2019 AFL Round 6 Discussion and Teams

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    Friday April 26, 7:50pm at the Adelaide Oval

    B: Bonner, Clurey, Houston
    HB: Burton, Jonas, Byrne-Jones
    C: Duursma, Rockliff, Westhoff
    HF: Boak, Ebert, Butters
    F: R.Gray, Ryder, Rozee
    FOLL: Lycett, Wines, Drew
    I/C: Powell-Pepper, Howard, Marshall, S.Gray
    EMG: Broadbent, Johnson, Lienert, Amon

    No changes

    B: Macmillan, Tarrant, Pittard
    HB: Wright, Thompson, Atley
    C: Dumont, Higgins, Polec
    HF: Hall, Ziebell, Zurhaar
    F: Wood, Brown, Turner
    FOLL: Goldstein, Cunnington, Anderson
    I/C: Davies-Uniacke, McDonald, Larkey, Thomas
    EMG: Hrovat, Simpkin, Scott, Hayden

    IN: McDonald, Larkey, Thomas
    OUT: Simpkin, Ahern, Scott

    Saturday April 27, 1:45pm at Metricon Stadium

    B: Harbrow, Collins, Ballard
    HB: Murdoch, Hombsch, Hanley
    C: Ainsworth, Bowes, Horlin-Smith
    HF: Sexton, Wright, Holman
    F: MacPherson, Corbett, Martin
    FOLL: Witts, Miller, Swallow
    I/C: Brodie, Fiorini, Joyce, Lukosius
    EMG: Day, Heron, Miles, Young

    IN: Corbett
    OUT: Burgess

    B: Hodge, Walker, Rich
    HB: Witherden, Gardiner, Robinson
    C: Berry, Neale, McCluggage
    HF: Rayner, Hipwood, McCarthy
    F: Cameron, McStay, McInerney
    FOLL: Martin, Zorko, Lyons
    I/C: Cutler, Taylor, Lester, Answerth
    EMG: Bastinac, Robertson, Ballenden, Smith

    IN: Cutler, Taylor, Lester, Answerth
    OUT: Robertson, Christensen, Andrews, Mathieson

    Saturday April 27, 4:35pm at Marvel Stadium

    B: Webster, Brown, Savage
    HB: Wilkie, Battle, McKenzie
    C: Steven, Ross, Newnes
    HF: Billings, Bruce, Parker
    F: Lonie, Membrey, Gresham
    FOLL: Marshall, Steele, Sinclair
    I/C: Acres, Long, Kent, Paton
    EMG: Longer, Joyce, Hind, Marsh

    IN: McKenzie
    OUT: Geary

    B: Keath, Talia, Laird
    HB: Mackay, Hartigan, Kelly
    C: Knight, Greenwood, Atkins
    HF: Crouch, Walker, Lynch
    F: Murphy, Himmelberg, Betts
    FOLL: O’Brien, Ellis-Yolmen, Sloane
    I/C: Crouch, Gibbs, Poholke, Smith
    EMG: Jenkins, Gallucci, Jones, Fogarty

    IN: Poholke
    OUT: Milera

    Saturday April 27, 7:25pm at the SCG

    B: Rampe, Melican, McCartin
    HB: Lloyd, Aliir, Mills
    C: Cunningham, Kennedy, Florent
    HF: Dawson, Franklin, Blakey
    F: Papley, Reid, Parker
    FOLL: Sinclair, Heeney, Jones
    I/C: Rowbottom, Hewett, Clarke, Thurlow
    EMG: Rose, O’Riordan, Ronke, Cameron

    IN: Melican, Blakey
    OUT: Jack, Ronke

    B: Shaw, Davis, Finlayson
    HB: Taylor, Haynes, Tomlinson
    C: Kennedy, Kelly, Whitfield
    HF: Greene, Cameron, de Boer
    F: Daniels, Himmelberg, Lloyd
    FOLL: Mumford, Coniglio, Taranto
    I/C: Williams, Reid, Hopper, Corr
    EMG: Hately, Cumming, Buntine, Simpson

    IN: Greene, Corr
    OUT: Buntine, Hately

    Saturday April 27, 8:10pm at Optus Stadium

    B: Hamling, Pearce, Ryan
    HB: Cerra, Wilson, Conca
    C: Langdon, Fyfe, B.Hill
    HF: Walters, McCarthy, Colyer
    F: Hogan, Taberner, Matera
    FOLL: Lobb, Brayshaw, Mundy
    I/C: Nyhuis, Tucker, Hughes, Switkowski
    EMG: Cox, Banfield, Darcy, Crowden

    IN: McCarthy, Nyhuis
    OUT: Duman, Cox

    B: Richards, Naughton, Crozier
    HB: Daniel, Cordy, Wood
    C: Hunter, Liberatore, Johannisen
    HF: Hayes, Gowers, Lloyd
    F: Dunkley, Bontempelli, Dickson
    FOLL: English, McLean, Macrae
    I/C: Wallis, Smith, Trengove, Young
    EMG: Schache, Roberts, Lipinski, Smith

    IN: Trengove
    OUT: Williams

    Sunday April 28, 3:20pm at UTAS Stadium

    B: Hardwick, Brand, Impey
    HB: Scully, Stratton, Gunston
    C: Smith, O’Meara, Howe
    HF: Puopolo, Lewis, Sicily
    F: Breust, Wingard, Roughead
    FOLL: McEvoy, Worpel, Henderson
    I/C - Scrimshaw, Cousins, Shiels, O’Brien, Mirra
    Emg - Ceglar, Morrison, Nash, Mirra

    IN: Stratton, O’Brien, Shiels
    OUT: Morrison, Nash, Mirra

    B: Thomas, Jones, Marchbank
    HB: Newman, Weitering, Plowman
    C: Murphy, Cripps, Walsh
    HF: Petrevski-Seton, McKay, O’Brien
    F: Gibbons, McGovern, E.Curnow
    FOLL: Kreuzer, Dow, Fisher
    I/C - Simpson, Casboult, Silvagni, C.Curnow
    Emg - Cuningham, Kennedy, Garlett, Polson

    IN: C.Curnow
    OUT: Polson

    Sunday April 28, 4:40pm at GMHBA Stadium

    B: Kolodjashnij, Henry, Stewart
    HB: Blicavs, Taylor, O’Connor
    C: Kelly, Dangerfield, Duncan
    HF: Dahlhaus, Ratugolea, Hawkins
    F: Ablett, Rohan, Atkins
    FOLL: Stanley, Selwood, C.Guthrie
    I/C - Menegola, Tuohy, Miers, Constable,
    Emg - Fort, Z.Guthrie, Abbott, Parsons

    IN: Tuohy, Constable,
    OUT: Clark, Parfitt

    B: Hurn, Schofield, Sheppard
    HB: Duggan, McGovern, Jetta
    C: Masten, Shuey, Gaff
    HF: Sheed, Darling, Hutchings
    F: Ryan, Kennedy, Cripps
    FOLL: Hickey, Yeo, Venables
    I/C - Brander, Allen, Petrucelle, Cole,
    EMG - Rotham, Smith, Vardy, Waterman

    IN: Brander, Venables
    OUT: Vardy, Redden
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Apr 26, 2019.

    1. Len
      Franklin Out
      Davis Out

      Ronke In
      Buntine In
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    2. Penske file
      Penske file
      GGRRRRRR why am I not surprised that Hately is playing.
    3. Penske file
      Penske file
      My bad I see Buntine not Hately is Davis replacement was JH for a while on fanfooty now changed.
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    4. kram
      Marshall Out is killer for me being such a POD and was coming up against a rookie ruck. Now I have Balta, what a bad turn! On the positive I traded In Laird this week
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    5. TheTassieHawk
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    6. anthak
      This is such a strange pair of outs, its almost as though the two clubs got together and organised it hahah
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    7. kram
      Did Coniglio shag someone’s missus at Champion Data? 24 touches and 4 goals = 103 points??‍♂️

      You can’t tell tell me sheepdog Lloyd’s 25 touches are worth more
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    8. Senator96
      I know it’s the colonel’s secret recipe, but sometimes you do see scores that make you think wtf? I have Lloyd but not cogs and couldn’t quite work that one out.
    9. Len
      His DE was pretty ordinary, didn't lay many tackles.
      to be fair was playing one handed for more than half the game
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    10. TheTassieHawk
    11. anthak
      It looked like scoring was going to be really high this round, but par might end up as low as 2000 o_O
    12. anthak
      Actually I was reading it wrong. Now the games are finished, it seems par is about 2200
    13. The_Swert
      Looking around my leagues, I think anybody with over 2100 should be happy this week.

      I finished with 2155.
      Can't see any scores over 2300.
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    14. Senator96
      Yeah once again the wheels fell l off on Sunday after a good start. Newman injury hurt too as there were probably loads of points and kick ins to be had in the last quarter without Simpson there. Have to settle for 2196. I look forward to getting rid of sheed when lockout is over
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    15. Micksdemons
      2217 and lost my cash league but won 3/5
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    16. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Some huge carnage today.
      2264 and dodged so many bullets.
      Very lucky.
      10/10 league wins.
      Needed that to get back on track in a few cashies.
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    17. Royboy Forever
      Royboy Forever
      Started out with a predicted 2390 and ended up with 2096. So many spuds it would take to long to list them. Had to use to emergencies to cover the dreaded gastro virus ( I even got it myself) Did two good trades this week (was going to take Henderson but thank god I didn't) and thought I had a great team but then got bitten on the bum. I hate this game!
    18. anthak
      2 scores over 2300 in my leagues
    19. anthak
      2179 for me. Won 6/10 leagues.

      Not bad, but not great.

      Lots of disparity in the scores this week. I see some usual high scorers couldn’t crack 2000, whereas 2179 wasn’t enough to win a few of my games.

      Considering I’m a fair way down the leaderboard I expect I’ll go up a bit, but I suspect not much.
    20. ike2112
      I was projecting 2388, scored 2007. Atrocious - the wheels started coming off early and kept going.

      I'd been just on edge of top 5000, and thats with one bad week in round 3, but now I'm scunnered. Had Whitfield and Newman in back line, Libba misfired and I had to play Butters after bringing Hately in early, Marshall a late out.

      I was lining up though to go Butters to Hayes and Parker to Kelly, which might make me feel better as then in theory I'd have a bumper forward line (my aim is to keep Lycett through byes before switching him and O'Brien into Gawn and whover is a top 5 fwd (presume Heeney). Also 4 defenders capable of scoring in the 100s with Newman and Scrimshaw eyed for a 'one up/one down' maybe round 13 onwards, Collins or Duursma likely keep as bench cover. I think I'm going to hold Newman through his injury for this reason.


      I guess there's other options like upgrading Walsh or Libba to Fyfe, but I just think Parker is going to be an inconsistent scorer all year and not much score rise potential left.
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