible double up grade next week
    5. TheTassieHawk
      Fair call there @That KI Guy

      I think the kangas had only used 26 players in the opening 7 rounds and I assume he will get his chance sooner rather than later.
    6. Jason
      Brought in Ronke this week and managed to have him on the field!
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    7. The_Swert
      Oh o'meara...
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    8. stripey
      The only good thing about not having Ronke is also not having O’Meara
    9. anthak
      Well done Jason, good call!

      My gut was telling me to pick Ronke all week. He’d looked so good as a player, even when he scored low last week. And Spargo’s first two good games came against fairly weak opposition. But in the end I went with Spargo, mainly because of his DPP (and also because I’d suggested preseason “keep an eye out for him because if he breaks into the senior team he could be a natural scorer”, so I also partly wanted to stick to my guns and back my preseason research). I know Spargo is yet to play this round but im already rueing my decision. Hopefully the DPP comes in handy one day.
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    10. Micksdemons
      Had English all year and the week I need him he gets dropped !
      What's his JS like - will he be back soon or do I trade for Cox McInerney or Crossley to cover the Nic Nat donut

      Or do I go Nic Nat to Grundy ? Thoughts
    11. Jason
      Spargo certainly looked the better overall, but I brought him in the previous week, so I went to Ronke this week.
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    12. Jason
      He will return, not sure if he gets a 1- or 2-week spell though. Not named as an emergency because he wasn't dropped on form, should have said "managed" like many other weekly changes are listed as.
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    13. Penske file
      Penske file
      I traded Spargo instead of Ronke for the same reasons, thought of a double downgrade then went Oliver instead of Ronke, I did need DPP tho.
    14. TheTassieHawk
      It will be interesting to see how may brought Ronke in either ahead of Spargo in going 1 down 1 up or as a double downgrade.

      120 will see him make a lot of cash by Round 11 assuming he stays on the park.

      The ruck decision is definitely a tough one. Crossley/McInerney gives donut cover this week while we don't know whether to trade English out or to move him to F8 or to ignore the ruck and just take the donut.

      I ended up doing the latter and trading Banfield/Murray ==> Spargo/Sicily (D4).

      Tim Kelly, Doedee, Finlayson, Naughton, English, Holman and Fritsch are still in my side so I plan to bring in my D5, F6 and M7 as these players and Higgins peak between rounds 9 and 11 if the injury gods are kind.
    15. TheTassieHawk
      No late changes for the 435pm Suns vs Demons or the 510pm Showdown matches
    16. port_leschenault
      I don't understand why you'd want to keep English? If you need a playing ruck to cover NicNat donut than downgrading English to McInerey or Crossley seems self evident.

      Dear Matt Crouch, jfc, 5 clangers in the first half! Apologies for the kiss of death, all who brought him in. :(
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    17. TheTassieHawk
      LATE CHANGES #AFLFreoSaints
      Dockers Stephen Hill replaced by Ryan Nyhuis.
      Saints no changes

      No changes either in the Dogs vs Lions game
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    18. Crafty Yarni
      Crafty Yarni
      Petracca is a spastic
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    19. anthak
      Saturday night update:

      17/1809 - Gawn cap

      Got some good scorers and some shite ones - particularly rookies Cole and Spargo, but also Zerrett and Titchell.

      Still got JHiggins, Tuohy, Goldsetin, Dusty and Tim Kelly to come, so hoping for 2300+ but projected for much less...

      How are others doing?

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