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Discussion in 'AFL' started by Cpt Pugwash, May 1, 2019.

By Cpt Pugwash on May 1, 2019 at 1:47 PM
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    Okay - its time to get your structures sorted, however, without viable downgrade options do we have to lower our expectations for a few weeks and adopt a Moneyball move and target extra points (which could be a winning move while others sit on the same rookies for a few more weeks) before the byes?
    Adapt Or Die.jpg

    Don't Wait, Shop Early!
    Does anyone rate a player who hasn't played yet but its only a matter of time before they break into an AFL team (eg: Ben Cavarra seems to be on the mend and played last week or Marc Pittonet who had 12 clearances, 29 disposals, 42 hit outs and a goal)

    Warning for those with Rookies from the Tigers. Shai Bolton who was dropped last week and racked up 26 disposals, 17 contested possessions, 11 tackles, eight clearances and seven inside-50s.

    Mid Season Draft - Ben Kennedy had 19 contested possessions for Williamstown’s and looks likely to be picked up again.

    The NEWS:

    AFL Players In The Mix
    AFL Injury List Updates

    Other News:
    Finally - Ask yourself this question!
    If your trades are not going to be playing (at least 2 games) during the byes, don't pic them!
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Discussion in 'AFL' started by Cpt Pugwash, May 1, 2019.

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    1. Penske file
      Penske file
      Will my trades play during the byes,? how can I possibly know this, has someone inside information, if so please share!
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    2. stowie
      Sitting with Gawn, Goldy and Riley O'Brien in the rucks and Bines up FWD. Worth trading Goldy out now, moving Bines back to the ruck bench and running with Gawn and ROB til after the Pies bye and then grabbing Grundy?

      ROB my best scoring rookie and he never gets to play!
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    3. stripey
      Shai Bolton will just come in for Riewoldt I was thinking... not like for like but with Lynch up there it doesnt need to be?
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    4. Len
      Karl Amon coming in to replace Robbie Gray according the Adelaide Advertiser
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    5. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      Assessing whether they are a place holder until the return of senior players coming back from an injury is a reasonable predictor. For example, as Doggies supporter, I think Hayes (whilst on the bubble) will be replaced by Lipinski or Jong soon and Young who is getting a game because Suckling and Duryea are out.
      I say this without factoring in Beverage's mad scientist moves. Does anyone trust Bevo not to screw us over?
    6. Pistolas de Espana
      Pistolas de Espana

      Don't all players have a Bye for at least one round ? ;)
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    7. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      Playing the Doggies this week, he could go BIG.
    8. Len
      Exactly what I thought

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    9. Pistolas de Espana
      Pistolas de Espana
      Fyfe and Hurn screaming at me to come in this week. I do feel like Donnie Trump now. So hard people ... so hard. (makes weird hand gesticulations).
      Just wish Answerth was guaranteed to play and on the bubble this week.
      I have Moore and Rozee both in FWD's at present desperate to get Rozee or Moore to D7 for long term. Then match with a Def/Fwd rookie for long term. this strategy has won me leagues in previous years when trades are almost gone.
      FWD relevant players are like rocking horse droppings at present. Any guesses ? I feel in my water that Caleb Daniel isn't right.
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    10. Pistolas de Espana
      Pistolas de Espana
      I was almost too scared to post in case I had missed something. :)
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    11. ike2112
      I went early with Hately but I'm hoping Giants stick him back in. North surely must realise they're as well playing Scott the rest of the way too, I hope!

      I find myself now though considering jumping early again for Answerth. I missed Stack and Ross and Baker... so now to get a fallen premo like Fyfe I need to find a trade down target and whilst Hayes is ideal, I have Constable, Atkins, Hately and Scott all still with cash to make, only Butters looks close to being cooked. So many options...

      Op 1 = Newman and Libba for Houli and Fyfe (bit sideways? And is Houli a premo?)
      Op 2 = Collins and Butters for Answerth and Fyfe (cashes in rookies for Fyfe - but short-term hit as Newman and Whitfield injured, I'd have to start Duursma, Scrimshaw and Answerth)
      Op 3 = Butters and Newman for Hayes/Answerth/Larkey (via DPP) and Houli (upgrades Newman given his injury but misses bottomed-out Fyfe)
      Op 4 = Butters and Libba for Hayes/Answerth/Larkey (via DPP) and Fyfe (does Libba need to move, could he be Mid 8)
      Op 5 = Butters and Parker for Hayes/Answerth and Tim Kelly (Is a bottomed-out Kelly worth missing Houli and Fyfe for?)
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    12. stripey
      No Hately, no Scott, no CONSTABLE
    13. The_Swert
      This is the first real test this year.

      No Whitfield, no Scrimshaw, no Simpson and a whole lot of rookies missing.
    14. ike2112
      I've done it - moved Lycett to fwd and ROB on field. I've got Grundy, but plan to use Lycett and ROB to get through byes before getting to Gawn.
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    15. ike2112
      They meant that if your rookies are dropped by the time of the byes, then when you're already short on personnel you become even shorter.
      Its better to have a player who definitely plays weekly but scores 40-50, than have someone scoring 70 but a likely risk of getting dropped by round 10.
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    16. ike2112
      I have Newman, Whitifield and Scrimshaw. And Duursma is already in Def so can't flex that way.

      And my midfield contains Constable, Hately, Scott so zero bench cover and again no option to DPP.

      I wanted to bring in Hayes and Fyfe or Kelly this week and maybe Collins to Answerth, but it looks like Newman to Houli is going to have to happen just to get me 6 defenders on the field.
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    17. IPOD
      So I have Scrimshaw out in the backline I have Constable and Scott missing in the mids with no trades I would be stuck playing Clark(if he is named for the cats) Duursma and Hore with Whitfield also injured. Then have to choose between Gibbons and Atkins to cover Constable.
      Option 1 - Collins & Scrimshaw - Houli & Answerth
      Option 2 - Scrimshaw & Constable - Houli & Answeth
      Option 3 - Scrimshaw & Constable - Houli & Larkey (via Setterfeild/Danger/Heeny/Kelly DPP)
      Option 4 any other opinions
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    18. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      Dunkley named on the ball. Bont gone forward. Fingers crossed.
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    19. Nick
      Managed to avoid Scrimshaw and Cousin bullets, however have Whitfield which will be holding.
      Constable out probably $40k short of peaking but forces the hand somewhat which I don't mind.
      Current trades are Constable/Butters out, Hayes/Fyfe in.
      Can afford Neale but leaves some more cash in the coffers to try and get Telly in next week. Could go him this week but feel as though Fyfe could go big as without his concussion he hasn't dipped below 110.
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