2018 Round Review: Round 10

Discussion in 'Blog' started by TheTassieHawk, May 27, 2018.

By TheTassieHawk on May 27, 2018 at 5:39 PM
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    The Pies, Tiges, Swans, Cats, Bombers and Eagles have won, the Dees are smashing the Crows and the Roos are narrowly leading the Dockers in the 2nd quarter.

    SC has thrown up its usual challenges but also some high scores. My plodders managed 2299, with a last minute choice of Gawn as C over Fyfe costing me 2 league matches. How has your team fared ??

    As for the poll question - once lockout is over add up your best 22 players season averages and then double your captains score to see what your team should be scoring on a weekly basis
    - ie
    Def = 110, 106, 104, 91, 84, 79 = 574....Mid = 125, 122, 117, 111, 107, 103, 90, 85 = 860
    Ruck = 129, 99 = 228 plus 129C = 357....Fwd = 105, 94, 82, 70, 67, 65 = 483
    TOTAL = 2274
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Post round 10 where does your SC team average for best 22 including captains score *2 now fall ??

Poll closed Jun 1, 2018.
  1. less than 2200

  2. 2200 to 2249

  3. 2250 to 2299

  4. 2300 to 2349

  5. 2350 to 2399

  6. 2400 to 2449

  7. 2450 to 2499

  8. 2500 plus



Discussion in 'Blog' started by TheTassieHawk, May 27, 2018.

    1. insider
      I have absolutely no idea what that poll question is TTH! Lol.
      Finally got a decent score for the first time this year - 2504 at the siren of last game for the round. Rapt
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    2. choppers
      Sorry mate, got you by 20....2524 for me;););)
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    3. Penske file
      Penske file
      Great scores both of you well done. I was happy with my 2390, but pales into insignifigance.
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    4. Senator96
      Glad I didn’t play you this week as I got 2519. Would have been spewing to lose with that! About time some of my players pulled their digits out
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    5. Crafty Yarni
      Crafty Yarni
      2407 I scored.

      One of my league players scored 2600.

      2300 seems par this week
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    6. Royboy Forever
      Royboy Forever
      I thought I was doing well but my 2519 ( like Senator96) looked good. 2600 is way above. Won all 4 leagues and at last I think all of my trades are paying off. Just have to get good scores through the bye rounds and I might shift up the ladder
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    7. benny01
      2378 which felt pretty good until I see all the 2500s
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    8. anthak
      Lots of good scores this week. I see heaps of 2500+ in my leagues!
      I'm happy to score >2400 for the 2nd week in a row, with a 2409. Coulda been better as I had Gawn as captain but it was a good overall score from my team. Seems about par...
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    9. The_Swert
      Scored 2420 and my rank dropped :eek:
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    10. anthak
      In my leagues, I won a game by a point and I lost a game by a point! Only one of 10 leagues that I lost!

      I moved up in rank by 21 spots, so stayed steady around 1500th...
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    11. JC
      I scored 2504 and moved up about 1300 spots to 2077. Delighted with that after a few pretty average weeks in a row.
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    12. walesy
      2303 for me this week.

      Stats are statted
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    13. insider
      You spoil us with super speedy stats sir!
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    14. TheTassieHawk
    15. bunza52
      Very happy with this weeks effort of 2550, which saw me rank 468th for the week. Traded in Danger this week and put the C on him after Macrae didn't deliver (for a change). Would have been nice if Guelfi was able to hit a target, instead of running at a DE 38%. Not sure whether this week is a 1 up 1 down, or a double down. A double down, will give me $410k, so should be able to do a double up the following week.
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    16. The_Swert
      Realise I stuffed my trades last week.
      I had Thursday night teamsheet panic.

      Should've held the non-playing Finlayson another week and turned Kelly into Coniglio as I had planned.

      I gained nothing by trading Finlayson to Ripley, I wasn't going to get a donut and didn't gain any value. Meanwhile Cogs outscored Kelly by 80ish.
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    17. choppers
      Nice score there, bunza. Getting the Captain selection right can be a big help. I got 2524 and had the C on Gawn (228) instead of Fyfe, my original choice, who popped out 326........oh well, them's the breaks...;);)
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    18. Senator96
      Very similar to my blunder last week when the teams changed my thinking and instead of trading in Lloyd with planned went with another option so as to avoid having no bench cover in the midfield. End ups costing a lot of points and a whole heap of cash as well. I end up finding that my first instinct usually turns out to be the best one.

      Pretty clear cut trades for me this week. Kelly out for rockliff and tim smith in for Fritsch. He's done well Fritsch and probably doesn't deserve the chop may have another weeks growth left too but not really anyone else that can make way, well except billings but hes got no currency left anymore so just going to bench him and hope he comes good before all my hair falls out. I know absolutely nothing about smith or what his JS is like but those 2 scores are too hard to pass up! Kelly definitely has to go his role looks worrying with all the big guns in the team from the bits I saw of the game Saturday night he seemed to be stuck up forward mainly.
    19. Owen
      Fyfe is now averaging 139 when playing at home, something to consider when picking a captain
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