2018 Round Review: Round 12

Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Jun 11, 2018.

By walesy on Jun 11, 2018 at 9:31 PM
  1. walesy

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    Nov 30, 2015
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    Whelp, this week was brutal!

    Touch wood though, I've got 20 starters next week, so c'mon. (Probably would have said the same thing around now the week before though also!)

    As an aside, I've gotta get surgured next Thursday. Nothing serious, but who knows what state I'll be in. Should be fine to get the stats up next weekend, but will let you all know if I'm unable to.

    Speaking of stats, they are up! Enjoy. And good luck!
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Jun 11, 2018.

    1. The_Swert
      Hopefully Round 13 will have less surprises for us.

      Still question marks on Dusty, Laird etc but at least Fyfe will be back.

      Will wait and see for news on those guys, but will likely go one up, one down. Currently got 19 on the park.
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    2. walesy
      Noticed that Billings picked up 54 touches in the 2's for 193 SC points.

      Hopefully the wakeup call he needed!
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    3. The_Swert
      This post isn't appearing on the front page walesy. Can you fix?
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    4. Owen
      I saw on telly last night that one of the Saints assistant coaches is the head coach of Frankston! Let's send back to the 2's, so he can play the bottom team, smash them by over 100 points and not have anyone play on him. That'll get his confidence up. Hopefully the saints pick Freeman soon so we can see what he can do.
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    5. walesy
      cheers dude. Looks like it found itself underneath some other articles.
    6. anthak
      Good luck Walesy!
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    7. anthak
      Yep, this was a terrible round. I scored less than 1400 and doubled my rank! Still in top 4000.

      Good thing about byes though is that it’s a 3 week block and those teams that did well week 1 night not be set up well for the other two weeks etc.

      Problem is though that week 1 was meant to be a good week for me haha.

      Before trades, I’ve got 17 players playing this week I think, assuming Laird is back.

      Considering he’ll miss the next two weeks, I think I’m gonna drop Walters for the 2nd time this year!
    8. walesy
      Cheers dude.
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    9. Penske file
      Penske file
      Perhap this is Billings true place, in the 2's.
    10. The_Swert
      Eagles - Brander to debut, still not sure on Liam Ryan.

      I'm keen on Brander's DPP to match with Sicily.
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    11. Grizzles
      Tom McDonald anyone? After the bye of course...
    12. The_Swert
      Overpriced atm thanks to that 164. Wish I got him at $460k.
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    13. Penske file
      Penske file
      Gunston looks like a prospect worth considering could sprint home, I'm. betwixt him and the Hoff at the moment to finalise forwards. Your opinions appreciated
    14. Nick
      Buddy looks a tasty price and low BE, but it’s always hard to bring I someone you dropped (thanks for nothing, Horse). Plus his bye is to come

      Will probably bring in Westhoff for Geulfi, Spargo or ZGL given they all have their byes and are close to being ripe
    15. Owen
      Buddy is an annoying one, there was previous talk in the media about his bruised heal being an issue for the year, he also has his bye next week... but he's pretty cheap at the moment and I'm finding him hard to pass up
    16. JPK
      Good luck with the surgery mate.
      I'm sure the doctors know the difference between left and right.
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    17. anthak
      What are people's thoughts on Roarke Smith?
    18. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      Handy Player but JS suss.. if trades permit he'll get you points and a bit of coin if needed.
      Doesn't take a many points to jump in ranking during the byes.

      P.S He will see the ball a lot tonight.

      Edit - Wet weather will have a lot of heads over the footy tonight. He could get a stray elbow from Sniper Thomas.
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    19. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      Phillips is unlucky I would say. Dropped because of the coaches pride not form! Agree?

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