2019 Round 9: Teams, Discussions & Trades

Discussion in 'Blog' started by Cpt Pugwash, May 16, 2019.

By Cpt Pugwash on May 16, 2019 at 9:09 PM
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    Round 9 Teams have dropped.

    Important Outs: Constable (Gee - Omitted), Brayden Ham (Ess - Omitted), Keilty (Mel - Omitted), Ross (Ric - Injured), Coniglio (Gws - Injured),

    Rookies Of Interest -
    • (GWS) Hatley named on extended bench - yeah right. I'd be holding all bets until 100% locked in.
    • (WCE) Rotham not name at all.
    • (STK) Joyce not named at all.
    • (MEL) Preuss named as emergency (also named on field for Casey Demons)
    • (MEL) Sparrow - see above
    • (SYD) Rowbottom named for his 3rd game (midfield option and sits at -7)
    New Blood -
    • (MEL) Oskar Baker $123K [Mid] - Mature age, Super fast
    • (STK) Robbie Young $117K [Fwd] - Mature age, Aggressive & Hunts is own footy
    • (BRI) Mitchell Hinge $123K [Def] - Mature age, Silky left footer & Intercept marker
    • (GEE) Darcy Fort $117K [Ruc] - no thanks
    • (RIC) Riley Collier-Dawkins $121K [Mid] - Inside mid, Outside speed
    • (RIC) Callum Coleman-Jones $123 [Ruc/Fwd] - Mature age, 200cm, JS - Maybe Ok
    At least there may be a few new rookies on the horizon this week.

    - What's your move (s) this week?
    - Got any questions?
    - How many on field players do you have (at the moment) for your byes (? / ? / ?)
    - Trades Left?

    Reminder - Don't trust Chris Scott (Oh - Constable named on field in VFL)

    Good Luck
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by Cpt Pugwash, May 16, 2019.

    1. IPOD
      So no Hatley should I still down Parker to Stocker via jelly DPP or is there another option.......or keep Parker move Stocker in for Atkins? This will keep Kelly in the mids in my team for another week
    2. IPOD
      Also just noticed that Drew is out FML can cover him by playing Setterfield/Moore (hawks)/Corbett
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    3. stripey
      That’s balls that is... :mad:
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    4. port_leschenault
      I an $600 short of getting Boak into my team and now I have nfi which forward premium I should get into my team, which I need or face a donut. :(
    5. choppers
      Assuming you already have Dunkley,Daniel,Marshall ( Rd12 byes same as Boak)
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    6. port_leschenault
      Don't have Caleb Daniel, how sure are we he will keep scoring as he's been doing? Marshall's a landmine imo, can't trust his scoring this season.
    7. choppers
      This is Supercoach, you can't be sure about anything....;););)
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    8. port_leschenault
      Looking at the best Rd14 forwards and you have: Jeremy Cameron, Kane Lambert, Tom Lynch (Ade).

    9. Len
      Caleb's role is virtually unchanged, very low std dev too, I like him
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    10. IPOD
      So with no Hately should I go Drew to Stocker then up libba to Fyfe
      Option 1 - drew to Stocker & libba to Fyfe/J.Kelly
      Option 2 - Parker - Stocker libba to Fyfe/J.Kelly
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    11. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      T.Kelly if you don’t already have him.
    12. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
    13. Penske file
      Penske file
      Does anyone believe in conspiracy theories, have the league coaches decided to have a bit of a laugh this round, c'mon guys this is tooserious.!!
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    14. stripey
      Moore and DeGoey confirmed outs
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    15. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      Back to the Mooring Board for me!
    16. anthak
      Is anyone else having problems with the SC site.
      I can’t logon to make changes. I’ve tried on multiple devices.

      Is it just me?
    17. anthak
      Checked Twitter and looks like a common issue
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    18. benny01
      Yes I'm also having this issue. This is what I get for waiting until the finals teams announcement before making my trades.
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    19. benny01
      It's back up and working now
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    20. HornsyFiveTime
      Hey @walesy is this your real team that I'm playing against in the TSORFFL or your second team?

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