2019 ORFF* Knockout and Champions League

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    As with 2018 this seasons knockout comps will be run as an ORFF* Knockout for the masses (Rounds 2 to 7) and an ORFF* Champions League for 2018's best performed teams as well as the ORFF* Knockout Champion (Rounds 8 to 11)

    Entries are now closed and the ORFF* Knockout draw is as follows:-

    2019 ORFF* Knockout Draw for Round 7 - Grand Final
    Match 43 Gisborne Grenades @Tomster ORFFU vs Mt Buggery Disappointments @walesy ORFFL

    The winning side qualifies for the 2019 ORFF* Champions League

    2019 ORFF* Champions League Draw for Round 8 - Round of 16
    Match 44 Maralinga 6-1 and 2nd in ORFFF (@Brett Sanders) vs Christmas Island 2-5 and 14th in ORFFU @DamoH)
    Match 45 Sarah Island 3-4 and 10th in ORFFL (@4nsy) vs Venus Bay 5-2 and 4th in ORFFA (@Fitzy)

    Match 46 Jan Juc 7-0 and 1st in ORFFF (@thokash) vs Groote Eylandt 3-4 and 10th in ORFFU (@YAD69)
    Match 47 Marble Bar 6-1 and 2nd in ORFFA (@Len) vs Mallacoota 6-1 and 1st in ORFFL (@thokash)

    Match 48 Gundagai 7-0 and 1st in ORFFA (@snoz) vs Tarwin Lower 4-3 and 9th in ORFFL (@Kel)
    Match 49 Nuytsland 7-0 and 1st in ORFFU (@bryzza) vs Neptune Island 3-4 and 8th in ORFFF (@That KI Guy)

    Match 50 Rutherglen 4-3 and 7th in ORFFF (@tyze1) vs Southern Cross 5-2 and 6th in ORFFU (@eagle_eyed)
    Match 51 Gariwerd 2-5 and 14th in ORFFA (@anthak) vs Mount Buggery Disappointments 6-1 and 3rd in ORFFL

    In Round 9 the winner of Match 44 will play the winner of Match 45, the winner of Match 46 will play the winner of Match 47 etc (through to the Grand Final).
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by TheTassieHawk, Mar 28, 2019.

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