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Discussion in 'AFL' started by Cpt Pugwash, May 5, 2019.

By Cpt Pugwash on May 5, 2019 at 7:49 PM
  1. Cpt Pugwash

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    What a round - suspect some very indifferent scores this week (some under 2000).
    Teams form is a week to week proposition at the moment, whilst some others injury lists are getting rather long - hope you dodged that bullet.

    That curse of the late change strikes again - looking at you Chris Scott.

    How did your team go, did you nail the Cpt this week, any issues you need to address and who is a must trade (in/out) for your team this week?

    And is Daniel Caleb the new Ram Man?
    Daniel Caleb & Ram Man.JPG
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Discussion in 'AFL' started by Cpt Pugwash, May 5, 2019.

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    1. stripey
      Is it possible to see how many had Danger as Captain?
    2. stripey
      2209 takes me from 23.1k to 11k overall- danger, Rocky & Libba the main villains

      In TG 2130 takes me from 6.9k to 4.6k overall
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    3. walesy
      Lost my cash league this week by 9 points. Flipped a coin between Neale and Cripps captain. Should have just followed what the other guy did :D

      Reckon Libba is coooooooked. Rocky gets another chance though.

      I dunno, lots to consider this week.

      Stats are up though
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    4. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      2162 and up inside 3,000.

      Really want to trade Libba but so many potential bubble boys. Feels a waste to move Libba to a rookie. I feel cheated given I didn't start him.:(
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    5. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      That’s a good score this week. Good rank jump to.
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    6. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      Dogs play Lions at Mars this week. Libba raked them up there in the JLT. Hope he doesn’t get a Neal lock down.
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    7. Nick
      2,224, ranked 605th for the round, easily the best performance this season, moved up 12k spots.
      Everything just clicked - Marshall finally tonned, Dunks repaid the faith and Fyfe in worked well.
      Goldy to ROB a few weeks ago allowing other upgrades really looking like a good trade now, happy with that.

      This week have to decide whether to double downgrade to Hately/Answerth for a war chest, or just Answerth and Telly.
      2 of Drew, Atkins and Duursma in the gun.
      Atkins potentially a touch early but worth it to grab the bubble boys.
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    8. DanJS
      2178, happy enough with that this round and puts me back into the top 7k. 10 tonnes, had Grundy VC so went with Cripps and was sweating after a horrible first quarter. Benefited from a few outs as I was able to loophole three decent rookie scores.

      A few rookies starting to peak - probably time to move on Clark and Petruccelle, Drew not far off, a few others as well, and considering cashing in Walsh now. Will probably wait until the byes, but I still don't have Fyfe.

      Must-have targets are shaping up. Daniel, Boak, and T Kelly are my forward targets. Will probably try for Daniel this week if I don't double downgrade. An interesting contender in the midfield is Ben Cunnington. Surprised to see him in so few teams. Will watch closely.
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    9. Waldo666
      2143 got me 6/7 league wins surprisingly although it has been a couple of low scoring rounds for the most part, Cripps C was looking a mare at qtr time but he did what he does and got a decent captain's score in the end. Also moved me up to 11k from over 20k so heading in the right direction overall.

      Early thoughts are a double downgrade of Libba to Hately and Clark to Answerth, still concerned a bit with Hately's JS though.
    10. ike2112
      1961 and my team's falling apart. I was inside top 5,000 a couple weeks ago, now I'm 25,000+.
      And I set up a rivalty with my (wife's) Trading Games side in round 4, and she is 3-0 against me.

      Suddenly I have holes all over the place - my team value dropped this week. It is not often in this game I find myself honestly not having the first idea what to do, normally I've a short and medium term aim in mind for trades most weeks. I am currently clueless.

      A few weeks ago I was happy that Newman, Libba, Rocky, Worpel were all working out. Now they're not - Libba is scoring badly and lost $32k in two weeks, I had to trade Newman out just to get 6 defenders on the field (in hindsight Whitfield to Williams may have been better).
      Macrae has turned into being just above average. Trading out Dunkley for Marshall seemed smart, maybe not now.
      Lycett is dropping; my tactic was to use him as a fwd/ruck to get to the byes and bring in Gawn. Starting ROB in the ruck is actually fine, but Lycett starting fwd is killing me and now losing cash.
      Bailey Scott instead of Bailey Smith based just on starting price was poor. Holding Setterfield and Constable and them not being named.
      Missing ALL of the Tigers rookies (I didn't trust any of their job security) has been a disaster.
      My two latest upgrades were to bring in Sicily and Houli in the backline which would in theory give me a Lloyd/Whitfield/Sicily/Br.Smith/Houli/Duursma backline and potentially one slot away from full-premo. But then the two new guys drop scores in the 70s - I knew I shouldn't have trusted Bachar...

      I think I'm gonna go Collins and Libba for Answerth and Fyfe or Bont, as that was always my aim from 2 weeks ago. But that would still leave me playing Answerth and Duursma in DEF (if Whitfield not fit), Hately and Atkins in MID, and Worpel, Marshall, Lycett and Drew in FWD and that's assuming Danger plays. I'd actually like to bring Luke Ryan in but I can't hold Libba any longer and using DPP would just mean me starting Duursma in MID.

      Over in the Trading Games side, I'd dropped Grundy early on for Nankervis in order to let me get Sheed in, and that backfired, but since then I've nailed most trades; those two became Mumford and Stack which has allowed to upgrade loads elsewhere - Kelly, Marshall, Daniel (and Hately) all brought in previous weeks.
      Yeah I went Whitfield to Houli, but it allowed me to jump Butters to Fyfe, and Williams scored great in Whifield's absence.
      This week I can move Libba to Bont and probably Crouch to Answerth knowing Stack and Hately are viable M7 and M8 options this week, and means I can get Boak or Hurn/Ryan in the week after.
      Honestly I think my TD side is gonna go undefeated against my actual team...
    11. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      Thoughts - Could there be a case to be made for Pendlebury ?:

      15 Rounds To Go - (Rnd 13 Bye)
      • 9 Games at MCG (102.6 Avg)
      • 2 Games At MS (127 Avg - 1 game only)
      • 122 (3 Game Avg)
      • Most Opponents bottom 8
      • 80% disposal efficiency / 3.9% Ownership
      • Collingwood's Game Plan (Most Disposals - 2881)
      • Juicy last round against Dons - just scored 138 at the MCG
      • 2018 pts v's Dons (163 Rnd 6, 123 Rnd 5) Avg 143
      • (A) Carl (MCG),
      • (H) Saints (MCG),
      • (A) Swans (SCG),
      • (H) Freo (MCG),
      • (H) Demons (MCG),
      • Rnd 13 BYE,
      • (A) Dogs (MS),
      • (H) North (MS),
      • (A) Hawks (MCG),
      • (A) Eagles (Optus),
      • (A) GWS (Giants),
      • (H) Tigers (MCG),
      • (H) Suns (MCG),
      • (A) Demons (MCG),
      • (A) Crows (Adel Oval),
      • (H) Dons (MCG)
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    12. ike2112
      I think if he was close to his prime it would be a no-brainer.

      But the one caveat to your points is whether he'll last all those games?

      Either injury or form/fatigue causing drop-off, and how other injuries around him might affect team balance. With Cripps or Fyfe or Neale for example its irrelevant what happens around them.
      But what do I know, I've read most situations wrong so far this year! Could be Pendles and GAJ are making this a retro year.
      Last edited: May 7, 2019
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    13. Penske file
      Penske file
      Oh dear not a lot of happiness about, mine was generally poorly performing premos e.g Danger Heeney (is he premo?) and under achieving prospects such as Libba and Worpel rookies good to fair. My score was 2034 dropped a few spots and lost some leagues. This week having to decide fate of Libba and 1 rookie maybe Petruc.. awaiting on selections and injuries.
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    14. stripey
      I'm hearing you, I thought it would be worse but my current rivalry would be Actual Team (3), TG Team (4)
      Actual TG
      RD1 2076 v 1986
      RD2 2193 v 2324
      RD3 2328 v 2187
      RD4 2159 v 2276
      RD5 2127 v 2230
      RD6 2067 v 2168
      RD7 2209 v 2130

      I really hate the current look of my actual team (8 trades down) but like my TG team (11 trades) - my possible downfall in both teams will be missing the Tigers rookies, only Stack made it into my TG team
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    15. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      A good point you make about durability. Although in the interest of cookie cutter teams I think I’ll give it serious consideration. That said I’m sure I’ll need to wait for Friday’s Teams.
    16. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      Unless Libba is named FWD I’d hold for this week at Mars. Sounds like most of us will look for Danger coverage. Expect a late change from Chris Scott as per usual.
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    17. stripey
      Yes I cant see Libba being anywhere close to my priority this week... Petrol, Clark & Butters all looked cooked from a cash gen perspective... Gibbons too but I think I'll hold and wait for another spike
    18. Nick
      Yeah bigger issues than Libba, and it seemed he had a run with role with Dusty.
      Definitely deserves another chance, don't think he's cooked yet.
      Double downgrade looking more and more likely.
    19. DanJS
      It's a funny game. You could always bounce back. I also brought Marshall in just before his 50 which was probably a mistake although he did okay last week. I almost brought in Houli but thankfully didn't. Whitfield is still a target for me once he comes back.

      Without knowing exactly what your team looks like, in your position I'd probably be trading just as you say - Collins and Libba for Answerth and Fyfe/Bont (probably Fyfe). Hold onto O'Brien until you can trade down/up to Gawn. Duursma, Houli and Drew don't need to go just yet and Brodie Smith's been a decent midpricer. Even Atkins can hang around a bit longer thanks to a good score this week so you've got time to make the trades you need to.

      Doesn't look that dire just yet, it was just a lousy week for everyone this week.
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