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By anthak on Mar 12, 2018 at 12:23 PM
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    JLT is finished, RMT is underway and there are now only 10 days to go until the first bounce of the 2018 season.
    Time to get your leagues sorted.

    1st thing is to join the TS group. The group code is: 768499, or, join HERE (You might need to make sure you’re already logged into your team before clicking that link).

    The last few years we have gone with leagues based on overall rank, however this year we'll be going back to the previous model: fill a league then create a new one. There is also room for people to create novelty leagues such as a TS Expats league, or TS Vic Country etc.

    We will still have a TS Platinum league again this year for the top performers. If anyone is keen to join that league, please let us know in the comments and advise previous ranks of note. We'll send an invite to the top 18.

    When setting up a TS league, the main rule is that the league name must include the words Too Serious or TooSerious or TS in it.

    Here's how it will work:
    1. There is currently a league called TS Donuts that @TerryinBangkok has posted in the league thread, so that can be our first one. The league code is 112302. Anyone can go ahead and join that league.
    2. If you attempt to join that league but it is full, then create a new league and post the league name and league code in the comments of this thread. Remember to use the words TooSerious or similar.
    3. Whoever finds that 2nd league to be full, create a new one... and so on and so on...
    4. Only make a new league if the previous one is full.
    I will keep a record of all leagues and league codes down the bottom of this OP.

    Obviously if anyone wants to start up a novelty league for specific groups of people, it should go without saying that you can go ahead and do that any time! Post any novelty leagues in here and I'll add them to the OP too. There is already one that TiB has created called TS Expats which I've listed below.

    Current 2018 Leagues:

    TS Donuts (112302)
    TS Seriously? (151747)
    TS ORFFA (176491)
    TooSerious Donors (185542)
    TS Trading Games 2 (341290)
    Too Serious Abroad (372210)
    TS Trading Games 1 (446649)
    TS Donut Holes (458496)
    TS - Eagles League (502432)
    TS Just Be Awesome (503699)
    TooSerious Vic Tas (545437)
    TS Good to Go (562689)
    TS NBA crew 2 (622689)
    TS Lets do it (674508)
    TS Tigers (699315)

    TS Platinum (703031)
    Too$erious Ca$h (714859)
    TS Expats (732238)
    TS - WA League (747590)
    TS South Australia (785715)

    TS ORFFL (793221)
    TS Dawdlers (798869)
    FFUK V TS ASHES (809440)
    TS ORFFF TRIPPERS (812935)
    TS Whorks (828996)
    TS NBA crew (857808)

    TS Misfits (958074)
    TS ORFFU (995594)

    So, that’s 31 leagues in total that we know of.

    Good luck for season 2018 everyone!
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Discussion in 'Leagues' started by anthak, Mar 12, 2018.

    1. Bearded Burbler
      Bearded Burbler
      Would love to be in platinum league if a spot remains,
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    2. anthak
      Hey mate, no worries, what are your recent/decent ranks?
    3. FunkSoulBrother
      any platinum spots left?
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    4. anthak
      Post your recent/decent ranks in here.
      I’m gonna send invites to the top18 in about an hour from now
    5. FunkSoulBrother
      Couldn't tell you haven't kept a record. Went very average last year. Have been into top 500 before and was in Platinum in 2014 that i can find. 2014 semi finallist in the TS Challenge knockout.
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    6. FunkSoulBrother
      Any other leagues still looking for spots
    7. anthak
      check the TS Donuts (112302)

      if its full, can you create a new league and post the name and league code in here and I'll add it to the OP.

    8. anthak
      Can see from prev posts that you ranked 2912 in 2016; 3782 in 2015; & top 2% in 2014...
    9. Lenny120
      I'm interested in platinum league if any spots left :)

      5,090 (2017) 1409 (2016) 1873 (2015) 4508 (2014) 1010 (2013) 755 (2012)
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    10. FunkSoulBrother
      New League TS Donut Holes (458496) 1/18 so far
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    11. anthak
      All those interested
    12. anthak
      Ive invited 18 people into the platinum league.
      There were 21 who expressed interest so we have 3 emergencies. I will invite emergencies if anyone hasnt joined the league by 10pm AEDT tomorrow, Wednesday.
    13. traviso
      TS Good to Go 562689 and
      TS Lets do it 674508

      both open.

      Just be awesome is full again.
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    14. Mick
      I'm up for a spot in Platinum again if there's any left!

      Very late to the party again this year.

      2017 : Can't get the info on the SC site atm but I ended up around #1000 after peaking at #120ish before the byes.
      Went way too hard with trades chasing the ultimate glory and faded big time haha.

      2016 : #2184
      2015 : #1844
      2014 : #5809

      (from last years thread)
      Read more at http://tooserious.net/forum/threads...all-systems-are-go.89799/#BgxDRhogiq4eWAv7.99
    15. The_Punt
      For those as disorganised as I am.
      TS Dawdlers
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    16. JoshyC
      Keen anth, good for a top couple of K finish each year
    17. anthak
      What for mate?
    18. Urqkel
      Happy to jump into Platinum for the first time if you guys need to fill the league - finished 1430 overall last year
    19. JoshyC
      Platinum - top 900 last 2 years, always there abouts
    20. anthak
      Ahh platinum

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