2018 Supercoach Positional Changes

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By Jason on Dec 6, 2017 at 2:55 PM
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    The Herald Sun have begun releasing changes to Supercoach positions with the first installment coming out today. Will update this as new info becomes available.

    Key changes to date:

    Losing DPP:
    Taylor Adams - MID only
    Jack Macrae - MID only
    Jack Steele - MID only
    Jake Lloyd - DEF only
    Alex Witherden - DEF only
    Jarrod Berry - MID only
    Toby Nankervis - RUC only
    Paddy Ryder - RUC only
    Elliot Yeo - DEF only

    Positional changes:
    Elliot Yeo - DEF
    Shaun Higgins - MID
    Zak Jones - MID
    Matthew Kennedy - MID
    Robbie Gray - FWD

    Gaining DPP:
    Sam Menegola - F/M
    Chad Wingard - F/M
    Travis Boak - F/M
    Will Setterfield - F/M
    Michael Barlow - F/M
    Dale Thomas - F/M
    Daniel Wells - F/M
    David Mundy - F/M
    Jarrod Garlett - F/M
    Michael Walters - F/M
    Cam Pedersen - R/F
    Mason Cox - R/F
    Tim English - R/F

    Rookies with DPP:
    Jack Higgins - F/M
    Patrick Naish - F/M
    Nathan Murphy - D/F
    Lochie O'Brien - D/M
    Lachlan Keeffe - D/F
    Sam Hayes - R/F
    Connor Ballenden - D/F

    Retaining DPP:
    Luke Dahlhaus - F/M
    Jordan De Goey - F/M
    Tarir Bayok - F/M
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by Jason, Dec 6, 2017.

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      For SC gold subscribers, the Phantom (on Twitter) is teasing us with the prospect of a team picker drop tomorrow...

      No #Ashes until next Thursday...
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    3. stowie
      Not sure why they are so stingy with the DPP, I would love to see a lot more of it. I mean, Shaun Grigg seriously earned MID / RUC status IMO!
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      Pretty dead around here this off-season.
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