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By anthak on Mar 12, 2018 at 12:23 PM
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    JLT is finished, RMT is underway and there are now only 10 days to go until the first bounce of the 2018 season.
    Time to get your leagues sorted.

    1st thing is to join the TS group. The group code is: 768499, or, join HERE (You might need to make sure you’re already logged into your team before clicking that link).

    The last few years we have gone with leagues based on overall rank, however this year we'll be going back to the previous model: fill a league then create a new one. There is also room for people to create novelty leagues such as a TS Expats league, or TS Vic Country etc.

    We will still have a TS Platinum league again this year for the top performers. If anyone is keen to join that league, please let us know in the comments and advise previous ranks of note. We'll send an invite to the top 18.

    When setting up a TS league, the main rule is that the league name must include the words Too Serious or TooSerious or TS in it.

    Here's how it will work:
    1. There is currently a league called TS Donuts that @TerryinBangkok has posted in the league thread, so that can be our first one. The league code is 112302. Anyone can go ahead and join that league.
    2. If you attempt to join that league but it is full, then create a new league and post the league name and league code in the comments of this thread. Remember to use the words TooSerious or similar.
    3. Whoever finds that 2nd league to be full, create a new one... and so on and so on...
    4. Only make a new league if the previous one is full.
    I will keep a record of all leagues and league codes down the bottom of this OP.

    Obviously if anyone wants to start up a novelty league for specific groups of people, it should go without saying that you can go ahead and do that any time! Post any novelty leagues in here and I'll add them to the OP too. There is already one that TiB has created called TS Expats which I've listed below.

    Current 2018 Leagues:
    TS Donuts (112302) OPEN
    Still Way Too Serious (994702) FULL
    TS Misfits (958074) FULL
    TS Seriously? (151747) FULL
    TS Just Be Awesome (503699) OPEN

    Novelty Leagues:
    TS Platinum (OPEN - advise below if you wish to join - league code sent privately to top 18 performers)
    Too$erious Ca$h (OPEN - see HERE for more details)
    TooSerious Donors (OPEN - find league code in the donor forum)

    TS Expats (732238) OPEN for TS members living abroad
    TS NBA crew FULL
    TS NBA crew 2 (622689) OPEN for TS members who are involved in TS fantasy NBA or just hoops fans in general
    TS Tigers (699315) OPEN for TS members who support the Tigers
    TS - WA League (747590) OPEN for TS members from WA
    TS - Eagles League (502432) OPEN for TS members who support the Eagles
    TS Whorks (828996) OPEN for TS members who support the Hawks
    TS South Australia (785715) OPEN for TS members from SA
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Discussion in 'Leagues' started by anthak, Mar 12, 2018.

    1. anthak
      I'll try to keep the OP updated. If anyone comes across a full league that Ive listed as OPEN, please advise so I can sort out the list.
    2. King Louie
      King Louie
      Just opened up a league for Tigers supporters. TS Tigers (699315)
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    3. Penske file
      Penske file
      are these only TS leagues this year or more to come?
    4. anthak
      make a specific one if you want; or join one of the open ones, if full, create a new one...
    5. TerryinBangkok
      Just a comment/observation.

      Regulars on TS setting up leagues are requested to put the 'TS' at the front of the league name. This makes it easier for us to track how TS is faring in top 10 leagues, etc.
      The TS Donuts was set up quite a few years back and intended as a private league for TS donors however, I notice from the above there is now a TooSerious Donors as well. I guess both will be filled without any problem.
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    6. TerryinBangkok
      StillWayTooSerious is full.

      TS Misfits 958074 is OPEN
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    7. anthak
      Hi TiB, sorry I didn’t recall that the TS Donuts league was a donor league. I set up the “TooSerious Donors” league just a few days ago.
      I saw your post advertising the TS Donuts league in a public forum so figured it was a league for any TS members.

      Do you want me to remove the league code from the OP?
    8. anthak
      Hey TiB, when you set it up for 2018, did you “recreate” it and invite 2017’s players? Or did you set it up again from scratch?
    9. TerryinBangkok
      Don't remember. Doesn't matter - should fill two easily.
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    10. TerryinBangkok
      TS Seriously? 151747 is OPEN
      Come fly with us.
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    11. Pat
      Hey guys n girls !
      Back again for another year would love to try and join platinum again or any other league

      2017 -3690
      2016 -1077
      2015 - 853
      2014 - 1046
      2013- 235
      2012 - 58th
      2011 - 1100 ish
      2010 - 1150 ish
      Let me noe
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    12. Sauce_17
      Hoping to join a platinum league if possible, or another solid league

      Finished 18th overall in 2015, but had a couple of slim years since with 8000th (2016) and 20,000 (2017)

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    13. JPK
      Recreated a couple of leagues from last year, with invites sent to those who were part of them last year...

      TS - WA League (747590)
      TS - Eagles League (502432)
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    14. Kovanator1
      I am interested in joining the TS Platinum league. I finished 460 in overall ranking last year.

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    15. pacman81
      I'm keen for the Platinum league if you'll have me, finally turned my trend around last year, past run has been 400, 4k, 7k, 12k, 1k.
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    16. Buzzboys
      Keen to join Platinum league
      Apart from last year, form not too bad
      2017 20039
      2016 180
      2015 558
      2014 189
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    17. anthak
      Excellent, looks like we’ll most likely get the platinum league going.

      I’ll be keen to join this year... unless there’s 18 better options than me.

      Ranked 15th last season.
      Previous best of 193rd in ~2011, but a lot of crap in between!
      Also was around 1200th in 2010.
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    18. Penske file
      Penske file
      I am interested in platinum if possible, was in league #2 last year . Last 3 years
      2015. 17.458
      2016 2154
      2017 5321.
      If any spots yes please.
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    19. Dirty__Whorks
      Anthak - you finished 15th last season? Well done man!!!
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