2019 AFL Round 12 (Bye #1): Teams, Trades, Bleeding & Donuts

Discussion in 'Blog' started by Cpt Pugwash, Jun 6, 2019.

By Cpt Pugwash on Jun 6, 2019 at 8:20 PM
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    The Round 12 Teams have dropped (and just like that 18 becomes 14).

    I have no words to describe the feeling that we have all been hoodwinked by the Coaches. What a pickle were in, trade to even up the ledger and it hurts you in round 13 & 14. Do nothing and season over.

    OUTS - Shai Bolton (BE 95), Liam Stocker (BE 2), Shannon Hurn (BE 166) & Lachie Whitfield (BE 162)
    INS - Daniel Rioli (BE 95), Gary Ablett (BE 146), Kade Simpson (BE 15), Matt Crouch (BE 158), Zac Williams (BE 149),

    • Rotham (BE -79) Est. Price Rise $52K - Note currently on extended bench
    • Naish (Def) $123, 900 - Rate this guy. Killing it in VFL.
    • Quaynor (Def) $153, 300. Consistent in VFL. Note currently on extended bench
    • But do we need more defenders with questionable JS?
    • Hately (Emergency) - where not falling for that again.
    • Pruess (Emergency) - will Gawn be a late out?
    Emergency-Men (keep an eye on): Kyron Hayden (M/F) $102, 400

    Never has trade planning, selections and captains choice been so important!
    What are you going to do this week?

    Just so you know -

    Good luck.
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by Cpt Pugwash, Jun 6, 2019.

    1. Royboy Forever
      Royboy Forever
      I only scored a miserable 1821 but had Grundy as Captain rather than Gawn. Smith Laird and Balta were the other big under pars. Still won 3 out of 4 leagues but 2000 looks to me more like the average in my leagues. Just lucky with whom I was up against.
    2. The_Swert
      Any time you score 2000+ from 18 players is like scoring 2400+ from 22 players.
      Both are good scores.
      Even though there were a lot of high scoring premiums this week.
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    3. stripey
      2083 takes me to 4800 overall... a rise of about 3.5k spots

      In TG sadly had the C on Grundy.. managed 1913 and dropped 460 spots to 3,166 overall... no trades and too many premos with the bye
    4. walesy
      Huge score :D Almost 180 clear of my effort :D

      At least the stats are up though!
    5. ike2112
      Christ - I scored 1438. To be fair though I know my team's a mess and I only had 15 players named; I decided to leave it, as I was a projected 550 points off a win in one league, and playing someone who's already quit in another so a big loss and an easy win anyway. My aim is to then win the next couple weeks and rebound out of the byes with a much better starting 22 - my bench/depth is going to have to suffer though.

      I've got $260,200 and ROB as Ruck 2. My aim had always been to gamble and go without either Grundy or Gawn until the byes (I know, it failed) but it means I need to find $300k to make the ROB to Gawn trade next week.
      Yet I still have Whitfield, who I am keen to switch to Ryan (already have other non-injured top defenders - Lloyd, Houli, Sicily). And I am keen to bring in Boak and/or Walters or Ziebell to upgrade my mids whilst offering DPP with forward line.
      Right now I'm starting Corbett, who just scored a 10, and he's got a BE of 77 - I realistically need to get rid of him I think?
      I could go Whitfield and Corbett to Ryan and Ziebell... with then no clue how to afford to bring Gawn in (leaves $37k).
      And this is with already having Gardner in!
      At least I expect to have 18 named this week... 19 played their previous game, Rocky could be back too - but I'm nervous ROB gets dropped.
    6. TheTassieHawk
      Whitfield and Corbett to Ryan and a rookie might work OK and allow the ROB upgrade next week.
    7. ike2112
      I'm not sure there's any rookies I could go for; every gamble I've taken with this team has been a disaster. I'm already dealing with Robbie Young also, and an entire midfield bench who aren't playing. And I already brought in Gardner. I think Naish might be the best option and that's a reach. Corbett hasn't gained much, he was doing not too bad but that 10 is terrible.
      Team is:
      Lloyd / Whitfield / Sicily / Houli / Smith / Duursma // Answerth / Gardner
      Cripps / Fyfe / Macrae / Treloar / Rocky / Worpel / Walsh / Setterfield // Wills / Hately / Scott
      Grundy / ROB // Schlensog
      Danger / Kelly / Daniel / Dunkley / Marshall / Cameron // Young / Corbett
    8. IPOD
      2024 taking Danger VC (would have been north of 2100 if i took Cripps) 3/3 league wins but some issues next week with only 17 on field and that includes a trade of whitfield

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