2019 Round 5 Review

Discussion in 'AFL' started by Cpt Pugwash, Apr 22, 2019.

By Cpt Pugwash on Apr 22, 2019 at 9:03 PM
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    Please ‘o’ Please Mr Cripps, kick the god damn ball.

    Hore sucker punched us two weeks in a row and JS in a crap Melb team firming up.

    A couple of late changes, did you get caught napping?

    How are your teams stats this week and the big question is? WHO ARE GOING TO TRADE In & Out?

    2153pts is below par I’d expect!
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Discussion in 'AFL' started by Cpt Pugwash, Apr 22, 2019.

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    1. walesy
      2113 this week. 28 trades, $549,400 in the kicker. It's time to make a move.

      Suuuuper short turn around though! Gotta plan fast :D

      So, stats are upskis!!
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    2. bunza52
      Another average week with 2,142. Big shout out to Darling for his massive 9 points....Was able to loop in Gibbons score with Constable being out. Had a feeling the Blues would go alright against the Dogs, so had the E on him. Think ill trade out Burgess for Baker. Have enough $$ to turn Darling into Heeney or Boak. Darling has already lost 87k and more to come. Might even go to Walters. Chances are high that he will get an injury sooner or later, but I already have dysfunctional forward line, with the hoff, so why not just add a bit more favour to the mix.....as im already 1000 points off the pace & only 3% have him, it could be my way to make up ground ;).
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    3. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      Where are the 2nd wave of Rookies to replenish our stocks? The few of any interest are place holders until others return.
    4. Owen
      Hately looked the goods, I think he could find a regular place with Ward done for the year. I'm unsure on Baker, and whether he's just filling a spot before someone returns.
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    5. stripey
      yes I think I'll most likely end up taking Hately and pass on Ross and Baker - the cows still have some mooing to do and the iffy JS and higher rookie price of Baker is putting me off... Stack was the Tigers rookie safest of all I think and not sure if he is a worthwhile target any more

      I have Cousins as a bit of a failed pick so thinking a swap to Hately (yes a week early) looks my likely move this week
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    6. Owen
      I had Cousins as well and traded him to Libba a couple of weeks ago which whilst I missed Libba's first price rise has been a massive win. I think I'll bring in Hately a week early as well. I don't know enough on Baker, but he has scored well in his first two games and my other forward rookies are Parker and Balta who have both not done much.
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    7. Penske file
      Penske file
      2237 with Gibbons & Petrucelli on bench. Need to trade Sheed I think, does anyone have thoughts on Ricky Henderson as a POD.?
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    8. TheTassieHawk
    9. stripey
    10. anthak
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    11. Nick
      Darling is a goner after this week's dismal performance.
      Darling to Daniel locked in - super consistent all season.
      Telly to come in next week - his BE is 127 and has potential Hutchings tag to deal with this week.

      Trying to work out whether Ross or Baker the better trade in target to keep cash flow going.
      Baker seemingly scoring better but higher price tag is a deterrent.

      Could go J Clark > Baker (via Moore DPP to backline)
      Or a midfield rookie > Ross.

      Hopefully teams help!

      TU: Baker
      TD: Ross
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    12. stripey
      I had ruled out Ross but then comes the news that Cotchin needs another few weeks to get over his hammy.... whoever is getting the most mid time is probably the safest.... seems to be Ross?
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    13. stripey
      Baker Heat Map

      Jack Ross Heat Map

      as clear as mud...
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    14. ike2112
      Disaster - 2095 and lost both league games by less than 20.
      A lot of misfiring premos this week.
      I forgot Port were playing Good Friday so my original intention of either Lycett to fwd line and trade out Dunkley for Mumford was lost.
      In the end I decided to bring in Riley O'brien for Dunkley but was on ruck bench, Lycett starting, and those points would have won me both league games.
      Dunkley then had a good game for once.
      I also went Josh Bruce to Rowan Marshall and he promptly laid down a 50. I had been wary of his three 100s as he is not really winning at the restarts, he's more finding ball around the ground but it's not sustainable every week, I even think he'll get rested at some point. On the other hand if he did average 100 he'd be a top 6 forward based on how things are going so as well coming in now I'd reckoned.
      This all meant I missed Stack. And I didn't have Gibbons or Petrucelle - didn't trust either to begin with, and initially that looked smart, maybe not so now.

      I have the cash and inclination to drop Cousins for either Sicily or Heeney via Duursma dpp. Heeney provides the better scoring projection for my team this week, but I think if Sicily is a top 6 defender it's better to get him in now.

      That leaves me very short in bank so I'm feeling panicked into moving Setterfield or Parker or Clark in order to get Baker or someone else and boost cash ready to potentially bring in Fyfe for Butters next week.

      Whats the thought then, Heeney or Sicily?

      And are any of the bubble rookies worth it? Normally I'd say no, but if it helps me get in Fyfe before the byes...
    15. TheTassieHawk
    16. insider
      I’m not sure stack is gone now @ike2112 if you don’t have him.
      My current dilemma is over the 3 tigers: stack, Ross and/or Baker.
      The way I see is is: fact - Stack is similar price to baker.
      Opinion - stack has better job security than baker
      Crystal ball - baker will make more cash quicker

      Then throw in Ross who is significantly cheaper but arguably worse job security when Cotchin is back.

      Anyway I’m not sure I’m helping; more letting you know that I’m thinking the same thing mate.
      I’ll probably do stack for cousins and Ross for L McCarthy via Dahlhaus dpp
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    17. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      I rate Henderson. Can’t be ignored anymore. A real POD.
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    18. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
    19. Cpt Pugwash

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