2019 Round Review: Round 2

Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Mar 31, 2019.

By walesy on Mar 31, 2019 at 11:13 PM
  1. walesy

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    Nov 30, 2015
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    Gunna be quick.

    - Stats are up.
    - Scored a 2,275
    - Rucks are back baby.
    - I still can't make correct bench choices (Damint Scott)
    - Glad I didn't break the bank for Newman. Still might turn Heeney into him via DPP
    - MyTeams is still a thing, have some time scheduled in on Tuesday night to sort it. *fingers crossed*
    - Pootoroos cracked 1400
    - Savages are 0/2

    How'd y'all go?
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Mar 31, 2019.

    1. HeavyMen
      Magnificent work “Sir” Walesy

      Love seeing those break even, green, glowing, beautiful numbers you can produce
      Those rookies are gifts from above, premo picks gunna be crucial....

      Steady 2,193 / 4,291 for me & if I’m not mistaken young TiB has leapt outa the blocks,
      looking for suggestions of how to distract him in the Donuts league...anybody?
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    2. Bearfly
      A disappointing 2267 (I say disappointing because at one stage I was projecting 2400+)
      Hoff, Coniglio, Scott and Clark all on field being outscored by Setterfield, Butters, Walsh and Scrimshaw to the tune of an extra 111
      Round rank of 12,705 but moved up in overall from 2,992 to the lofty height of 970 :) (Never, ever had a start like this before)!!!
      Nailed the Grundy VC loop, and glad I maintained the faith with him and Gawn.
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    3. anthak
      I had a disappointing 2147.
      I think the main issue was several of my premiums failing to reach triple figures, but some were very close, so I’m not too fazed.

      I’m disappointed in my last minute decision to start the season with Dunkley instead of Tim Kelly who had been in my team all preseason. The decision was mainly due to my bye structure, but I’m thinking to trade Dunkley this week anyway.
    4. ike2112
      Scored 2377.
      Screwed up the bench picks though, Collins over Clark, Butters over Scott and Parker over Heeney (not that you'd ever pick that) cost me 106 points, I'd have won the round with that.
      Lycett as 2nd ruck paid off this week, but I think that's more about playing Carlton, I'm still worried I can't ride him to the byes.
      Josh Bruce is probably my other main POD.
      None of my other mid-pricers are looking great and Dunkley and Heeney are giving me the shits.
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    5. Nick
      2201 which seems below par, rookie on field selections the main culprit (looking at you Bailey Scott)

      Really want to get Rocky in but not sure how now that Libba went bang!

      Darling looks in the gun, can only muster a 90 with 4 goals!
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    6. DanJS
      2302, eight tonnes, went Grundy into Dangerfield but took Grundy's 137. Avoided the Scott trap but got stuck with Petruccelle on the field. Happy with my premiums this year, except for Heeney, but he'll pick up.

      Very tempted by Rocky and Sheed, but not sure if it's worth it. If I downgrade Collins and upgrade Gibbons I could do it, but if I did that Rocky would average 70 for the next three weeks, and I think between them Collins and Gibbons will go up in value more than Rocky or Sheed will.
    7. Nick
      That's if you think Rocky is being used to generate cash or a stepping stone. His form looks like he could become keeper status again.
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    8. stripey
      @walesy - ORFFL teams appear to be locked, I'm unable to make changes to my selected team
    9. Len
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    10. walesy
      ahhh, welcome back ORFF and welcome back walesy forgetting to set the lockout game properly :D
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    11. DanJS
      True, I would only want him if he was a keeper. Looks that way after two rounds but if not then saving the trades/cash for later would be better. He's let me down before.
    12. port_leschenault
      Over 2200 but still barely moved up in the rankings from last week's horrible start. You're a cruel mistress sometimes, SC.
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    13. Waldo666
      2306 so can't complain but schoolboy error with captaincy stings, had Rocky into Danger and of course the games overlapped o_O
      Up 30k places to just outside top 10k so will be happy if I can keep that trend going.

      There is a chance I may not trade this week, was all ready to ship out Heeney before hearing he'd been carrying an injury and whilst Worpel did well he didn't scream must have. Dunkley may also get a reprieve due mainly to an achievable BE. This will ofc depend on what happens in the rookie space namely with Balta and Hore.
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    14. Owen
      2284 with no real failures other than Heeney. Happy with Cousins' 92 after thinking I might have made an error in picking him. I need to bring in Drew this week which I'll probably do for Balta if Balta isn't named. I was initially hesitant to pick Drew with Wines to come back into the team, but I can't see them dropping in the short term now the way he's going.
    15. port_leschenault
      In a kinda weird place where really the only rookie I feel like I want to trade out is Hore, but not like anyone is knocking down the door, maybe Wilkie. Likely to hold Collins so really only problem is Mills, which is a POD that just hasn't worked. Likely to move him into B.Smith or Newman.
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    16. Waldo666
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    17. stripey
    18. Waldo666
      In a nutshell:
      Longmire saying that Heeney pulled up a bit sore and will be on lighter duties this week and that they're hopeful he'll put his hand up for the game on Saturday. Said that he'd tweaked it a few times. Said that it's not ideal at the start of the year but if he can get through the next couple of weeks he should be alright.
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    19. TheTassieHawk
      Sorting the TSstats salary change stats by total salary change over next 3 games for players up to a maximum salary of $405.9k (ie Rocky) makes for an interesting read


      Miers seems the best of the cheap rookies I don't already have while their are a number of options in the $189-$239k range. The Libba and above types would need me to trade out a premium which I am always very reluctant to do.

      Obviously the figures assume that the player continues to score their current average but comparing LDU to Rozee/Walsh indicates that 3 more games at 70-75 would most likely see LDU increase by $90-$100k or more after Round 5 so depending on structure may be worth bringing in for some sides expecting a better short term return.

      As always Wednesday and Thursday night team selection will be likely to play a huge part in this week's decisions.
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