2019 AFL Round 13 (Bye #2): Teams, Trades & Discussions

Discussion in 'Blog' started by Cpt Pugwash, Jun 13, 2019.

By Cpt Pugwash on Jun 13, 2019 at 6:51 PM
  1. Cpt Pugwash

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    Final teams have dropped for the Round 13 (Bye #2).

    • Naish (RIC) named for his 2nd game (like his JS)
    • Hind (STK) is NEW (VFL form is good)
    • Jake Stein (GWS) is NEW - don't know much about this bloke
    • Hately (GWS) named on extended bench (four to be omitted)
    Who's your Captain and VC Options this week (no Grundy or Gawn).

    Short and sweet. Keep the questions coming and post any updates.

    Best of luck. Cpt


Discussion in 'Blog' started by Cpt Pugwash, Jun 13, 2019.

    1. TheTassieHawk
      @captain pugwash - Clarke (ess) is also playing his 2nd, bewley his 3rd

      This weekend looks like a writeoff for me with 10 named and 4 as emergencies.

      1 up, 1 down should get me one premo closer to an upgraded team but I am soon going to be stuck with 8 bench players under $215k and 2 or 3 rookies onfield the way things are going.
    2. HargyBear
      Pulling the trigger on Naish so i can afford to upgrade to Bont (trade Brayshaw) and Walters (trade Drew).
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    3. IPOD
    4. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      Team Trades This Week:

      1. Clark > Bewley (Via Duursma DPP)
      2. Hore > Sicily
      3. Moore > Daniels

      Leaves $100K in the bank for next week and 19 On-Field Players

      • VC - M.Crouch (117 Avg at AO) does not including his 54 when injured early in 3rd qrt.
      • Cpt - Cripps (140 Avg at MS)

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    5. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
    6. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      Naish 46 pts at half time.

      Tipping No1 trade in option come Rnd 15.
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    7. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      Wrong Crouch - you suck Matt.
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    8. ike2112
      I'm thinking Cripps has to be Capt this week.

      Which mid seems the better option, Clarke or Bewley?
      Naish is looking like he's going to justify selection long-term for Tigers.

      In my own team I brought Naish in already, and am finally fed up waiting on Bailey Scott. I think Scott and Corbett to Bewley/Clarke and Boak sets my forward line, and means I can get Neale in the week after when he misses his BE along with ROB to Gawn. Eyeing a Sloane at low price to complete the mids in round 15/16.

      In TG my wife's team, I haven't brought in Naish yet but am looking at Scott and Drew for Ryan and Boak, and bring Naish in next week. That gives me Boak playing as Mid 7 and changeable with Kelly, Danger etc. Forward line complete, midfield getting very close, and defense having Smith, Hore and Duursma/Naish at D4-6.
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    9. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      Geez there a lot of crap scores tonight (Crows v Tigers). It’s a 40athon.
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    10. Royboy Forever
      Royboy Forever
      Gone for 3 trades
      Clark to Naish
      Heeney to Dunkley
      Petrucelle to Boak
      Next week will trade out Balta and with my $250000 cash will get some sort of Premo and then I think I'm done except for injuries for which I will have 7 trades

      Have Cripps with the C this week - had V on Laird who has scored 121 - am tempted not to do the loophole
      Thumbs Up - Keep Cripps as Captain
      Thumbs down - don't risk it at take the Laird 242
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    11. IPOD
      Did Burgess - Naish last night going to lock in Whitfield - Ryan then Corbett - Gardener (pure cash generation) leaves 16 trades and 260k for upgrading next week
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    12. stripey
      Wish I had somewhere near 16 trades left!!
    13. Senator96
      Great score by ROB coming on for Grundy and Gawn. Helped make up for some of the other rubbish I copped last night. Only have 16 pre trades so looking at a double downgrade of clark-bewley (via answerth dpp) and stocker to Clarke to give me 18 this week, and then gibbons and baker to neale and tim Kelly next week is the plan which should also give me 18 for bye 3. Will look forward to spending some of the cash I've built up! Unfortunately though with the exception of the rucks I seem to have picked up a DUD on every line, young up forward, scott in the mids (does he still exist?) and im also expecting rotham to get dropped next week. That was a gamble to get 18 on the park last week.
    14. Senator96
      Tough call, I normally take 125 and over. Personally id gamble on cripps youd think its a game he should score well in. I took dangers 149 last week (as you would) and cripps nearly got 200. then about a month back I passed up a 115 and went danger as captain who got injured and scored about 26 :(
    15. benny01
      I'm thinking of bringing in Bontempelli or Merrett this week. I've already got Macrae, Fyfe, Boak & Dunkley.

      Thumbs Up: Bont
      Thumbs Down: Merrett
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    16. headmandude
      Just love that I traded out Stack last night because I had 8 mids on ground already and I wanted to create some cash to bring in a defender to give me 18 on the ground
    17. port_leschenault
      3 trades just to get 17 scoring players! Going two weeks early on ROB really paid off, awesome. >.<
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    18. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      I'm biased (Doggies Supporter) but I would pick the Bont - Games at MS (7) are a BIG Plus. And final game in Ballarat.
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    19. bunza52
      Same PL. I would have only been able to use ROB onfield for this week, so when I trade him, was thinking, well ill only miss out on 80-90 points in R13, so not big deal.....then he goes BANG with a whopper!

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