2018 Round Review: Round 9

Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, May 20, 2018.

By walesy on May 20, 2018 at 8:04 PM
  1. walesy

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    Like the Bombers, it's been a rough year for my team this year. Also though, like the Bombers, we got ourselves a much needed win this weekend!!

    Unlike the Bombers however, we were helped by an un-observant opposition who left a Macrae 177 VC as their VC. mwhahahaha. :D

    How have you all gone?

How many trades do you have LEFT after Round 9 ?

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Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, May 20, 2018.

    1. Jason
      2294. but could have been so much more...

      VC on Macrae but couldn't use because my only non-starter was Jack Higgins in the last game of the round.
      Holman on the bench with 122.

      Kelly and Murray will probably go this week.
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    2. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      2223 and 24 Trades. Not sure if I’ll slide from 1759 rank. Let the Trade burning begin!

      Holman on the bench, No Macrae.

      P.S my few dollars from the ol ash-tray on Macrae at 151/1 is looking better each week.
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    3. Royboy Forever
      Royboy Forever
      Well that was a better week - 2271 which included the loopholing Macrae and won 3 out of 4 leagues. Had Holman on the pine but that's we he has been most of the year so that is the way it goes and as he is a round 10 I will keep him until the byes finish, Will have to trade Acres up this week to probably McLean and might even do Doedee to Yeo but that upsets my byes balance so may have to go Cole to someone like Howe
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    4. The_Swert
      2294 which sees me improve slightly to 566th.
      Been inside the top 1000 for the past 7 weeks now.

      Higgins late out saw Holman come on the field and save me.
      Missing out without Macrae though.
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    5. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      I’ll be bringing in Macrae this week, can’t bleed points and “C” each week. I have the cash, Trades and cows.
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    6. The_Swert
      Brave to buy anybody for over $700k!
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    7. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      It’s also known as a few names. I have bye coverage so I’ll be hitting that trade button..
    8. Senator96
      Macrae should go big against collingwood this friday night as well. I had planned to wait for his price to come back down after these recent huge scores but i could be waiting a while.

      2210 for me this week saved a bit by capt titch at the end but let down mainly by the collingwood v saints game on saturday night. Phillips on field murray and jack billings. Anyone else stuck cursing him every week? My reluctance to trade premiums is not paying off this time. I was so close to fielding fritz over him this week as well. Had the trade plans mapped out during the week murray to lloyd and lachie fogarty to keefe but when omeara was out i went fogarty to dangerfield instead as i didnt want to be left without a midfield bench. That ended up costing a lot of points this week! Most other plays were pretty good and was glad to see goldy finally scoring a ton again
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    9. Cpt Pugwash
    10. anthak
      I scored 2417 this week. Moved up ~2300 spots in rank to now be 1565th overall. That’s a fairly big change so I’m happy. Didn’t expect to go up so much cause there were so many SC relevant players who did well this week.

      I could’ve done better too cause I had a few underperforming premiums, like Gray 67, Sicily 77, Hogan 63, Smith 77, Coniglio 89. And also a couple of rookies scoring low onfield, especially Tim Kelly’s 48.

      I also obviously had a lot doing well too, and I was particularly pleased with Goldstein 112, Tuohy 122, Zerrett 118 and of course Macrae 177. Also Mirra onfield with 89 and Fritsch onfield with 88.

      Well done to those doing well, especially those up in the top 1000!
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    11. walesy
      stats are up
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    12. bunza52
      2,307 this week. Hibberd & Kelly with 48 slowed the scoring down along with 60s from Guelfi and Spargo. Currently just outside the top 8k, after being about 35K a few weeks ago. Have just enough cash to swap upgrade Kelly to Danger, but forward line is where I really need to focus, but I dont have anyone up forward ready for the chop, where it looks like Kelly has just about max out.
    13. JoshyC
      2345 and back into the top 2k, even with some misfiring premiums like sis and gray. holding billings is starting to kill me, but now it's rookie culling season.

      Has anyone noticed the break evens on TS are a little low, between 13-19 points? Like danger and Kelly this week.

      @walesy, has the magic number been reset?
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    14. TN
      2445 this week with Hurley sitting on the pine. Macrae (C), Lloyd, Cripps, Mitchell did well. Would have liked Mirra on the field instead of Murphy though. I was happy with my team at start of the year, but was ranked high 60,000's after round 3 due to many injuries early on, but have roared back to 8,844. If I can climb up into the top 3000 by the end of the bye rounds will be very happy considering where I started from. I took the punt and started without Dusty, Danger and Laird, but the replacements have been doing just as well if not better.
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    15. JC
      2226, which felt like a very ordinary score, but somehow I only slipped 200 spots to 3400-ish.
    16. Nick
      2260 which was good but could've been better with C on Titch or Cripps. Perma-captains are harder to find this year (without Macrae)!
      Props to Mirra and Doedee for scoring well in defence.

      Kelly and Henry in the gun after hitting their rookie walls I reckon.

      Macrae has bolted!
    17. walesy
      Just a quick heads up to the ORFFolk, the Suns/Port bye has messed up their lockout a bit, I'll need to update the non-existent dates of their fixture when I get home to allow you to move them out of your squads.
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    18. Owen
      2100. I keep upgrading my team, and it keeps scoring less. I welcomed Kade Simpson and Oliver this week, it would have been nice to know about Oliver's broken finger as I probably would have given him as miss. Not having Macrae is seriously hurting.
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    19. pollypies
      is it best 18 this week with port and gc having the bye?

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