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Discussion in 'AFL' started by Cpt Pugwash, May 1, 2019.

By Cpt Pugwash on May 1, 2019 at 1:47 PM
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    Okay - its time to get your structures sorted, however, without viable downgrade options do we have to lower our expectations for a few weeks and adopt a Moneyball move and target extra points (which could be a winning move while others sit on the same rookies for a few more weeks) before the byes?
    Adapt Or Die.jpg

    Don't Wait, Shop Early!
    Does anyone rate a player who hasn't played yet but its only a matter of time before they break into an AFL team (eg: Ben Cavarra seems to be on the mend and played last week or Marc Pittonet who had 12 clearances, 29 disposals, 42 hit outs and a goal)

    Warning for those with Rookies from the Tigers. Shai Bolton who was dropped last week and racked up 26 disposals, 17 contested possessions, 11 tackles, eight clearances and seven inside-50s.

    Mid Season Draft - Ben Kennedy had 19 contested possessions for Williamstown’s and looks likely to be picked up again.

    The NEWS:

    AFL Players In The Mix
    AFL Injury List Updates

    Other News:
    Finally - Ask yourself this question!
    If your trades are not going to be playing (at least 2 games) during the byes, don't pic them!
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Discussion in 'AFL' started by Cpt Pugwash, May 1, 2019.

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    1. DanJS
      Want to move Collins on, all my other rookies are not quite ripe but I might have to trade them anyway. Would prefer not to trade Constable, but Butters and Atkins leave me a bit short of cash for most premiums. Would consider Scrimshaw but Collins and Scrimshaw means I need two defenders - am thinking about Young and Hurn but would prefer to bring in Hayes, so maybe Butters and Collins for Hayes and Tom Stewart.

      So my options seem to be:

      1. Collins/Butters > Hayes/Stewart
      2. Collins/Scrimshaw > Young/Hurn
      3. Collins/Constable > Young/Fyfe
      4. Collins/Atkins > Young/T Kelly
      5. Something else (only 1 trade, or two downgrades, or even no trades this week).
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    2. Owen
      Scrimshaw and Constable for Young and Fyfe for me. Anyone considering Shai Bolton?
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    3. Senator96
      Has there been any reason given as to why constable was dropped? He only just had a weeks rest. I was going to go butters to Fyfe as one of my trades but now I’m thinking constable might have to be the one to make way. On the flip side of that he not only has more coin to make but he can he can be put on the field with confidence, when he’s picked that is! If I thought he was going to be back next week I’d probably hold
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    4. Penske file
      Penske file
      How is it that pre-planned moves on Monday somehow get scuppered when the teams are named. Is there some malevolent force out there that defines my every move then counters it. Why can't they leave my rookies in till I'm ready to elbow them. REALLY.!!!!
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    5. JPK
      Looking for a DEF up to $520k - any suggestions?

      I've got $206 in the bank, and have a playing backline of J Lloyd, D Rich, S Collins, X Duursma, and J Clark, with outs this week being L Whitfield, J Scrimshaw, and C Burgess. I've also got C Rozee in my FWD line, but then I'd have to play one of N Balta or W Setterfield


      So the obvious picks of S Hurn or J Sicily are out of the question as I don't have the cash (Unless I drop D Smith, who is really getting on my nerves!)
      Are any of these worth the risk?
      :1: T Stewart
      :2: Z Jones
      :3: B Smith
      :4: Someone Else?
      :5: Drop D Smith

      Thanks in advance everyone
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    6. DanJS
      I've brought in T Stewart (for now), but dropping D Smith is a good option too.
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    7. Senator96
      Houli? I’m looking to bring him in this week for Newman, great value there.

      Is hurn taking all the kick outs this year, is that why his scoring has spiked this year? He’s always been a decent scorer in previous years but not that good
    8. IPOD
      so i think i am sold on my Collins and Scrimshaw to Houli and Answerth question is who to start on ground with Atkins and Gibbons.
      TU - Play Atkins
      TD - Play Gibbons
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    9. DanJS
      I'd play Atkins, but if you've got Constable, you could loophole Gibbons and only play Atkins if you don't like Gibbons' score.
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    10. Owen
      My thinking is that Bailey will come in for Answerth soon, so I've gone with Young instead.
    11. TheTassieHawk
      settersfield must be an emergency if this is correct

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    12. JPK
      Yep, W Setterfield named as an emergency

    13. Senator96
      Hmm that’s not rewarding the keepers
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    14. choppers
      GREATER Western Sydney has suffered a double blow ahead of its clash against St Kilda in Canberra, with co-captain Phil Davis and star midfielder Josh Kelly late withdrawals due to injury.

      The pair have been replaced by Matt Buntine and first-year midfielder Jackson Hately for the game against the Saints at UNSW Canberra Oval on Saturday.
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    15. Len
      Love how they left it until I couldn't change 3 effected teams....... :spew:
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    16. TheTassieHawk
      I have Hayes pencilled in as this week's downgrade, with Mitch Lewis ahead of Shai Bolton as next in line and Larkey, Answerth and Joyce (Stk) the players I might look at for next week.

      With Hately now a late in playing early Saturday I will consider how he goes tomorrow and whether that changes my plans over the next week or 2. Possible JS issues are a slight concern though.
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    17. TheTassieHawk
      No changes for either of today's early games which BOTH start at 145pm
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    18. TheTassieHawk
    19. insider
      Thumbs required

      Thumbs up: take Gawns 127 C loophole
      Thumbs down: gamble on Cripps getting 130+
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    20. headmandude
      I was thinking similar but whether to roll the dice with Fyfe. Think I’m going to take Gawn
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