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Discussion in 'AFL' started by Cpt Pugwash, May 5, 2019.

By Cpt Pugwash on May 5, 2019 at 7:49 PM
  1. Cpt Pugwash

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    What a round - suspect some very indifferent scores this week (some under 2000).
    Teams form is a week to week proposition at the moment, whilst some others injury lists are getting rather long - hope you dodged that bullet.

    That curse of the late change strikes again - looking at you Chris Scott.

    How did your team go, did you nail the Cpt this week, any issues you need to address and who is a must trade (in/out) for your team this week?

    And is Daniel Caleb the new Ram Man?
    Daniel Caleb & Ram Man.JPG
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Discussion in 'AFL' started by Cpt Pugwash, May 5, 2019.

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    1. DanJS
      A case could be made. A couple of years ago for sure, but given there are other options I wouldn't risk it. Will he be a top 8 mid? He might sneak in, but he might not.
    2. Penske file
      Penske file
      Heard Danger on radio this am, said he thought he would be playing if out may be a late call.
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    3. anthak
      Think I’m almost certain to make a double downgrade this week, but it does depend on team announcements.

      Looks to be a few decent rookies on the bubble across all of def, mid & fwd.

      I’ll trade two of: Clark, Walsh, Gibbons, Petrucelle
    4. stripey
      Ollie Wines is going to miss a month with a fractured ankle, Ebert also going to miss..... gives the Rocky and Drew owners cause to be optimistic... Another month of 90+ from Drew would be very handy
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    5. ike2112
      Team is below, $229,300 in bank :

      Lloyd / Whitfield / Sicily / Smith / Houli / Duursma
      // Collins / Scrimshaw (I really hope Houli bounces back and can be D6)

      Cripps / Macrae / Treloar / Rocky / Libba / Walsh / Hately / Atkins
      // Scott / Constable / Hayes

      Grundy / ROB // Schlensog

      Dangerfield / Daniel / Worpel / Marshall / Lycett / Drew
      // Parker / Setterfield

      I'm not sure whether to just go ahead and upgrade Libba to Fyfe, given a lot of people in different forums seem to advocate giving him another week. Even if he scores 80 though he's gonna lose about another $30k, if he dropped another under 60 it would be very costly. Maybe I should abandon the idea of Lycett helping me through the byes in the Ruck. I could go Lycett and Libba to Fyfe and Tim Kelly.
      Or just go Lycett to Kelly and leave Libba for another day, let me also switch Collins for Answerth.
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    6. ike2112
      Is Macrae even going to be a top 8 Mid this year?...
    7. DanJS
      Fyfe and Kelly looks very tempting indeed, although I'd want at least one rookie. I'd rather get a good rookie on the bubble and wait a week for the premium but it depends on league situations and whatnot. If Hately is playing it might even be worth double downgrading Collins/Libba and then going Lycett and a rookie (or even Rocky if you don't want him for the long haul) for the prems next week.

      Macrae is the 6th ranked mid so far, I've got him, I'm more worried about M Crouch and Oliver but sideways trading at this stage is a waste I think.
    8. stripey
      If it was me I'd probably look at Scrimshaw or Collins to Answerth as the first priority for the cash gen (assuming he is picked) then decide where to upgrade.. if youre not planning to hang on to Libba then Fyfe does present good value...doesnt matter if you miss him though, others will provide value in a few weeks/over the byes too. T Kelly I dont think is that urgent either...

      FWIW I have Lobb in my team for ruck cover - Although I'm not that happy with it I think now youve gone down that path with Lycett you might as well continue (at least till you are upgraded to a point you are happy)... Last year and this year have so far shown the rucks to be very durable which is not consistent with the years before that. Does it continue, who knows...
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    9. bunza52
      2,177 which ends up being a decent score. Was ranked 2,832 for the week & jumped 15k spots to 28k . Went early on Answerth, which allowed me to bring in Fyfe. All 3 rucks tonned up last week. Wondering if I dump Goldy to free up cash for now or I just be content with ruck coverage. Held the Hoff, so hope his poor form is gone for the year. Walsh might have to be moved on this week, as his looks to be at max price, so Walsh to Hately, or Goldy to rook, then Walsh to maybe Cunnington & see how that plays out.
      TG chugging along well, ranked 4,214.
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    10. ike2112
      I guess right now none of the premiums like Fyfe and Kelly are urgent; its more that Libba could lose another 35k this week and Lycett 25k and then I wouldn't be able to afford both Fyfe and Kelly. You wouldn't chuck away 60 grand off a rookie, so its kind of wasting hard-earned $ here letting those guys slide further. Answerth looks likely option but I'm not convinced by anyone's job security just now.

      I had Lobb in my team right up until an hour before round 1. For some reason I swapped him out for Vardy, but kept him in my AFL Fantasy side.
      My thought was I reckoned both Verdy and Lycett would play above their 2018 roles with more opportunity, gaining cash in the process. If it really paid off, the versatility of having 2 Ruck/Forwards meant I could switch between them in the ruck and get through the byes without Gawn. But if one of them didn't turn out, like Vardy, I could just trade out and still have a 2nd ruck whilst targetting any top rookie I might have missed. I did actually swap him for Worpel which seemed a good deal at the time.
    11. Penske file
      Penske file
      The choices for captain/vice this week are challenging, some interesting options Neale vc to Fyfe or Gawn vc to T. Kelly. Can Grundy rack up another big score ? . Any ideas what you'all do.
    12. DanJS
      Think I'll go Grundy into Gawn, rucks have been scoring well against Carlton and Grundy's been reliable. Considering Lloyd into Grundy.
    13. NedFlanders
      Seriously considering Gawn into Zac Williams! (a bit punty, I know)
    14. Nick
      Cripps into Gawn I reckon
    15. bunza52
      Neale into Fyfe
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    16. Waldo666
      Grundy into Fyfe
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    17. dabombers
      Has anyone got their eyes on some price drop players?
      My List currently has Menegola, Darling, Westhoff(who I previously traded out), Dev Smith, Macrae, Oliver and a few others..
      Some risky but could pay off.
      Realised I cant have every rookie on the bubble this week so hoping some don't get named so I can start the
      'One Up - One Down' part of the season and some of these players could help with Cash-Gen.
      Darling is just a sideways trade for a maxed out rookie.
      Make or break rounds coming up before the byes...
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    18. DanJS
      Have brought in Answerth.

      Probably going to upgrade Walsh to Fyfe. Looking at Walsh's projected income it might be time to cash him in with not much more to be made.

      Only thing is I need to move Petruccelle on before he starts losing cash. Corbett, Moore, and Larkey are named/extended bench and all on the bubble this week. None are amazing prospects but if I snooze I might lose the only FWD rookie options. Need to move on Scrimshaw soon but don't have the cash to upgrade to a decent prem defender this week. Double downgrade could let me double upgrade next week. Should be an easy league win too which would help this option.

      Probably worth the risk to get Fyfe in now I guess.

      TU Walsh > Fyfe
      TD Petruccelle > a FWD rookie
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    19. anthak
      I’ve got this same dilemma, and haven’t been sure which way to go, but the way you sum it up, I think Walsh to Fyfe is the go
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    20. IPOD
      Big dramas in my team still no Whitfield and dramas with rookies Like Clark Butters pooing itup along with mid bench i cant trust to cover with Gibbons Atkins and Scott! What is the go with Constable was almost guaranteed 80 and now cant get a game. What are peoples thoughts on Rotham if picked? I missed the boat on Ross, Stack and Baker the 3 decent ones anyway. Can see merit in alot of the people looking at walsh - fyfe but that doesnt fix my holes that i already have.

      option 1 - Bring in L.Young for Clark (playing Answerth on field) and move Butters bring T.Kelly from fwd to mid and bring in Corbett
      option 2 - .is follow the sheep only do one of the above trades and move walsh /libba to fyfe (not leaving much cash to fix up those other problems.
      Option 3 - any other opinions.......

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