2018 Round Review: Round 2

Discussion in 'Blog' started by Jason, Apr 2, 2018.

By Jason on Apr 2, 2018 at 8:01 PM
  1. Jason

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    @walesy is out of the office for a bit, which gives me the opportunity to start this week's review thread with a


    2460 - ranked 357 for the round! Moved up 33k places this week in the overall rankings. :D

    Props to Martin, Mitchell, McLean, Laird, Howe, Smith, Whitfield, Doedee and Johannisen

    Slops to Caddy for getting suspended for Round 3 :( and Ryan for being on my FWD bench with a lazy 115!

    How did you go? Tell us your hits and misses.
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by Jason, Apr 2, 2018.

    1. JC
      2364 for me. Moved up 3300 spots to 2937.

      Hits: the midfield (seven scored over 100 plus Holman's 92), as well as Laird, Doedee, Heeney, Smith & Bundy.
      Misses: Hibberd, Stef Martin, Billings & around 80 points on the bench from wrong rookies on field.

      No complaints here though. Will take that and run. :)
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    2. FunkSoulBrother
      2386 moved up around 25k spots this week. Misses were Sicily and Billings and disappointed with Hibberd and Petracca so far. Happy with my mids and my rookie choices seem solid apart from Naughton.
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    3. benny01
      Naughton is my biggest headache and I'm tempted to just sit on it and see who looks better out of Richards O'Connor and O'Shea after next week. If Naughton improves then I can keep him.
    4. kram
      2368, had Ryan on the bench and Fritsch onfield but the main concern is Rockliff. I think he now has to go and I’m going Coniglio. Was tempted to go Parker, but this way I can bank the cash and get Tom Mitchell in quicker. Already have Dusty, Danger, Cripps and Whitfield. Also happy with Boaks work, was my biggest risk I thought but he’s going well so far.
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    5. port_leschenault
      2370 this week and moved to 1762 overall. Had hoped for more movement but still up there at moment so just hoping for gradual improvement.

      Trying to grab info now whilst I can on the rookies for Best Buys this week. One thing I noted: Liam Ryan lost .5% ownership (about 900 people). #whoops
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    6. anthak
      Round 1 I scored 2313
      Round 2 I scored 2314
      So I’m improving :D

      Currently ranked 7683rd
      For the most part I’m happy with how things are going thus far.

      My main concern is Matty Crouch’s injury.
      And not having any of Ryan/Bonner/Bundy

      Looking forward to stats being updated to deep dive into it all :)
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    7. walesy
      Me too!

      Continuing on from last weeks "shooting-from-the-hip" outrageous trading, Imma looking at an Out: Crouch/Mills, IN: Danger/Bonner :D

      I think I might have finally gone mad! :D

      (Also, thanks Jase!!)
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    8. Jason
      I brought in Bonner last week and chopped Naughton. Don't think I need to make any trades this week as a result.
      Had a bit of cash in hand from the outset, which was very useful!
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    9. walesy
      Also, stats are done and recalc is currently happening.
    10. walesy
      hmmm, looks like something went wrong.

      give us a sec.
    11. Len
      Sent you an email mate, FA has a couple of issues that we flagged earlier
    12. walesy
      Ok, problem fixed. Resume regular programming.

      hmmmm, nope- haven't checked my emails this weekend.

      Having a look, Jenkins used to be on their list, and was removed from the team (traded) before being removed from the team sheet.

      I'll take it out and run a re-calc now.
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    13. Senator96
      2434 this week and a move up to 479. Matt crouchs injury hurt especially as it was so early in the game plus it will be an early injury trade. Couldnt loophole martins 160 but mitchell came up with the goods again. Also had murrays 58 on the field with an 80 on the bench. Armitage not quite delivering the scores yet i hoped for as the mid pricer in there but most other pics are doing pretty well so far. Anyone who started with oliver would be happy
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    14. anthak
      Platinum league is TS’s best league so far, ranked 116th
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    15. Grizzles
      Killing it guys! I went backwards unfortunately with a 2188. Wrong captaincy options and copped Crouch. Danger in this week for him and Rayner down is to someone is the plan!
    16. walesy
      I went early and made that trade last night. #FeelsGoodMan
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    17. TheTassieHawk
    18. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Sheesh. Some big scores out there, well done people.
      2274 here and slipped out to 5500.
      Lambert is dead to me.
      Dodged all the injury bullets to date and have all the good rooks so can’t complain.
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    19. stowie
      Mate, $300 short of going Brayshaw to Ryan and Neale to Danger :(

      Saves a couple of trades I guess.
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