2019 Round 15 Teams and Discussion

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    With the byes now in the rearview mirror we can put our best players back on the park and see whether our teams measure up in a traditional 22 player vs 22 player contest.

    We may be welcomed with a glut of rookies with Hately back in and Naish, Hind and Logue all on the bubble.

    Thursday 27 June, 7.20pm at Marvel Stadium

    B: Ambrose, Brown, Gleeson
    HB: McKenna, Hooker, Saad
    C: Fantasia, Merrett, Parish
    HF: Zaharakis, Laverde, Begley
    F: Langford, McKernan, McDonald-Tipungwuti
    I/C: Hurley, Redman, Clarke, McGrath
    EMG: Francis, Baguley, Clarke, Myers

    IN: Gleeson
    OUT: Guelfi (injured)

    B: Williams, Davis, Kennedy
    HB: Perryman, Haynes, Shaw
    C: Tomlinson, Hopper, Reid
    HF: Langdon, Cameron, Green
    F: Finlayson, Himmelberg, Daniels
    I/C: Taranto, Hately, Taylor, Deledio
    EMG: Buntine, Simpson, Hill, Stein

    IN: Haynes, Langdon, Hately
    OUT: Stein (omitted), Buntine (omitted), de Boer (injured)


    Friday June 28, 7:50pm at GMHBA Stadium

    B: Tuohy, Kolodjashnij, O’Connor
    HB: Henry, Taylor, Stewart
    C: Dangerfield, Kelly, Duncan
    HF: Dahlhaus, Fogarty, Hawkins
    F: Ablett, Bews, Atkins
    FOLL: Blicavs, Guthrie, J.Selwood
    I/C: Stanley, Miers, Clark, Parfitt
    EMG: Parsons, Smith, Buzza, S.Selwood

    IN: Fogarty, Bews
    OUT: Fort, Rohan

    B: Brown, Talia, Laird
    HB: Smith, Keath, Gibbs
    C: Atkins, B.Crouch, Kelly
    HF: Gallucci, Walker, Douglas
    F: Greenwood, Himmelberg, Betts
    FOLL: O’Brien, M.Crouch, Sloane
    I/C: Seedsman, Hartigan, Davis, Murphy
    EMG: Mackay, Jones, Otten, Jacobs

    IN: Gibbs, Himmelberg, Davis
    OUT: Milera, Jenkins, Ellis-Yolmen

    Saturday June 29, 1:45pm at the MCG

    B: O’Brien, Frawley, Burgoyne
    HB: Glass, Sicily, Hardwick
    C: Scully, Shiels, Henderson
    HF: Breust, Gunston, Puopolo
    F: Hanrahan, McEvoy, Impey
    FOLL: Ceglar, O’Meara, Worpel
    I/C: Nash, Smith, Moore, Howe
    EMG: Brand, Cousins, Morrison, Lewis

    IN: Hanrahan, Nash, Howe
    OUT: Roughead, Brand, Morrison

    B: Hurn, Schofield, Duggan
    HB: Nelson, Sheppard, Jetta
    C: Gaff, Yeo, Redden
    HF: Cameron, Darling, Cripps
    F: Ryan, Kennedy, Rioli
    FOLL: Naitanui, Sheed, Shuey
    I/C: Masten, Allen, Hickey, Hutchings
    EMG: Cole, Ainsworth, Ah Chee, Allen

    IN: Rioli, Naitanui
    OUT: McGovern, Petruccelle

    Saturday June 29, 4:35pm at the SCG

    B: O’Riordan, Rampe, Melican
    HB: Mills, Aliir, Lloyd
    C: Hewett, Parker, Jones
    HF: Dawson, Blakey, Ronke
    F: Papley, Reid, Heeney
    FOLL: Sinclair, Kennedy, Florent
    I/C: McCartin, Rowbottom, Hayward, Rose
    EMG: Clarke, Fox, Thurlow, Menzel

    IN: Ronke, McCartin, Rowbottom
    OUT: Clarke, Franklin, Menzel

    B: Ballard, Day, Harbrow
    HB: Hanley, Hombsch, Weller
    C: Sexton, Brodie, Lukosius
    HF: Fiorini, Wright, Miller
    F: Martin, King, Powell
    FOLL: Witts, Swallow, MacPherson
    I/C: Ellis, Joyce, Miles, Scheer
    EMG: Burgess, Corbett, Heron, Rischitelli

    IN: Hanley, Miller, Scheer
    OUT: Horlin-Smith, Holman, Ah Chee

    Saturday June 29, 7:25pm at Marvel Stadium

    B: Maynard, Roughead, Greenwood
    HB: Crisp, Moore, Aish
    C: Phillips, Pendlebury, Mayne
    HF: Thomas, Cox, Hoskin-Elliott
    F: De Goey, Mihocek, Varcoe
    FOLL: Grundy, Treloar, Sidebottom
    I/C: C.Brown, Daicos, Reid, Sier
    EMG: T.Brown, Crocker, Lynch, Scharenberg

    IN: Daicos
    OUT: Howe

    B: Williams, Thompson, Durdin
    HB: Atley, Tarrant, McDonald
    C: Dumont, Simpkin, Polec
    HF: Thomas, Wood, Hayden
    F: Larkey, Brown, Turner
    FOLL: Goldstein, Cunnington, Ziebell
    I/C: Anderson, Davies-Uniacke, Pittard, Zurhaar
    EMG: Hrovat, Ahern, Taylor, Campbell

    IN: Hayden
    OUT: Garner

    Saturday June 29, 7:40pm at the Adelaide Oval

    B: Burton, Clurey, Bonner
    HB: Hartlett, Jonas, Byrne-Jones
    C: Duursma, R.Gray, Ebert
    HF: Boak, Ladhams, Farrell
    F: S.Gray, Dixon, Rozee
    FOLL: Lycett, Wines, Houston
    I/C: Garner, Motlop, Drew, Butters
    EMG: Sutcliffe, Rockliff, Marshall, McKenzie

    IN: Ladhams, Drew
    OUT: Howard, Amon

    B: Johannisen, Trengove, Williams
    HB: Daniel, Cordy, Wood
    C: Hunter, Smith, Lipinski
    HF: Suckling, Schache, Lloyd
    F: Bontempelli, Naughton, Dickson
    FOLL: English, Dunkley, Macrae
    I/C: Crozier, Duryea, Richards, Smith
    EMG: Le.Young, McLean, Vandermeer, La.Young

    No changes

    Sunday June 30, 1:10pm at Marvel Stadium

    B: McKenzie, Carlisle, Savage
    HB: Wilkie, Battle, Clark
    C: Billings, Ross, Hannebery
    HF: Hind, Bruce, Sinclair
    F: Gresham, Membrey, Acres
    FOLL: Marshall, Dunstan, Steele
    I/C (from): Coffield, Newnes, Armitage, Long, Paton, Parker, Langlands, Rowe
    IN: Steele, Coffield, Long, Paton, Langlands, Rowe
    OUT: Marsh, Kent

    B: David Astbury, Nathan Broad, Dylan Grimes
    HB: Jayden Short, Nick Vlastuin, Sydney Stack
    C: Kamdyn McIntosh, Dion Prestia, Brandon Ellis
    HF: Daniel Rioli, Jason Castagna, Kane Lambert
    F: Shane Edwards, Josh Caddy, Tom Lynch
    FOLL: Ivan Soldo , Trent Cotchin , Dustin Martin
    I/C (from): Bachar Houli, Jack Graham, Mabior Chol, Patrick Naish, Daniel Butler, Connor Menadue, Shai Bolton, Liam Baker

    IN: Trent Cotchin, Shane Edwards, David Astbury, Jayden Short, Kane Lambert, Shai Bolton, Ivan Soldo
    OUT: Jack Higgins (omitted), Noah Balta (omitted), Ryan Garthwaite (omitted)

    Sunday June 30, 3:20pm at the Gabba

    B: Hodge, Andrews, Rich
    HB: Witherden, Gardiner, Answerth
    C: Zorko, Neale, McCarthy
    HF: Rayner, Hipwood, Robinson
    F: Cameron, McStay, Bailey
    FOLL: Martin, McCluggage, Lyons
    I/C (from): Keays, Christensen, Berry, Skinner, Lester, Starcevich, Lyons, McInerney
    IN: Bailey, Keays, Berry, Skinner, Starcevich, Lyons
    OUT: Allison, Mathieson

    B: Lockhart, May, Salem
    HB: Jones, Frost, Fritsch
    C: Baker, Harmes, Brayshaw
    HF: Hunt, Smith, Petracca
    F: Hannan, T.McDonald, Weideman
    FOLL: Gawn, Viney, Oliver
    I/C (from): Lewis, Hibberd, Preuss, O.McDonald, Neal-Bullen, Hore, Petty, C.Wagner
    IN: Lewis, Hibberd, Preuss, O.McDonald, C.Wagner
    OUT: J.Wagner

    Sunday June 30, 5:20pm at Optus Stadium

    B: Wilson, Hamling, Ryan
    HB: Hughes, Logue, Blakely
    C: B.Hill, Fyfe, Langdon
    HF: Tucker, Walters, Brayshaw
    F: Switkowski, Cox, Matera
    FOLL: Darcy, Conca, Mundy
    I/C (from): Bewley, McCarthy, Colyer, Cerra, Banfield, Jones, Schultz, Duman

    IN: McCarthy, Colyer, Cerra, Banfield, Jones, Schultz
    OUT: Hogan, S.Hill

    B: Newman, Casboult, Simpson
    HB: Marchbank, Weitering, Plowman
    C: Murphy, Dow, O’Brien
    HF: E.Curnow, C.Curnow, Cuningham
    F: Fisher, McGovern, Gibbons
    FOLL: Kreuzer, Setterfield, Walsh
    I/C (from): Thomas, Silvagni, Jones, Petrevski-Seton, Kennedy, Phillips, Goddard, Lang

    IN: Silvagni, Jones, Kennedy, Phillips, Goddard, Lang
    OUT: Cripps, McKay
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by IPOD, Jun 26, 2019.

    1. Len
      Cheating ****ing umps.
      Seriously over VFL bias in this supposedly professional game
    2. choppers
      C'mon mate, it's never been a fair competition....and probably won't be in my lifetime...especially when you have 18 teams play 22 games, and when 1 team gets to play their last 7 games at their home ground, which just happens to be where the GF will be played for the next 350 yrs...(tongue planted firmly in cheek):rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

      How on earth can you expect a professional game with stuff like that going on..;)
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    3. stripey
      Personally I feel for Brendon Bolton and the lopsided free kick counts he copped this year... should still have his job.

      Giants had their chances to put the bombers away but didn’t - will that cost them come finals time
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    4. Nick
      How do expect them to see what was likely touched when they can’t even see an idiot scaling a goal post right in front of them?

      Go dons!
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    5. ike2112
      I've got Hately and Naish, with Baker and Answerth currently on mid bench. I'm inclined to keep both Answerth and Duursma to the end now purely for the DPP flexibility, and I've got Danger in the midfield for same reason.
      Got Hore and Brodie Smith currently as D5 and D6 so I'm thinking Hore to Logue this week, Smith to Hurn next week and hold on to my chair cos I got hardly any trades left - would play out the year with any of Logue, Duursma and Naish at D6 but should be full premo elsewhere and a full mid bench.
    6. ike2112
      Setterfield is an entirely different type of player though, he's not a hard-ball kind of guy I can't see him scoring big even being right in amongst it.
    7. ike2112

      So many key decisions to be made - and I already fluffed one last week bringing in Neale over Macrae.

      To bring in Logue, do I trade out Hore, Smith, or Answerth/Duursma? The DPP of the latter is handy, but Answerth scoring in the 30-40 range isn't.
      TU - Hore
      TD - Smith
      Op 1 - Answerth (and leave Duursma on mid bench)

      Then in the midfield, I have waited on Rocky and wish I hadn't. I need Macrae in the side - should I move on Rocky, Brouch or Stack?
      I am thinking Hore and Rocky to Logue and Macrae, with an intention to then bring in Hurn next week and ride out the season with Brouch and Stack as M7 and M8 unless Hately starts scoring big.

      Given that all my midfield bench are scoring, I feel I don't need Hind... but is he too good a cheap option at this stage to pass up?
      I'm also intrigued by Hannebery - at $326k he could be a very interesting POD for an M8.
      Last edited: Jun 28, 2019
    8. TheTassieHawk
      Hey mate, with that lineup I would actually be leaving Logue alone and concentrating on the mids. The reason being that to bring in Logue you are either pushing a 75 plus player to D7 or buring trades back there when it is not required.

      I would instead be looking to turn a combination of Rocky, Stack, Duursma, O Baker into a genuine (PLAYING) premium MID and a rookie. 4 trades left is cutting it fine so for that reason I would be trying to keep Duursma this week due to his dpp with Answerth.

      An alternative if going fo roverall is to punt that Cripps misses 3 or more and sideways him to a premium and sit on 5 trades.

      I would be giving Hanners at least another week. I would also be considering whether he may get niggles and/or get shut down early if/when St Kilda start planning for 2020.
    9. ike2112
      My first shot at trades this week had me going Rocky and Answerth to Macrae and Hind, Duursma to D7.
      That gave me another premium on field in Macrae, with Brouch and Stack playing, Hately, Hind and Baker as bench.

      But it seemed it gave me more flexibility if I dropped Hore (or Smith) for Logue, instead of Answerth for Hind, as Logue gets more touches (Hind only has 21 possessions across 3 games and won't kick 3 goals most weeks in a Saints side ready to crash and burn), better job security, frees up more cash and allows me to keep the Answerth/Duursma DPP.
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    10. TheTassieHawk
      It looks like NAISH is out
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    11. IPOD
      Ok so after some debate trading Stocker and Parker to Hind via Dunkley Dpp Mids to fwds and Logue via Duursma dpp def to mids (this week will cover Cripps)
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    12. TheTassieHawk

      Is anyone else riding the Danger as VC train ??
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    13. IPOD
      FFS Danger limping off only 48 I apologise to anyone who had him as VC coz so do I! Haven’t hit a VC all yr
    14. ike2112
      Any time I have chosen either of Danger or Kelly, the other one has outscored them. I'm just sticking with Gawn or Grundy the rest of the year and only using the VC if either of them go big and play a day before the other.
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    15. TheTassieHawk
    16. TheTassieHawk
    17. TheTassieHawk
    18. TheTassieHawk
    19. headmandude
      On 1678 from 15 and captain Gawn still to go.
      Forecast is 2532
      Anyone else looking at a decent score?
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    20. Senator96
      Nice score. I’m 4 points more from the same number of players but have used the captain which was maccrae. Happy with trade in of lycett for baker as long as he can keep Ryder out of the team. The plan was to trade out ROB for bines next week for a mega cash injection and lycett can cover the rucks with mpp. I have a good projected as well but with Rockliff Whitfield and cripps out all have to use clark Bewley and Duursma as cover which has held things back a bit
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