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    Hey everyone

    In 2019 the folks here at Too Serious held their first season long AFLW draft league – the ORFFW. Details are shown on the TS Leagues page found here

    Thanks to the Chief we have also developed a player database with weekly stats for the AFLW regular season populated with Draftstars/AFL Fantasy Points for each player in the 2019 AFLW season.

    Player dates of birth have been manually compiled from online sources and the 2019 AFLW prospectus and uploaded into the 2019 player database ready for it’s rollover into the 2020 season in January.

    I have crunched some numbers using the positions in the player database which were the positions assigned by the 2019 AFLW Prospectus and used in the 2019 ORFFW draft league cross matched to player DOB’s. The results were as follows and my apologies in advance if you need to zoom your browsder page to 200% to see this:-


    Not surprisingly average scores for Midfielders and Rucks far surpassed those for forwards and defenders. Durability appeared to be quite consistent across positions with players playing 1 or more games averaging 5.29 to 5.40 games per player per position.

    Agewise it appears that younger and inexperienced AFLW players are much better equipped to step up to the big leagues than their male counterparts however the players born 1995 and earlier appear to be scoring at a higher rate on average than the under 23’s.

    While an AFLW fantasy hundred is an elusive beast akin to a 160ish score in mens Supercoach the 26 centuries that were scored are interesting in their nature. Across the competition any randomly selected player would have around a 1.8% chance of tonning up in any randomly selected game. However Midfielders born from 1989 to 1991 and Midfielders born from 1996 to 1997 were the standouts with hit rates of 10.3% (9/87) and 6.7% (6 from 90) respectively. This left all other players with a much lower 0.8% success rate with 11 tons from 1296 combined games.

    I am hoping that @walesy is able to perform some tweaks to provide 60, 80 and 100 columns on the AFLW stats page next season as these appear to be similar to 100’s, 130’s and 160’s in men’s Supercoach and will no doubt provide an enhanced ability to assess player performance relative to others and assist in comparing player cohorts in future seasons.

    It is unfortunate that we don’t have 2018 stats in order to compare with and make an assessment of the extent of the impact that expansion had on player scoring in 2019. Anecdotally player and team scores did rise significantly year on year – particularly from mid-season onwards - with the expectation that this related in part to expansion and also other factors including improvements in skill levels and greater emphasis on attacking play from several teams.

    Post below to tell us what figures jump out and either support your views on AFLW player scoring or surprise you a little ?

    Looking forward to the 2020 AFLW season commencing in around 9 weeks time I am anticipating a further scoring spike as established stars and B and C graders raise their level and beat up on opposing players that are handy in the state leagues but are required to step up due to expansion.

    In the coming weeks we will be looking to commence the admin for the 2020 ORFFW leagues and start the 2020 AFLW discussion blogs and we hope to see new faces joining those of us coming back for their 2nd season of AFLW fantasy footy on tooserious.net early in the New Year. If you love AFLW, fantasy sports or good natured competition and banter get amongst it.
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by TheTassieHawk, Dec 4, 2019.

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