2019 Round 6 Review

Discussion in 'AFL' started by Cpt Pugwash, Apr 28, 2019.

By Cpt Pugwash on Apr 28, 2019 at 8:52 PM
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    Just when you thought you were going to break 2300 and leap up in the rankings. Sunday games again failed to fire.

    Did anyone bye pass Grundy, Gawn and Neal for Cripps? Who couldn’t find a loophole?

    Who surprised? Who Sucks? And who is on the chopping block?

    Are you trading up or down this week?

    Let the trades begin!!


Discussion in 'AFL' started by Cpt Pugwash, Apr 28, 2019.

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    1. walesy
      Definitely Cousins time to go. Peaking and might even be missing a week I reckon. Trade him up. Hope to trade him up, and maybe bring in a rookie somewhere else. Dunno.

      Either way, stats are up though.
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    2. Owen
      Need some rookies to downgrade to, it would be great if Hately were picked this week, or some fwd and def rookies
    3. bunza52
      Another poor week with 2093. Had the C on Cripps as I had the VC on Treloar. Would have been fine if he has 20 kicks and 11 handballs, instead of the other way around. Shinning light was that I got rid of Darling, so did not have to cope his 22. Looking at Walsh to Fyfe. Only costs $120k. Hope WC swing the axe & bring Rotham back, so Scrimshaw would make room for him. Think Ill past on Hayes, as my other mid rooks aint quite ready to chop yet.
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    4. stripey
      I hate my team at the moment - 2067 sees me drop 5k place to 23.1k overall - so many underperformers

      My TG team on the other hand scored 2168 to move up to 6,922 overall and 2nd in the TG Group - not a perfect week but at least moving in the right direction!
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    5. Penske file
      Penske file
      2134 moved down 500 places, lost games by small amounts due to same as everyone else presumably under performing premos. My saving grace was having Neale as captain kept things a bit more respectable. Time for the chess game to begin making moves, waiting until selections this week first.
    6. DanJS
      2124 this week, a bit low but not too unhappy with some low premium scores and a donut. Took Grundy's 134, but had Setterfield for the loophole on the ground, and only learned Marshall was out after the Saints game started so couldn't put the second E on Parker. Comfortable win in cash league, but slipped a few hundred places past 13,000.

      Will probably look to trade out Collins, but otherwise most of the rookies still have a bit of cash left in them. Pretty happy with Ross and Stack so far. Oliver and M Crouch doing just enough at the moment.

      Boak probably my next upgrade target, but what about Bachar Houli as a potential defender target?

      Gryan Miers is proving a useful cash cow/POD.
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    7. Waldo666
      Can't believe 2200 even got me all 7 league wins, I'll take that! Moved up 7k places to 18k but still nowhere near where I want to be.

      Got rid of Burgess for Lockhart (time will tell here) and Parker to Baker worked out well even if Parker did manage to play his best game for a few weeks.

      Feel like I need to get Fyfe this week as he looks to have bottomed out but can't do it with my preferred rookies to move on as they haven't made enough, might have to ditch Constable a bit early, at least we have until Friday this week to think and tinker!
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    8. Penske file
      Penske file
      Is Ablett an option for anyone? Has always been SC relevant even with the threat of resting. Maybe !!
    9. DanJS
      Tempting after last week but I wouldn't do it. Hasn't played a full season for years and just doesn't have the consistency you need from a premium midfielder anymore.
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    10. TheTassieHawk
      May be tempting as a forward eligible player in 2020 if he averages 100 plus this season.
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    11. TheTassieHawk
      Here are TS's price change calcs as we enter upgrade/downgrade season - which are your potential Round 6 trade in targets if picked ??

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    12. walesy
      Just as a note, I gotta look into the balancing of the calc this week. predictions are coming in under thus far, due to their being less rookies taking up the price increases than there was last year.
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    13. Owen
      Any idea how prices will be affected when they do the mid season draft after round 10?
    14. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      Maybe Atkins to Lockhart or Hately if picked then Walsh to Boak. Looking for a one game rookie with JS to go early on.
    15. IPOD
      An underwhelming 2069 copping butters 46 Whitfeild 45 only blessing had Neale VC 142 otherwise i would have gone Cripps. going to need a couple of one up one down trades over the coming weeks as the rookies Drew, Parker, Gibbons, Atkins, Clark and to a point Duursmah and Walsh.
      I really like the look of trying to get Bachar Houli in defence or possibly Vlaustin just going to have to juggle those rookies
    16. DanJS
      I'm looking closely at Houli. I'm ready to move Samuel Collins on, and if Rotham is picked I might trade Scrimshaw down as well, but otherwise the rookies still have a bit to make... maybe Butters or Atkins if I have to downgrade.
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    17. Nick
      Looking at Hayes in this week and Hately in next week as downgrades, I'm hoping Hately was only dropped for positional reasons with Davis in doubt and GWS worried about Buddy. He had 22 possessions so here's hoping he plays his 2nd game this week which times nicely with Hayes. If not then Answerth could be an option if he goes well in game 2 - cheaper too.
      Baker and ROB fattening nicely as the second round of rookies brought in.
      Targets will be Fyfe who has bottomed out and Boak - hate paying top dollar but he's looking like a must have. If I wait for a sub 80 game to see him come down may be waiting for a while...
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    18. Nick
      Seeing as Rowan Marshall was out just due to illness - will he come straight back in for Billy Longer?
    19. stripey
      I'll be super annoyed if he doesnt!!! Longer didnt exactly set the world on fire did he?

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