2019 Round Review: Round 2

Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Mar 31, 2019.

By walesy on Mar 31, 2019 at 11:13 PM
  1. walesy

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    Nov 30, 2015
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    Gunna be quick.

    - Stats are up.
    - Scored a 2,275
    - Rucks are back baby.
    - I still can't make correct bench choices (Damint Scott)
    - Glad I didn't break the bank for Newman. Still might turn Heeney into him via DPP
    - MyTeams is still a thing, have some time scheduled in on Tuesday night to sort it. *fingers crossed*
    - Pootoroos cracked 1400
    - Savages are 0/2

    How'd y'all go?
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Mar 31, 2019.

    1. insider
      Early opinions needed if anyone would be so kind.

      Trade out:
      1. Heeney
      2. Devon Smith
      3. Dustin Martin
      4. Tim Taranto
      5. A combination of two of them
      Thumbs down: none of the above.

      I’d be looking at getting in LDU or Whitfield or Dahlhaus via some shifting of positions. Maybe even Miers pushing Parker onto the field in the Forwards.
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    2. Len
      Heeney Smith and Martin are all concerning, not totally sold they have to be traded but I keep looking at Heeney's expected price drops and am contemplating jumping off also. I don't hold Martin but if I did I wouldn't keep him, he went into the "high watch" basket after R1 in my TG team and will go this week.
      TT I would hold, one bad game is to be expected, his BE is easily achievable and I expect him to flourish when JK is back, even more so when Ward joins him.
    3. caplescrew
      Can you still upload your team so you can see it in the stats??
      I cant find where to do this anymore
    4. Len
      It's being worked on at the moment mate, the source comp runners have blockers and we are seeing what's feasible
    5. JPK
      Anyone with N Balta still in the side planning on keeping him? Or is he the number 1 out for corrective trades?
    6. stripey
      It wouldn’t surprise to see Balta return while JRoo is out.. if he doesn’t, I’d chop him if I had him
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    7. port_leschenault
      Definitely keep Balta if you didn't drop him already, he should be playing next round and wont get a better opportunity to take contested marks being the 2nd tall up forward with JRoo out.
    8. port_leschenault
      It looks to me like Libba is a better trade in target than Rocky. I would feel a lot more comfortable with banking on Libba getting 100ppg each week than Rocky getting 120+. Still not sure I should be trying to restructure my team around any of them though.

      LDU is tricky, he's scoring what you want from a high priced prem but it's still hard to justify bring them in. If Collins had two mares, it may have been an easy swap but now I don't know.
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    9. stripey
      I need to deal with Mills and dont have Moore... considering Heeney to Moore which would give me the cash to upgrade Mills... no other trades used at this stage and content with current rookies - seems a better option than swapping Mills to Newman and holding Heeney (only have $35k in the bank)

      What do people think?

      TU: bring in Moore and Lloyd (leaves me with $146k for future upgrades)
      TD Mills to Newman (leaves $70k)
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    10. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      2192 and held ground around the 21k mark.
      Moving Heeney on as the prognosis doesn’t sound good for improved scoring in near future.
      Probably just Heeney - TKelly for me. Might hold Hore regardless if named as have Scrimshaw, Clark and Duursma and don’t see any other vital rookie defs.
    11. walesy
      Sounds like Greene is gunna miss again.
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    12. HornsyFiveTime
      Love the shout out @walesy xox Still waiting on that username change though...didn't think it would be that difficult for a man of your talents.

      Oh and got to the bottom of my poor round 1 score in SC after, I dunno, 6 years of not playing. Forgot you had to select emergencies. Think I'm all caught up now for those in the ORFFL league; I promise a better showing from now on.
    13. headmandude
      Interested in peoples input.

      Fyfe v Neale - I'm leaning towards adding Neale over Fyfe due to durability of Neale. Anyone want to sway me towards Fyfe?

      Forwardline dilemma - I have Mitch Robinson (yeah he was a punt). Do I bring Miers in to the bench and move Parker on to the field or do I leave Parker on the bench and bring in Worpel? For mine the output comparison has me leaning towards bringing in Miers. There is also the temptation of adding Boak, however my forwardline already consists of Gray, Lycett and Drew.

      Appreciate any feedback
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    14. insider
      Thanks @Len and the options/thumbs.
      Ended up doing Devon Smith to Darcy Moore and Dustin Martin to LDU.
      Clearly I’m cooked in the overall chase which sucks for another year, but can look to come home strong in my cash league. Have $700k surplus to turn Taranto/Brad crouch/Newman/Brodie smith into premiums when ready.
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    15. Waldo666
      You have a full premium sitting in the bank? Spend that cash, can't have that sitting there until you're right to upgrade imo. Forget LDU and just get a premium in.
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    16. TheTassieHawk
    17. benny01
      Am I the only one leaning towards keeping Heeney?

      He's carrying an ankle niggle from the JLT which is keeping his midfield minutes down so he's been playing mostly fwd and Horse says it'll be good in a few weeks.

      Is it really worth trading out a player of Heeneys quality because he is having a poor patch of form? Surely our trades are more valuable than that.
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    18. anthak
      Nah, I’m with you. I might change my mind, but at this stage I plan to keep Heeney.

      Once he comes good, he should easily be a top 6 fwd.
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    19. Len
      I have him out for Kelly atm.
      Very likely I reverse it and just not trade this round
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    20. walesy
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