2019 Round 16 Teams and Discussion

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    All times AEST


    Friday July 5, 7.50pm at MCG


    B: O’Brien, Frawley, Burgoyne

    HB: Nash, Sicily, Hardwick

    C: Henderson, Howe, Scully

    HF: Breust, Gunston, Puopolo

    F: Hanrahan, Lewis, Impey

    FOLL: McEvoy, O’Meara, Worpel

    INT: Stratton, Smith, Shiels, Glass

    EMG: Jones, Brand, Cousins, Ceglar

    IN: Lewis, Stratton

    OUT: Ceglar, Moore


    B: Maynard, Roughead, Scharenberg

    HB: Crisp, Moore, Quaynor

    C: Phillips, Pendlebury, Mayne

    HF: Brown, Cox, Hoskin-Elliott

    F: De Goey, Mihocek, Elliott

    FOLL: Grundy, Treloar, Sidebottom

    INT: Aish, Daicos, Sier, Thomas

    EMG: Brown, Crocker, Noble, Varcoe

    IN: Quaynor, Elliott, Aish

    OUT: Reid, Varcoe, Greenwood


    Saturday July 6, 1.45pm at MCG


    B: Gleeson, Hooker, Zaharakis

    HB: McKenna, Hurley, Saad

    C: Redman, Merrett, Parish

    HF: Laverde, Brown, Francis

    F: Fantasia, McKernan, McDonald-Tipungwuti

    FOLL: Z.Clarke, Shiel, McGrath

    INT: D.Clarke, Stringer, Heppell, Guelfi

    EMG: Langford, Zerk-Thatcher, McNiece, Snelling

    IN: Z.Clarke, Stringer, Guelfi

    OUT: Begley, Bellchambers, Langford


    B: Mills, Rampe, Melican

    HB: Lloyd, Aliir, Jones

    C: Rose, Hewett, Dawson

    HF: Hayward, Blakey, Ronke

    F: Parker, McCartin, Papley

    FOLL: Reid, Kennedy, Heeney

    INT: Florent, Cunningham, O’Riordan, Rowbottom

    EMG: Fox, Jack, McInerney, Stoddart

    IN: Cunningham

    OUT: Sinclair


    Saturday July 6, Metricon Stadium at 2.10pm


    B: Lukosius, Hombsch, Harbrow

    HB: Joyce, Hanley, Heron

    C: Weller, Scheer, Powell

    HF: Sexton, Corbett, Miller

    F: Martin, Day, King

    FOLL: Witts, Swallow, MacPherson

    INT: Ballard, Fiorini, Miles, Wright

    EMG: Brodie, Burgess, Ellis, Nutting

    IN: Heron, Corbett

    OUT: Brodie, Ellis


    B: Astbury, Broad, Grimes

    HB: Short, Vlastuin, Houli

    C: Castagna, Prestia, McIntosh

    HF: Lambert, Bolton, Rioli

    F: Edwards, Lynch, Stack

    FOLL: Soldo, Cotchin, Martin

    INT: Eggmolesse-Smith, Graham, Chol, Ellis

    EMG: Weller, Menadue, Higgins, Coleman-Jones

    IN: Eggmolesse-Smith

    OUT: Caddy


    Saturday July 6, Metricon Stadium at 4.40pm


    B: Kelly, Talia, Brown

    HB: Laird, Hartigan, Mackay

    C: Smith, M.Crouch, Seedsman

    HF: Gallucci, Keath, B.Crouch

    F: Betts, Walker, Murphy

    FOLL: O’Brien, Sloane, Milera

    INT: Greenwood, Jenkins, Atkins, Douglas

    EMG: Jones, Otten, Jacobs, Himmelberg

    IN: Mackay, Milera, Jenkins

    OUT: Himmelberg, Davis, Gibbs


    B: Burton, Clurey, Houston

    HB: Hartlett, Jonas, Byrne-Jones

    C: Duursma, Rockliff, Amon

    HF: R.Gray, Howard, Ebert

    F: Westhoff, Dixon, Rozee

    FOLL: Lycett, Wines, Boak

    INT: Bonner, Butters, S.Gray, Motlop

    EMG: Ladhams, Drew, Garner, Powell-Pepper

    IN: Rockliff, Amon, Howard, Westhoff

    OUT: Garner, Farrell, Ladhams, Drew


    Saturday 6 July, 7.25pm at Marvel Stadium


    B: Johannisen, Trengove, Crozier

    HB: Duryea, Cordy, Wood

    C: Hunter, Smith, Lipinski

    HF: Suckling, Schache, Lloyd

    F: Naughton, Bontempelli, Dickson

    FOLL: English, Dunkley, Macrae

    INT: McLean, Richards, Williams, Smith

    EMG: Cavarra, Dale, La.Young, Gardner

    IN: McLean

    OUT: Daniel


    B: Tuohy, Kolodjashnij, Miers

    HB: Henry, Taylor, Stewart

    C: Dangerfield, Kelly, Duncan

    HF: Dahlhaus, Stanley, Hawkins

    F: Ablett, Bews, Atkins

    FOLL: Blicavs, Clark, J.Selwood

    INT: Fogarty, O’Connor, C.Guthrie, Parfitt

    EMG: Rohan, Smith, S.Selwood, Fort

    No changes


    Saturday 6 July, 6.10pm at Optus Stadium


    B: Wilson, Hamling, Ryan

    HB: Conca, Logue, Blakely

    C: B.Hill, Fyfe, Colyer

    HF: Tucker, Walters, Switkowski

    F: McCarthy, Lobb, Matera

    FOLL: Sandilands, Cerra, Mundy

    INT: Hughes, Langdon, Brayshaw, Crowden

    EMG: Bewley, Darcy, Schultz, Duman

    IN: Colyer, Lobb, Sandilands, Crowden

    OUT: Bewley, Banfield, Cox, Darcy


    B: Hurn, Barrass, Sheppard

    HB: Duggan, McGovern, Jetta

    C: Redden, Shuey, Cripps

    HF: Rioli, Darling, Sheed

    F: Ryan, Kennedy, Cameron

    FOLL: Naitanui, Yeo, Gaff

    INT: Masten, Allen, Hickey, Nelson

    EMG: Cole, Schofield, Ah Chee, Smith

    IN: Barrass, McGovern

    OUT: Schofield, Hutchings


    Sunday 7 July, 1.10pm at the MCG


    B: Plowman, Jones, Marchbank

    HB: Simpson, Weitering, Thomas

    C: Setterfield, E.Curnow, O’Brien

    HF: Silvagni, Casboult, Petrevski-Seton

    F: Murphy, McGovern, Gibbons

    FOLL: Kreuzer, Fisher, Walsh

    INT (from): Newman, Lang, Dow, Kennedy, Cottrell, Phillips, Fasolo, Goddard

    IN: Lang, Cottrell, Phillips, Fasolo, Goddard

    OUT: C.Curnow


    B: Lockhart, May, Petty

    HB: Hore, Frost, Salem

    C: Jones, Harmes, Neal-Bullen

    HF: Fritsch, Weideman, Petracca

    F: Hannan, T.McDonald, Brayshaw

    FOLL: Gawn, Viney, Oliver

    INT (from): Lewis, Hibberd, Preuss, O.McDonald, Hunt, C.Wagner, J.Wagner, Dunkley

    IN: Lewis, Preuss, O.McDonald, C.Wagner, J.Wagner, Dunkley

    OUT: Smith, Baker


    Sunday 7 July, 3.20pm at Blundstone Arena


    B: Williams, Thompson, Durdin

    HB: Pittard, Tarrant, McDonald

    C: Dumont, Anderson, Polec

    HF: Thomas, Wood, Atley

    F: Zurhaar, Brown, Simpkin

    FOLL: Goldstein, Cunnington, Ziebell

    INT (from): Davies-Uniacke, Ahern, Larkey, Turner, Taylor, Macmillan, Campbell, Hosie

    IN: Ahern, Taylor, Macmillan, Campbell, Hosie

    OUT: Hayden


    B: Coffield, Carlisle, Savage

    HB: Wilkie, Battle, Clark

    C: Billings, Ross, Hannebery

    HF: Hind, Bruce, Sinclair

    F: Gresham, Membrey, Long

    FOLL: Marshall, Dunstan, Steele

    INT (from): Acres, Newnes, Armitage, Brown, Paton, Parker, McKenzie, Rowe

    IN: Newnes, Armitage, Brown, Rowe

    OUT: Nil


    Sunday 7 July, 4.40pm at Giants Stadium


    B: Taylor, Haynes, Shaw

    HB: Finlayson, Davis, Reid

    C: Perryman, Taranto, Williams

    HF: Hopper, Cameron, Greene

    F: Deledio, Himmelberg, Langdon

    FOLL: Tomlinson, Coniglio, Kelly

    INT (from): Whitfield, Hill, Stein, Simpson, Daniels, Flynn, Kennedy, Hately

    IN: Whitfield, Hill, Stein, Simpson, Flynn

    OUT: Mumford


    B: Lester, Andrews, Rich

    HB: Hodge, Gardiner, Answerth

    C: Zorko, Neale, McCarthy

    HF: Rayner, Hipwood, Robinson

    F: Cameron, McStay, Bailey

    FOLL: Martin, McCluggage, Lyons

    INT (from): Christensen, Berry, Walker, Robertson, Adams, Witherden, Starcevich, Smith

    IN: Walker, Robertson, Adams, Witherden, Smith

    OUT: McInerney


Discussion in 'Blog' started by Len, Jul 4, 2019.

    1. IPOD
      copy from previous post

      I have Dylan Moore as my F6 and 300k so looking at moving him on bringing Kelly back to fill my F6 and move Moore- to either of the following
      Option 1 -Sloane
      Option 2 - Bont
      Option 3 - Yeo/Shuey
      Option 4 - Treloar
      Option 5 - Oliver

      Also toying with Gawn to Grundy...Is Max a certain out....should i trade or cop the 0. Other option would be to move on B.Smith - Darcy Moore but more of a sideways option imo, or B.Smith use Duursma dpp back to defence then get J.Cameron (WCE) in but forced to play Hind/Clarke/Cameron with Cripps out
      • Option 1 Option 1 x 2
      • Option 2 Option 2 x 2
    2. Penske file
      Penske file
      I need to off load Daniels is Marshall best option or Lycett, open to any other suggestions my decision making of late is BLAH!. Help, losing confidence quickly.
    3. TheTassieHawk
      Either option should be OK
    4. TheTassieHawk
      If Gawn is a late out on Sunday then unless you want to trade to Goldy or perhaps Stef Martin then perhaps it would be better to cop a donut unless you have plenty of trades to burn.

      I reckon all 6 options you listed would be great upgrades on Dylan Moore.
    5. Senator96
      I need to offload moore as well but as a downgrade not an upgrade. What are peoples thoughts on chol from the tigers is he fools gold? Tonned up last week and set for a huge price rise and only 102k but im guessing his JS wont be good and he'll make way when Nankervis returns whenever that might be? I already have rotham, bewley scott young and now moore on bench doing bugger all so not really wanting any more dead wood
    6. TheTassieHawk
      Nank listed as 2-3 weeks on https://www.afl.com.au/news/injury-list
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    7. IPOD
      In that position i would go Lycett seems to be revelling in the no
      In regard to trading Gawn i have been running with Goldy Gawn all year so i wonder whether to bite the bullet now Gawn to Grundy and Moore to all above options or do i wait till Sunday see if named then go to a Stef Martin. I have 11 but do 2 this week will leave 9 and almost zero cash
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    8. stripey
      Gawn to Grundy, Daniel to Heeney for me this week... ROB my second ruck, seems more and more likely I'll be keeping him to the end.

      Leaves $188k to upgrade Smith/Hore to Whitfield next week and gets me a handy VC option too!
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    9. Nick
      Cannot decide what to do with Gawn...it’s like a perfect storm that he’s playing after Grundy and on Sunday...
      Down to 5 trades with Daniel to be replaced and one upgrade in backline...
      I’m thinking Lycett as the solo ruck gig has super charged his scores as it has for Marshall, he’s been awesome and best pick of the year getting him for peanuts
      Can’t decide who to upgrade Smith or Hore to... Whitfield or Williams, can’t split them.

      TU: Whitfield
      TD: Williams
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    10. Senator96
      Anyone with ROB considering fielding him instead of Gawn this week regardless of whether max plays or not? Even if he does lineup it’s hard to see him being anywhere near 100% and Kreuzer won’t be the easiest opponent either.
    11. Nick
      Anyone think Hoff being back will impact Lycett’s scores?
    12. Senator96
      I doubt it. Pretty sure they haven't been using westhoff in the ruck this year anyway and howard has come back into the side for ladhams this week and neither of those two had any impact on lycett's scoring. Personally I'm only going to be concerned if ryder comes back in
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    13. IPOD
      TU- Gawn- Grundy
      TD - B.Smith- j Cameron (wce) via Duursma dpp
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    14. IPOD
      Last one who to start on field
      Option 1 - Duursma
      Option 2 - Clarke (Ess)
      Option 3 - Hind
      • Option 1 Option 1 x 2
      • Option 2 Option 2 x 1
    15. TheTassieHawk
    16. TheTassieHawk
    17. TheTassieHawk
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    18. TheTassieHawk
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    19. TheTassieHawk
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