2018 Round Review: Round 11

Discussion in 'Blog' started by TheTassieHawk, Jun 3, 2018.

By TheTassieHawk on Jun 3, 2018 at 8:51 PM
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    Tim Kelly bounced back, the other Tim underwhelmed a lot of coaches who brought him in.

    Quite a bit of carnage heading into Byes, but those who avoided it could be getting some handy ranking boosts.

    Let us know how you went, and how you are placed with the byes now upon us.

What is your 2018 overall ranking after Round 11

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Discussion in 'Blog' started by TheTassieHawk, Jun 3, 2018.

    1. anthak
      what a bad round.
      I still managed to pull out a 2095, which looks like its clearly off the pace, but maybe not too far.
      I reckon par is about 2150-2200, but im also seeing some scores in my leagues 2300+ so I'm really not sure.

      I brought Rocky in this week (traded down Zerrett who tonned up); I chose to bench Walters instead of DSmith to loophole Fritsch; but the call Im most disappointed in this week was going Fyfe captain.

      I'm expecting a slide down the rankings after this poor effort.

      EDIT: I dropped 376 places. Still inside the top 2000.
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    2. benny01
      My 2 trades cost me 75 points for the round.
      2098 was enough to win 9 out of 10 leagues.

      I think I should move up a little in the rankings but we will see.

      Edit: dropped 740 places.
    3. anthak
      Before trades this week:
      With my best 22, Ive got 2 rookies on field still.
      For this week with 4 teams on the bye, I potentially have 21 players playing before trades, but that includes Dom Barry and Lachie Keefe who are most unlikely to play. And also includes other rookies: Murphy, Ridley, Spargo, Phillips, and Fritsch.

      Ive only got 12 trades left. I'm hoping to not trade at all this week, but it will depend on teams at the end of the week.
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    4. stripey
      2172 has me making up 1031 places to 6348 overall...

      Only had one non playing player this weekend but feel the MBR carnage is just around the corner...
    5. The_Swert
      Supercoach is a strange game.

      Last week I scored 2420 and go down in ranking.
      This week I score 2199 and go up in ranking.

      Interestingly most of the top 20 failed to clear 2200. It was clearly a different set of players going big this week compared to most of the season.
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    6. anthak
      Where are you ranked now, Swert?
    7. The_Swert
      438th. Highest I've been since round 4.
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    8. themaster
      I went from 800 to 430. I don't have Cripps or Yeo so I think that's where I caught up. Still 700 off 1st though.
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    9. walesy
      Lost in the ORFFL with the second highest score and my cash league by 14 points with Coniglio missing the last quarter for me.

      Little bit shattered.

      Stats are up though :D
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    10. anthak
      Well done folks!
    11. Micksdemons
      2157 - bought in Rocky and Smith and got 67 points between them 10,800 overall and won 5/7 leagues but lost my cash league by 5 points !
    12. IPOD
      Finished 2130 with 1 win and a draw!!! Didnt help when i had Smith 26 on the field and Guelfi 76 on the bench unable to loophole with all fwds playing this week FFS. Also didnt help having to choose between Murphy (26 in the end) and Ridley (36) chose Murphy and could have in the end cost me a win.
    13. Penske file
      Penske file
      Why couldn't the Kangas have waited another week with Ahern that was a cruel move by Scott bye-wise.
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    14. Nick
      2102 which saw a minor slide but it was the trades I did which made it more frustrating.
      Kelly (130) out for Danger (100)
      Fristch (111) out for Smith (26)
      Happy I avoided Rocky in the end
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    15. IPOD
      I to did the Kelly - Danger but went Stephenson - Smith which didnt cost as much (8pts)
    16. Royboy Forever
      Royboy Forever
      2007 for me which is my worst for the year - last week 2517 was my best what a bad turnaround. I also had Fyfe as captain, Christiansen bombed with -3 and MacLean and Webster. All other premium's were sub par after blitzing it last week. Dropped 3100 places
    17. JC
      2201 in the end for me which moved me up almost 600 spots to sit just inside the top 1500. Traded in Rocky, though, so hopefully that doesn't sting me too much in the long run.
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    18. stripey
      I'm hoping it's just the normal Rocky rollercoaster... next week he'll bang out a 160 :D
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    19. bunza52
      2550 last week (best score for the year), another one up, one down for last weeks trades. Based on the tassiehawk's expected averages on last weeks review, i should have been scoring 2436. Was only able to pump out a miserable 2047, which is my 2nd worst score for the year...got 18 players for this week. 19 if Fyfe gets off. Laird sounds like he could be doubtful with his hand. Would be nice if Barry and Keefe could get a game this week! Would also think that Spargo and T Smith could stuggle to hold their spots this week, so this could be a nightmare of a round for me....

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