2018 Round Review: Round 6

Discussion in 'Blog' started by TheTassieHawk, Apr 29, 2018.

By TheTassieHawk on Apr 29, 2018 at 6:41 PM
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    As the Western Derby approaches the end of the 3rd its time to recap Round 6.

    Big Maxy has gone HUUUGE as have plenty of others, Danger has gone sub 100 so will be a tasty price pretty soon and 10 or so rookies have played their first game of 2018.

    How has your team gone and how are your team and TS leagues ranked (once lockout is over) ?
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by TheTassieHawk, Apr 29, 2018.

    1. Crafty Yarni
      Crafty Yarni
      2254. Left field choices since round 1 like pendles, deledio, Simpson have paid great dividends along with the regular faves we all have.

      A shout out to insider- I forgot to say that gawn will be top scorer for the round.

      Captain Gawn in fact.

      26 trades left. Things look ok so far
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    2. anthak
      just 2116 for me :(

      I copped Walters' 17; Tuohy's 25; & Holman's 33.

      Somehow still managed to win some league games. Looks to be a low scoring round. But theres a heap of highish scores too, so will be interesting to see how it all goes
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    3. choppers
      +1 and I had Fritsch 90 on the bench
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    4. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      2113. Looks a bit under par.
      Junk from Holman and English.
      Mids causing grief all over the shop.
      Changed C to Gawn at last minute.
      Saved me from a big slide.
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    5. Crafty Yarni
      Crafty Yarni
      Great save. He should dominate the ruck at Etihad next week also against the saints. Just my opinion
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    6. JC
      2143. Interested to see how many spots I'll drop off the back of that. Looks like I won most of my league games, though, so hopefully that means the damage is minimal. Even had a draw in one of my league games!

      EDIT: Lockout over. Only dropped 144 spots to 1181. I'll take that!
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    7. anthak
      SC is now open....

      My rank didn’t change too much. I went backwards by about 600 spots to be ranked about 6000th.

      My TG team has just moved into the top 1000 at 809th.
      Coming 3rd in TG comp.
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    8. anthak
      My best three TS leagues are ranked:

      86 - TS Platinum
      105 - Too$erious Ca$h
      603 - TS NBA Crew
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    9. Royboy Forever
      Royboy Forever
      What a shocker of a week. Gawn was the only good guy. Every other player, premium or lesser, didnt make their prediction except Fritsch and he was on the bench. Scored 2044, dropped 4000 places but won 2 of 4 leagues. Big upgrades this week as have $440000 in the bank. Thinking Martin to Grundy and Raynor to Fyfe or Westhoff although Westhoff is looking better for bye coverage
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    10. insider
      Not sure why I am getting the name drop but I’ll take it. :thumbsu:
      Good job
    11. walesy
      k, stats are done
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    12. The_Swert
      2114 for me. I knew it was going to be a tough week with my outs.

      Next week I should get some players back and also do some upgrading.
    13. Len
      1888 saw me drop 14k places from around 6k to 20k
      Traded out Sinclair to NicNat
      Traded out Brayshaw for Parfitt
      Fyfe as captain
      No cover for Parfitt as was using Venables to loophole Mitchell, which I didn't do anyway
      Petracca and Josh Kelly both sitting on the bench

      And these are only the ones I remember cocking up.
      Fortuately I had disasters in all my ORF leagues to help me dull the pain.

      I feel a bender coming on
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    14. Jason
      2202 this week with Petracca and Franklin on the bench.
      Very happy with captain Gawn.
      I have held Neale through many poor weeks so far in 2018 and finally he rewarded those who held the faith.

      Bonner is totally cooked. He gets to become my first upgrade this week.
    15. Urqkel
      My best result for the season scoring 2311. Let’s hope I can back it up again this week with 2 upgrades
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    16. port_leschenault
      Just over 2k for the round and sinking like a stone overall, just in the top 5k. Last 3 weeks have been horrible, hopefully upgrade season starting this week can help turn things around.
    17. TheTassieHawk
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    18. anthak
      Walters is looking like missing a month or so. I think I’ll trade him, but I’m struggling to predict the top 6 forwards.

      I’ve already got: Sicily, McLean, Heeney & DSmith.
      So I’m hoping they all make it.

      I think Gray will certainly be in there.
      Buddy would be a lock, but his current injury has me worried, sounds like it’ll linger.

      That’s 6 players and some are speculative, but who’s next?

      Westhoff might drop off when Ryder’s back, and everyone else has question marks too.

      I’m thinking about going early on Gray because he’s clearly better than other fwd options, and probably good enough to cover the round 10 drop-off.

    19. bunza52
      Mundy is looking good, but at 33, I guess he will see a few rests during the year. Boak also seems to be playing the forward role well. Averaging 23 touches per game, could be solid enough for top 10.
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