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    To keep up with all of our future trades, I'm going to start posting updates of upcoming drafts and how they stand based on trades to date.
    As of yesterday, the 2019 MSD is effected by the following trades:

    • 2018 MST6 Christmas Island R1 to Pakenham
    • 2018 MST7 Staghorn R1 to Ararat
    • 2018 MST7 Ararat R1 to Staghorn
    • 2018 MST8 Ararat R2 to Coolgardie
    • 2018 MST9 Christmas Island R2 to Coolgardie
    • 2018 MST10 Hughenden R2 to Groote
    • 2018 MST11 Ararat R3 to Groote

    Which results in the following:
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