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Discussion in 'Blog' started by Cpt Pugwash, May 12, 2019.

By Cpt Pugwash on May 12, 2019 at 8:31 PM
  1. Cpt Pugwash

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    Mar 9, 2016
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    Fire & Ice... last week tough, this week better!

    Some bigger score around the leagues.
    Anyone affected by Chris Scott’s triple cross?

    Well done anyone who picked Oliver! Gutsy move.

    How did you fare? What was your captains choice? What’s your plans?
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by Cpt Pugwash, May 12, 2019.

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    1. anthak
      C’mon, let us know your score?! ;)

      I saw you had a pretty big one this week!
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    2. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      2344 - Macrae as Cpt.
      Enjoyed watching Dunkley at Ballarat this week. Bloody cold though. Keep an eye on him in wet games for VC options.

      Traded Collins to Answerth and Scrimshaw to Ryan this week.
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    3. Micksdemons
      Agh !! 2029 with Constable as Capt and Fyfe a non playing emergency and big in j Cameron performing beautifully (not ) so yes Scott got me - big time !!
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    4. anthak
      I scored 2275

      Had a draw in one league with @Don_Cottagers

      I had Fyfe as Captain and was stressing all round waiting for that late game tonight to see how he went, and thankfully he did alright.

      I had some really low scores onfield, but thankfully had some good ones too to balance it out.
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    5. The_Swert
      Finished with 2234.

      Atkins let the team down, if I knew Constable was playing I would've fielded him instead and got over 2300.
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    6. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      Scott is really hard to read. Hold your Cats trades if you can until just before the games.

      M.Crouch getting injured wasn’t expected.
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    7. anthak
      Yeah I had two mistakes like that this round which had I done what I intended, I would’ve cracked 2300 too. Disappointing.

      I actually thought I had Constable onfield already, just in case he was a late inclusion, but didn’t. When I heard the news he was in, I checked my team to make sure, but saw he was on the bench, so I tried swapping him for Stack, but the game had already started.

      Other one was Answerth, I thought I had set him as emergency to loophole him on, but I had him onfield meaning I was stuck with him over Duursma.

      Silly mistakes. I just had so much on this week, and especially the weekend, so I couldn’t spend enough time on it all setting it up properly.
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    8. anthak
      Shit, that hurts
    9. Royboy Forever
      Royboy Forever
      2193 but still won all 4 leagues. Heeney a disappointment again and Libba probably has to go and maybe time to move Walsh on as well. I really still have holes every where but just can't fix them all at once
    10. anthak
      SC is open
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    11. stripey
      2,324 sees me up to 3,988 overall up from 11,066 - position 518 for the week

      In TG 2,196 sees me up to 3,626 from 4,617

      There’s gonna be holes galore next week it seems but I managed to avoid most onfield drama this week
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    12. walesy
      2,109 this week with a stupid donut. Oliver did take away some of that pain though. :D

      Stats are up.
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    13. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      2280 and up into 1199 OA.
      Best start to a season for me.
      Need to hit the trade brakes now with occasional cash grab into the byes.
      Fingers crossed that Crouch and Fyfe play next week.
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    14. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      What happened to Fyfe??
    15. TheTassieHawk
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    16. Owen
      2088 for me including Jack Ross and Matt Crouch, and have finally ran out of patience with Brayshaw.
    17. bunza52
      A so so score of 2,101. Couple of decent scores offset with the Hoff, Brayshaw & Atkins & left just under a ton on the pine. Traded in Macrae (was thinking Cunnington, but doesn't suit the byes, so it worked out well this week). Fingers crossed Whitfield is back this week. Don't think Ill be trading this week, unless Hately or Rotham are named. Duursma, Atkins and Parker are looking like they have maxed out in price. Glad Setterfield and Balta posted decent scores, so they have restarted their cash gen, so hope they can keep it up until their byes. Also very annoyed with Freo. Was my punt in our punters club, so they we the last leg of my 6 leg multi...was looking at just over a $1k collect as well....:mad:
      Last edited: May 13, 2019
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    18. anthak
      Don’t stop trading now. This is the most important time to be trading. Everybody’s upgrading now. If you stop now, youlll likely be overtaken and it’ll be harder to catch up because you’ll have less premiums than others.
    19. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      T.Kelly for me this week (rookies to be decided when teams drop).

      There are others but his M/F is better fit for the byes.
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