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Discussion in 'Blog' started by Cpt Pugwash, Apr 3, 2019.

By Cpt Pugwash on Apr 3, 2019 at 9:37 PM
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    Thursday Teams have dropped.

    What’s your move this week? Pick up rookies on the bubble or cull under performing Premo?

    Is Rocky a must, even with games against known taggers coming up?

    Or is Libba back?

    Thursday 4 April, 7.50pm at Adelaide Oval

    B: Jake Kelly, Alex Keath, Rory Laird
    HB: Brodie Smith, Daniel Talia, David Mackay
    C: Paul Seedsman, Matt Crouch, Riley Knight
    HF: Rory Sloane, Taylor Walker, Rory Atkins
    F: Chayce Jones, Josh Jenkins, Eddie Betts
    FOLL: Reilly O’Brien, Bryce Gibbs, Brad Crouch
    I/C: Kyle Hartigan, Tom Lynch, Wayne Milera, Lachlan Murphy
    EMG: Myles Poholke, Andy Otten, Cam Ellis-Yolmen, Darcy Fogarty

    B: Mark O’Connor, Mark Blicavs, Tom Stewart
    HB: Jake Kolodjashnij, Harry Taylor, Luke Dahlhaus
    C: Joel Selwood, Patrick Dangerfield, Jordan Clark
    HF: Mitch Duncan, Esava Ratugolea, Brandan Parfitt
    F: Gary Ablett, Tom Atkins, Gary Rohan
    FOLL: Rhys Stanley, Tom Hawkins, Tim Kelly
    I/C: Lachie Henderson, Sam Menegola, Charlie Constable, Gryan Miers
    EMG: Ryan Abbott, Jordan Cunico, Zach Guthrie, James Parsons

    Friday, April 5
    Melbourne v Essendon at the MCG, 7.50pm AEDT
    In: J.Wagner, C.Wagner
    Out: T.Sparrow, S.May (groin)
    In: K.Mutch, Z.Clarke
    Out: M.Brown, K.Langford
    New: Zac Clarke (Fremantle)

    Saturday, April 6
    Carlton v Sydney at Marvel Stadium, 1.45pm AEDT
    In: C.Marchbank, L.O’Brien, L.Casboult
    Out: C.Curnow (knee), J.Garlett, A.Fasolo
    In: T.McCartin, J.Thurlow, J.Dawson
    Out: L.Melican, C.O’Riordan, R.Clarke

    Greater Western Sydney v Richmond at Giants Stadium, 4.35pm AEDT

    In: J.Kelly, S.Mumford, T.Sheridan
    Out: L.Keeffe, D.Simpson, B.Deledio (injured)
    In: R.Garthwaite, N.Balta, S.Stack
    Out: J.Riewoldt (wrist), D.Grimes (suspension), M.Weller (injured)

    Brisbane v Port Adelaide at The Gabba, 6.25pm AEST
    No changes
    In: O.Wines, S.Gray, D.Howard
    Out: J.Watts (leg), K.Amon (knee), T.Marshall

    Collingwood v West Coast at the MCG, 7.25pm AEDT
    In: T.Adams
    Out: T.Varcoe
    In: A.Gaff, J.Cripps, J.Rotham
    Out: L.Duggan (knee), J.Smith, D.Venables

    Sunday, April 7
    Western Bulldogs v Gold Coast at Marvel Stadium, 2.20pm AEDT
    In: J.Sweet, B.Williams, F.Greene, P.Lipsinki
    In: W.Brodie, S.Day, B.Scheer, A.Young

    Hawthorn v North Melbourne at the MCG, 3.20pm AEDT
    In: C.Wingard, D.Mirra, D.Moore, C.Glass, M.Lewis, K.Brand
    Out: S.Burgoyne (hamstring), L.Shiels (hamstring)
    In: T.Dumont, J.Anderson, S.Wright, M.Wood
    Out: M.Williams

    Fremantle v St Kilda at Optus Stadium, 3.20pm AWST
    In: B.Matera, T.Duman, M.Crowden, S.Giro
    Out: Schultz, Darcy
    In: H.Clark, B.Long, B.White, B.Paton, D.Joyce
    Out: J.Steven (managed)

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Discussion in 'Blog' started by Cpt Pugwash, Apr 3, 2019.

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    1. stowie
      Thinking I might just get my two trades over with tonight, both about the cash.

      Dusty to Constable - dunno how I missed him in my starting squad
      Heeney to Kelly - can't be waiting weeks for the boy to come right, will get him back later... and cheaper!
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    2. anthak
      Ok, so now I am thinking to trade Heeney. Mainly just that it fits with my team structure better.

      I have a bit of a rule of my own that I use every year for the last few that my early season fixup trades are only for guys I was strongly considering preseason.

      The two players I want to bring in are the two guys who were closest to making my starting team, Rocky and Kelly.

      Kelly I had all preseason but swapped out to Dunkley last minute after the news Dunkley would play mid and also for bye structure, and Rocky was a last minute decision I made between him and Zac Williams.

      I'm happy to keep both Dunkley and Williams, but I would like to bring in Rocky and Kelly.

      I had been planning to drop Dusty Martin and Sam Walsh. I dont think Sam Walsh will generate enough cash at his starting price, I am regretting starting with him. But Ive just decided I will keep him because at least he is making cash and scoring ok. Also, If I traded Walsh, Kelly would need to be in my mids until I could swing him forward through future trades.

      So, I think I'll trade Heeney to get Kelly into my fwd line straight away and keep Walsh for the $$ he will make, albeit probably minimal.

      It will leave me with a war chest to upgrade someone in the coming weeks too.

      Because of the extra cash on hand, I considered trading in Jake Lloyd instead of Rocky (Lloyd was another I was close to starting with, it was out of him and Laird), but I didnt start with Lloyd because of his price and Im gonna stick with that thinking because if he scores even 100 this week he will drop in price. Might be able to get him for about $550k in a few weeks.

      Another option is to not trade at all. Despite a relatively poor start, my team is in ok shape I think. If Dusty Martin, Isaac Heeney and Sam Walsh are my biggest problems then Im doing ok.... But we've got enough trades for the season and I think this is a key time to take advantage of the price structure with enough of a sample size, so Im just gonna do them.
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    3. God Yeah
      God Yeah
      What to do with Mundy is my conundrum this week, clearly being eased in this season based on his TOG.

      Thinking of going Mundy to Moore to free up some cash. Does leave me with only Danger & Kelly as fwd premo's, is another option available?

      Ridley the POD down back could then go to Newman? Why was he the scapegoat????

      Got lucky with the rookies to start with so no corrections needed
    4. stowie
      The Fantasy Freako talking about Dusty... those are some nice scores.

      SuperCoach is never easy!
    5. anthak
      And, he traditionally does poorly against Collingwood.

      I told myself before that game that even if Dusty scores poorly, that I need to stick with him.

      But I’m trading him anyway hehe
    6. Owen
      I'm keeping Heeney, I still think he's a top 10 forward at end of year. Booting Greene this week for Drew, who is the only one of the top rookies I don't have. That will give me a nice little nest egg for some early upgrades.
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    7. The_Swert
      Probably going to pass on Rocky and Sheed. With Wines and Gaff coming back their scoring potential may drop.

      Heeney is my main concern. And I'm looking for more POD with JPK my only starter with under 20% ownership. Would somebody like Gresham be worth a punt?
      Last edited: Apr 4, 2019
    8. Waldo666
      Gresham could be worth the punt although if looking for a fwd POD I'd probably go with Boak. Doesn't work though if you think he may be affected by the return of Wines as well. Worpel another option and one that will see you pocket some cash although he's not really a POD.
    9. Waldo666
      So, anyone not VCing Danger tonight?
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    10. IPOD
      Im sold on Greene - Kelly (Tim) but do i trade Heeney for a fwd or Goldy for Lycett
      Option 1 - Heeney for any fwd
      Option 2 - Move Goldy for Lycett
      Option 3 - Heeney for Lycett (left field i know and have the hoff in fwd line already)
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    11. IPOD
      @Owen option 4.....
    12. TerryinBangkok
      Interesting reading all this. Never dodged so many bullets in my life.

      Rules are made to be broken. Heeney is carrying an injury - who knows how long (remember Hanners)? Swans a bit of a mess. I have traded him, but plan to get him back towards the end of the season as he will be a top 10.
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    13. TheTassieHawk
      Balta is back. Hore is not in the 26.
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    14. port_leschenault
      Ok so what route do I decide to go?

      :1: Mills and Heeney out for Lloyd and B.Smith with Burgess going forward.
      :2:Mills and Hore out for B.Smith and Wilkie?

      Forwards seem most unpredictable this year and Lloyd looks a must have. Trading out 2 "prems" just feels dirty and like chasing points but with most of my mid rookies doing ok, there's not a lot there I need to change. Hore could be a useful floating donut with Clark playing tonight too so leaning towards option 1.
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    15. port_leschenault
      We also have two rookie price rucks having their first game of the season (O'Brien and Clarke). Bin Bines could be the flavour of the week come rd4/5.
    16. TheTassieHawk
      Definitely one option. Bines to F8, ROB or Clarke in at R3 as part of a 1 down 1 up in Round 5 also sounds good.

      I started with Clarke so hope he gets at least 6-7 games through the season - it looks like Bellchambers and McKernan are also in the team so I don't know how the 3 will work together this week or longer term.Draper is also on the EMG list. Any bombers fans wanna speculate on that ?
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    17. HeavyMen
      Considered trading to a non playing rook to loop Danger......but all these Cat & Port rookies doing well, I just can’t do it! Will trust Gawn to take on the two Bomber rucks & ton up. D. Fort has no more early games for a number of rounds now ... so the loop will be back next week.
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    18. Nick
      Question is - will Danger’s 128 be more than whatever Macrae scores against Gold Coast ...
    19. stripey
      My personal view is that the best mids usually score best against stronger opposition... that said I'm gonna take Danger's score even though it is more likely Macrae will outscore him... the potential downside is bigger than the upside surely...

      On another note, what type of score will Matt Crouch put up when he actually puts in a good first quarter...

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