2018 Round Review: Round 12

Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Jun 11, 2018.

By walesy on Jun 11, 2018 at 9:31 PM
  1. walesy

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    Nov 30, 2015
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    Whelp, this week was brutal!

    Touch wood though, I've got 20 starters next week, so c'mon. (Probably would have said the same thing around now the week before though also!)

    As an aside, I've gotta get surgured next Thursday. Nothing serious, but who knows what state I'll be in. Should be fine to get the stats up next weekend, but will let you all know if I'm unable to.

    Speaking of stats, they are up! Enjoy. And good luck!
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Jun 11, 2018.

    1. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      L. Ryan back - at -83 BE (I'll take that). Will be a regular.
    2. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      21 on field - How did you guys fair?
    3. anthak
      very unlucky
    4. The_Swert
      Not great team sheets for me.
      No Laird, Murphy or Phillips leaves me one short.

      Time to rethink my trades, not much time though.
    5. anthak
      im not looking good either.

      Murphy Phillips Walters out hurts. Laird too.

      3 trades will get me up to 17 players this week. 1 short again 2 weeks in a row!
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    6. The_Swert
      Plan was:
      Doedee > Simpson
      Guelfi > Ryan

      New trades:
      Mirra > Ryan (Sicily to def)
      Guelfi > Brander

      Risky to bring in the Brander kid on debut, but I need somebody who's actually on the park!
    7. choppers
      Exactly the same here....can only get 17. Laird/Phillips out hurt me. Thank gawd Dusty came back...
    8. JPK
      Fritsch to Franklin? Yay / Nay?
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    9. IPOD
      Have 17 this week with Murphy Laird Fogarty out. Can go Fritsch - Gaff via dpp Spargo/Petracca.
      TU - yes
      TD - no
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    10. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      Wouldn’t worry everyone has Laird.

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