2019 Round 6 Review

Discussion in 'AFL' started by Cpt Pugwash, Apr 28, 2019.

By Cpt Pugwash on Apr 28, 2019 at 8:52 PM
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    Just when you thought you were going to break 2300 and leap up in the rankings. Sunday games again failed to fire.

    Did anyone bye pass Grundy, Gawn and Neal for Cripps? Who couldn’t find a loophole?

    Who surprised? Who Sucks? And who is on the chopping block?

    Are you trading up or down this week?

    Let the trades begin!!


Discussion in 'AFL' started by Cpt Pugwash, Apr 28, 2019.

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    1. Senator96
      Finished with 2198 and a move to 2301 in the rankings. Newman’s injury hurt as Simpson’s injury looked like it would be good for his scoring with more kick outs etc but it wasn’t to be.

      I’m also eyeing off Houli this week his role in a strong tigers team should continue to produce good scores and the value is there. Trouble is Fyfe has also bottomed out this week and can’t get both.

      Just wondering if grays injury will impact Rockliff or boak. Someone good is probably going to need to fill his forward role I would have thought. Hopefully neither of those two.
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    2. ike2112
      No, and he's cooked as an AFL-calibre ruck, he gets destroyed around the ground without being dominant in the taps.
      However Richo is known for giving younger players rest mid-season, listens to the sports scientists too much I'm sure, so think Marshall will get managed at some point. Could be he gets an extra week off now, but I was already thinking they might rest him after China game or later on, rounds 17-19.
    3. ike2112
      So many different variables now - it feels like a more difficult year than previous with not so many rookie options, many people had the same intial ones, premiums have underperformed...

      I'm probably going to have to hold Newman, and pray Whitfield is fit to play.
      Personally I'd worry teams seem likely to put a tag on Houli, I prefer Rich or Ryan as my end-team defenders alongside the 4 I already have; Lloyd, Whitfield, Sicily and Smith alongside Shannon Hurn presumably needing to come in.
      But I could go Newman and Libba to Houli and Fyfe if that isn't too sideways... but it means missing Hayes, plus I like Tim Kelly at his current price of $476,700.

      I would like Fyfe since he seems to have bottomed out, but it means giving up Libba or Walsh whilst leaving another rookie on field, as rookies haven't made enough yet to be able to trade up/down to get to him.

      Or I could bring in Kelly and Hayes for Butters and Parker which would make me feel better about the forward line - although is TK going to finish as a top 6 forward?
      I already brought in Hately early and looking at Hayes this week, I don't mind that I went early on Hately as I think he'll play plenty.

      But having missed Ross and Baker, I am hoping Answerth and Larkey become viable options.

      Pfft, I felt really good about my team just a week or so ago, now I look at it and it's full of holes...

    4. ike2112
      Ooh... just realised I could go Collins and Butters to Answerth and Fyfe. That's gotta be the option hasn't it?

      Means missing Hayes though who I think will play all year, and I already missed Stack and Ross.
    5. dabombers
      Looking at the double upgrade this week after banking some cash by getting rid of C.Mills, Westhoff, Sheed, A.Brayshaw and unfortunately or fortunately Heeney!!! Some of them before massive cash losses. Pushed most of that Cashola into getting the best players I didn't start with and of course regretted - Lloyd, Neale and The Bont. And then jumped onto some rookies at the right time to have the right cash gen....
      Downside this has cost me 8 Trades yet I have not a worry in the world.
      Team value is 12,360,000 approx with maybe another Mil to make over the next 4 weeks.
      Made a decision this year that last line to upgrade no matter what was going to be the fwd line as they have trended to be the one that is over valued over the past few seasons and is looking like that again this year with prices going down down!!
      Targeted upgrades are:
      Def: Laird, Sicily, Whitfield(until injury) now Houli???
      Mid: Only two maybe 3 to go so will hold as long as Walsh and a few others are doing their thing.
      Fwd: Who the hell knows??? Boak!!

      Like many at my age I think I may go a bit early!
      This week trading Scrimshaw and D.Moore to Boak and Houli.
      But could go double down back with Scrimshaw and Ridley to Laird and Houli.
      Leaving one spot at D6 til full Premo. Maybe two upgrades at the most... to have a gun D7 = 4 maybe 5 Trades
      Thought is that Houli and B.Smith could be D6/D7
      Yet I have a feeling that I may have to take some rookies as my D7,M9 and F7, has anyone thought about not trading out Rozee, Hore, Dursma, Walsh or Constable in any combination to fill those spots this year? I almost think this year I would be happy with this, as long as "Itchy Trigger Finger Syndrome" or 'ITFS' doesn't come back to haunt me like it has in previous years... My attempts to start a support group for fellow 'ITFS' sufferers has fallen on deaf ears and government funding is not forthcoming so instead I am owning this affliction and marching on!
      4,5 or 6 Trades left to get Mid complete with last trade after byes.
      Then whatever is left to upgrade Fwds which could be 4 upgrades.
      So I have 22 Trades left and need 19/20 Trades to go Full Premo…
      Lets hope the Midseason Draft brings us some Supercoach Gold!!
      Oh forgot to mention, No Injuries!!!
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