2018 Round Review: Round 3

Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Apr 8, 2018.

By walesy on Apr 8, 2018 at 11:34 PM
  1. walesy

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    2212 this week felt like a bloody solid score, still only 6,753th for the week though shows that there is still people getting a ton of mileage out of their players!

    I reckon Fogarty and Ryan is going to to push a few forward lines to the limit, but hey, the way that English is going, it might be worth trading into some kind of R/F link to get him onto the field in the forward line :D

    Anyways, how have you guys gone?


Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Apr 8, 2018.

    1. walesy
      Stats are up, calcs are calcing.
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    2. port_leschenault
      Thanks Walesy. 2256 for me which was about par I think. Only moved up 200 odd places to 1539, so happy there. Death by a thousand cuts it seems with choices about captaincy and which rookies to play on the field. I lost about 65 points this week if I had just chosen correctly. Last week was worse.

      This is a hold week for me I think even with Brayshaw looking like a slow burn. Unless Ryan is out for something like 8 weeks then he's an obvious hold. There's no point trading out a rookie that's going to jump high in price like him. Richmond were really awkward for us playing Higgins this week. Even if waited one more round that would have helped us have some time to get some price rises into the guys who aren't performing as goof.

      Also looking to the future, Yeo is going to be available for around $450k when he bottoms out. Nice!
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    3. bunza52
      2,286, which gets me inside 20k :(. Couple of great trade this week, out went Menegola and Mills for Simpson and McLean, so cost myself 21 points for trading. The roller coaster ride that is S.Martin looks set to continue this year. Hope he can back it up again next week. Brayshaw's 32 was the low light, but got most of the rooks right this week. Ryan replaced Caddy last week, so looking like Caddy will tag back in for Ryan. Liked the look of Ed Richards and Jack Henry on the weekend. Henry could come in for Ryan if he is out of an extended period.
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    4. JC
      A 2315 for me this week, which moved me up about 1800 spots to 1077. Was a bit surprised to score that well in the end with a few Prems having down weeks. Had all the right rookies on field though.
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    5. headmandude
      My Mason Cox as an R2 gamble has come to a screaming halt. I've got 512k in the bank so could take Grundy with no problems. What are people's thoughts on Grundy's ongoing form? Callum Sinclair and Nankervis are cheaper options who look like they will go near the ton each week.

      Depending on how I play the ruck will determine how I deal with Armitage. Midfield is pretty solid with Titch, Fyfe, Parker, Cripps, Coniglio, Kelly, and Holman on the field. If I bring in Sinclair or Nankervis I could land almost any midfielder besides Dusty and Danger. Toby McLean or Acres are options who would appear to be rising steadily, will go close to a ton each week and open the M/F link for me.

      Had 2182 with those two duds playing so am not unhappy considering.
    6. anthak
      I reckon Nank has looked really good. He started well last year too, before slowing, so there is that concern, but he’s older and fitter now so might be fine to run out the year.
    7. Penske file
      Penske file
      2331 (proof read and correct), won 10 leagues still a few concerns Billings for 1 hoping Ryan's injury isn't "too serious".
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    8. Royboy Forever
      Royboy Forever
      2112 this week and ranked at 12900 - told you I would drop after a great first week. Traded Rocky for Oliver this week and they ended up with a 74 and 75 but I guess Oliver just had a bad week. Billings and Shiel need to go this week for possibly Acres and Fogarty which would give me $400,000 for a few top upgrades the week after
    9. Waldo666
      2278 for me and oh what might have been had the coin landed the other way up and I captained Titch instead of Dusty :(
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    10. TheTassieHawk
    11. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      2293 here which pulls me back inside 2700.
      Went zgl to English and Lambert to Fish which jagged me $200k without losing out on points.
      Grats to @stripey @JC @port_leschenault and @Owen keep going strong.
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    12. St
      Right choice in C with TMitch and the right rookies on park for first time this season (except for Stephenson) meant came in at 2,371 . Other highlights being Fyfe, Coniglio and Walters and not forgetting Murray. This got me 636 for round and up 18k places to top 7k in YTD Hoping Ryan injury not serious as this would mean a bench of him and Langdon with Fritch and Stephenson on field.
    13. FunkSoulBrother
      2156 for me with wrong Captain choice taking Martin instead of Mitchell. May have accidentally dodged a bullet on Ryan as I was planning to trade him in but missed the start of the GWS game to trade out Giles-Langdon. Had Venables on the field too stinking it up when I could have loop holed a few more points with Garlett. Anyway, not too bad averaging 2242 but wow still back in 17,275th position!
    14. Owen
      Can someone remind me what are the better fwd/ruck bench rookies for loopholing based on Sunday games?
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    15. stripey
      Olango I think mate... eagles play a lot of Sunday games at home
    16. Grizzles
      Yeah West coast or Melbourne I think have the most Sunday games. 2294 for me with Fyfe as vc helping a lot. Was a bit unsure about the team but happy now. Been a bit of a strange start to the year with no real super consistent 3 games from anyone other then Mitchell. What are peoples thoughts on Billings. Was happy to keep Hibberd last week but it looks like Billings only really scores in wins and the saints aren't doing much of that lately. Don't mind the looks of Mclean or Walters.
    17. Owen
      Thanks guys, but I was after a ruck/forward to trade in for Ryan as I have English on the ruck bench. Looks like a choice out of Carlton, Port, Richmond, Collingwood, or the Giants
    18. anthak
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    19. anthak
      Port Adelaide’s Sam Hayes is a good option, but Collingwood's Max Lynch was similar in terms of Sundays however he also had the least amount of games that take place prior to a Saturday night, which is what gave him the advantage.

      This was all worked out preseason though, and I havent looked at it without considering the first 3 rounds...
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