2018 Round Review: Round 4

Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Apr 15, 2018.

By walesy on Apr 15, 2018 at 9:05 PM
  1. walesy

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    Nov 30, 2015
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    Man, lost my cash league by an O'Meara and a Parfitt.

    I can stomach the O'Meara score, but losing to the guy who selected Parfitt, sheesh.

    Nah, I kid, well played buddy.

    How had everyone else done this week?
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Apr 15, 2018.

    1. insider
      2031 I think... :eek::oops:
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    2. Senator96
      Omeara well we just won’t go there. 2164 which feels under par and I lost ground last week. Really feeling hoodwinked on Bonner now brought him in as part of a correction trade after round 1 and the phantoms advice and he’s been lame ever since. Going Billings over franklin who I normally pick every year is also biting and Goldstein is a pod who’s also not quite doing it either Holmans 32 also on the ground. On the upside yeo bounced back picked a good week to loophole over Mitchell and some rookies continuing to deliver the goods
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    3. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Bad week for many with anything over 2150 looking roses.
      2093 here and slid back to 3901th.
      Copped the Holman junk but really stung by Dixon. Feel a sideways coming on. Thankfully most rooks are keeping the ship afloat.
    4. Len
      2178, won 9 leagues and @graeme beat me in the 10th with 2213.
      Had Cogs VC, didn't take it and got stuck with Mitchell's 90, wouldn't be alone there though I guess, hoping Martin plays before Mitchell for the next 19 weeks
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    5. TheTassieHawk
      Not next week as Dusty plays Anzac eve
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    6. The_Swert
      2181 is enough to put me up 310 places to 437th.

      Lucky I didn't trade O'Meara after all.
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    7. Royboy Forever
      Royboy Forever
      Loopholing around Mitchell certainly worked for me - ended up with 2225, won all four leagues - had some disappointments but looks like everyone did.
    8. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      2314 with “C” on Tich
      Last minute “C” change from Martin and accidentally put Banfield on the ground cost me points. Although Stephenson saved me from more pain with a handy loophole!
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    9. Owen
      2236 and thought I was going to drop in the rankings, I had Mitchell as captain after managing to have an emergency in the midfield and not being able to loophole. Currently ranked 9th. :eek:

      Ryan to Sicily worked well and Jaeger looks like he'l be hanging around my team for a few weeks more
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    10. stripey
      2158, up 131 to 586 overall.. many lowlights this week but t they seem to be common to most (Doedee, Holman, Trac) but the VC on Dusty allowed me to hold my own..
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    11. anthak
      Well done to everyone up in the top 1000, and especially @Owen in the top10!! Hope y’all can keep it going.

      I scored 2163 this week, and moved up to 5167th.

      I traded out Billings and Armitage this week and I’m happy I did. Brought in Toby McLean and he looks really solid. Cripps was my other inclusion who should be good.

      I had Doedee on my bench in the end, I had him as em to loophole. I had Sicily and Keefe to swing so I had to decide whether I thought Fritsch and Garlett would each outscore Doedee’s 57. I backed them in and put them both onfield with Sicily down back. I was worried when Garlett was on zero at qtr time, but he came good with a 71, and then Fritsch outscored Doedee by 1! Hahaha

      I’m a bit worried about Goldstein and Hibberd. Goldstein’s scores have been lower with Majak Daw in the team. Hibberd keeps scoring 70s in a different role to what he played last season.

      Brayshaw also looks like he may need to be moved on. I think he has to score a personal best in r5 to maintain his value.
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    12. walesy
      Stats are up
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    13. Penske file
      Penske file
      This week has been nothing short of a disaster, 1983 dropped 11,937 places. My defenders were mostly sub-par, midfield treading water put VC on Fyfe instead of Dusty C on Danger, hmmm. Nank & Max just, Billings now officially on deathrow. still holding Kelly (Josh) until more info comes to light. Other than that no complaints.
    14. choppers
      I understand your pain....1965 and dropped 15,609 places......:(
    15. St
      Back to reality this week with 2118 thanks to getting stuck with C on TMitch with the only two non playing E's playing Fri night and Sat. Managed to loophole Stephenson's score so could have been worse. Holman thankfully a common problem and good to see Naughton finding his groove.
    16. BillyBob
      Shocker here too: 1979, dropped 11k positions. Kelly on bench. VC on Fyfe, C on Mitchell. Copped just about every bullet going around I think.

      Anyhow, got a bot of cash up my sleeve that was slated for an upgrade this round. Kinda narrowed it down to Coniglio or Yeo. Yeo looks like he might drop a bit more int next week, but also a bit spooked by his 27 two weeks ago, trying to judge whether he will stay in the midfield. Cogs appears to have found some consistency: can it last?

      TU: Cogs
      TD Yeo

      thanks in advance and good luck to all
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    17. The_Swert
      Both Cogs and Yeo look good!

      Currently I'm looking at turning Hibberd into Yeo and maybe downgrading a rookie.
    18. bgt2110
      1 lousy, stinking point in the TS cash league. Was just waiting for the scores to be adjusted in my favour but it never happened.
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    19. anthak
      Haha, I was looking at it thinking the same thing, but hoping it wouldn’t! Was happy to see it stood :)
      Good game!

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