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Discussion in 'Blog' started by Cpt Pugwash, May 19, 2019.

By Cpt Pugwash on May 19, 2019 at 9:00 PM
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    Friday nights game finished and many wished they’d VC’ed Gawn and missed his 144.


    Then Grundy saved most of us. Then came the run of high scores where Neil, Sloan and Macrae did what we come to rely on and the expectation of some potentially high scores.

    Well that’s until Sunday slide started (excluding those who had Whitfield, Taranto and Kelly’s 450pts).

    Like a game of snakes and ladders, SuperCoach has a way of dragging you back down with your mates pissing off.

    But all is not lost! We always have trades to burn and look for redemption next week.

    • How did you go?
    • How did your trades turn out?
    • Whats your big move this week?
    • Who booted Heeney?
    • Which Rookies Impressed?
    Note: Byes Thread Is Already Up and Running
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by Cpt Pugwash, May 19, 2019.

    1. Royboy Forever
      Royboy Forever
      Finally starting to get movement up the ranks after a poor start. Moved up another 7100 this week with 2276 and wins in all 4 leagues. This morning I was on track for mid 2400,s but de Boer's effort on Cripps plus a few other under par Sunday scores put and end to that. At least I was kept happy by the Grundy Gawn 144 double and Heeney finally performed
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    2. TheTassieHawk
    3. walesy
      Man, talk about a tale of two halves.

      Whitfield, Lloyd, Neal, Grundy, Gawn and Rozee on one side of the coin - Cripps, Kelly, Hayes, Baker, Setterfield and Parker on the other side.

      Gotta get those rookies upgraded, STAT.

      Speaking of Stats, they are up.
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    4. bunza52
      2,235. Looped Neale. No trades as no one really excited me. Some rooks not coming to the party. Clark, Baker, Setterfield (and of course the Hoff) kept the score down. Shame Williams only played 1 half, he was looking at a massive one, so hope the hamstring aint too bad. Thinking of cashing in ROB this week, as it would allow me to upgrade to anyone on any line.
      TG team still chugging along nicely with a 2,378. Up to 2.5k spots to 1,770.
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    5. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      How many non-playing rookies do you have?

      Sweet (Loop only) and Drew for me. Nervous about bringing in any rookies without proven JS and a defined role in their team.

      Zac Williams to come out (hamstring) could see Hately come in?
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    6. DanJS
      2175, disappointing but I managed to scrape a 10-point league win. My opponent had Whitfield and Hurn which nearly sunk me but also had Gibbons. Took Grundy's 144, which was lucky, cos I had the C on Cripps otherwise.

      Brought in T Kelly and Dunkley. Dunkley was a last minute decision instead of Daniel, hoping he pays off in the long run. Glad to have Kelly even though he was a bit down this week.

      My rookie situation is a bit concerning. I have 6 I need to move on asap, and no money to upgrade, but who do I downgrade to? Even if Hately is named, his JS seems poor.
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    7. stowie
      Could never have imagined Danger being available for $471k at any point this season!
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    8. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Sunday carnage sees me fall over the line with 2175. Slip back 1000 to 2231.

      TG much better with a 2463!
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    9. port_leschenault
      This season. :poop::poop::poop:
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    10. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      Could target slightly pricer players (e.g Larky, Wills) who will rise in price and play during byes?

      Depends if your playing for overall or leagues?
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    11. Owen
      Also thinking of cashing in Windscreens so I can upgrade, though I'd have to go early on Robert Young this week to able to upgrade Atkins. The problem that I'm seeing is the rookies I've traded in recently haven't done very well, i.e. Answerth and L Young. I feel like I'm running out of viable cash generators to afford good upgrades, I might have to compromise and bring in bottomed out speculators like Dusty, Sidebottom, etc. rather than top 8 midfielders like Macrae
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    12. stripey
      Had a bit of a trading mishap over the weekend... was trying to figure out who to trade Libba to (could afford anyone but Neale) but Dogs game had started by the time I decide to go with J Kelly... costly in terms of points and cash given Libba dropped in price, Kelly went up and Neale barely dropped. Copped a 26 from Answerth thanks to the late Moore out

      That said, scored a 2,187 to drop only 1300 spots to 5313 overall..

      in TG fared slightly better - 2263 to go up 434 spots to 3192 overalll
    13. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      Jackson Trengove (DEF) playing in the Ruck is an interesting proposition. Avg has gone up by 20 scoring 124 and 113 in the past two week.

      2Wk Avg 118
      3Wk Avg 103.
      Sitting on BE 51.
      $438K Price Tag
      Definitely a POD defender.

      Could see you through the byes.
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    14. dunny29
      I have to be happy with 2291, was looking better before the Sunday games though.

      I'm thinking Duursma & Gibbons (or Drew) to Stewart & R Young (move Drew to Mid),
      $10k short being able to go Parker instead of Gibbons. This helps 1st bye structure and hopefully I can trade my way through, having a non player on each line atm is concerning. I'm willing to hold Williams assuming his injury is a couple of weeks or fewer.

      Next week would probably be move Bines back to R3 and upgrade O'Brien to a forward (plus a downgrade alongside). I managed to avoid a bit of the rookie carnage, but plenty of average scores, so will likely be some tough decisions ahead on whether to cull the higher scorers when you can for optimal upgrading or holding on to them for the job security through the byes.

      Last week I waited to make my trades Saturday morning (couldn't decide Stocker/Rowbottom). Ended up scrambling to avoid a donut forward, I went Moore & Walsh for Kelly and Bolton (take advantage of Bolton's big score for 2 weeks, likely trade out on his bye).

      Anyone like Young's JS? It's an extra risk going early, but I don't like much else and I'm already tight with cash to make this happen.
    15. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      I like Young’s game. Parker should loose his spot this week, although Carlton could see a reprieve and might hit his BE. The danger here is that King kicked 4 on the weekend and I don’t think they’ll keep a pick 4, 204cm key forward in the reserves for too long. Especially with talk of putting McCartin on the long term injury list and bringing in another rookie.
    16. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      Thoughts on trades this week?

      Constable & Drew (OUT) > Young* & Whitfield (IN)
      Leaving 19 Trades (will burn 9 trades during byes).

      That brings my team structures to the following:

      * Considering Larky at $206K (BE -6). Has good JS.
      Note: Rocky and B.Smith counted as Premo's.
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    17. stripey
      how many donuts do you currently have in each round, ie non playing selections that essentially are the same as bye players - its looking pretty organised atm mate
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    18. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      Off-Field are my (non playing) Bye players. I intend to trade some of my rookies to improve the on-field equations.

      Importantly, I'm trying to improve my Premo's (IN) numbers each round.
    19. stripey
      yeah i probably wasnt clear, was actually referring to a floating donut like Bines or a current non-selection like Scott. If you have any of those they effectively add to the missing players same as a player having a bye..
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