2019 Round Review: Round 2

Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Mar 31, 2019.

By walesy on Mar 31, 2019 at 11:13 PM
  1. walesy

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    Gunna be quick.

    - Stats are up.
    - Scored a 2,275
    - Rucks are back baby.
    - I still can't make correct bench choices (Damint Scott)
    - Glad I didn't break the bank for Newman. Still might turn Heeney into him via DPP
    - MyTeams is still a thing, have some time scheduled in on Tuesday night to sort it. *fingers crossed*
    - Pootoroos cracked 1400
    - Savages are 0/2

    How'd y'all go?
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Mar 31, 2019.

    1. Waldo666
      I'm not keen on holding a premium through a niggle for him to come good in a few weeks, will bleed cash and all the while missing out on potentially 30 - 50 points per week if you bought in someone like Kelly to replace him.
    2. Nick
      Agreed. Trades are there to be used and a pre round 3 correction trade can be used for rookies and premiums alike.

      I don't like sitting and wait and see, may as well look at the sample size of 2 rounds we have and the info that he has a niggle and make the call. Premiums in my forward line are all the gun really, with Heeney, Darling and Dunkley all giving me headaches.

      I'm thinking Heeney > Moore and midfield rookie > Rocky

      Keeps cash generation in Moore, culls under-performing premium and allows Rocky to enter the team, who to me is looking back to his piggish days.
    3. Pistolas de Espana
      Pistolas de Espana
      My emergency choice for points at 1700 was Parker or Lycett - seriously Scott 167 .... seriously ? WTF is that. :(
    4. Len
      Heeney to Daniel and Atkins to LDU
      (Not drinking yet)
    5. benny01
      This makes sense to me if you're somewhere near the top say top 10,000. But I'm not so I just don't see the point of it for myself. Kelly or Rockliff look like potential great swaps. Wines is likely back this week so I have no idea what's going to happen to Ports midfield.

      I still think Heeney could score 100+ this week vs Blues and possibly outscore anyone I could trade in for him for the rest of the year. I don't think he's playing as bad as his 67 suggests. He had a goal taken away from him and turned into a 50m penalty against from a silly free kick a teammate gave away when he was going to kick them right back into the game.

      Has he underperformed? Yes
      Is it all doom and gloom? I don't believe it is.
    6. TheTassieHawk
    7. dabombers
      @walesy if HS won't let you sync with their feed could a quick fix be enter teams manually to use the functions on Team Upload && B/E's. I would be willing to help out if you need some testing on scripts etc....

      Heeney and Mills are GONESKI !!!!!!
      Dropped from 200's first round (You Beauty my best start ever!!) to 4000'ish after some bad on-field rookie choices and the 'Cull Brothers' putting up their efforts... 150 points lost there...

      To Keep Pace I think having Lloyd down back is a must and cant wait til upgrade season to get him, he is that far ahead of the rest of the guys. Parker is also in as I chose Balta over him will also come in and hopefully keep it up for 4-6 weeks which I can see happening given his enthusiasm, He loves it!!!
      Bank the Cash and enjoy the ride...
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    8. IPOD
      I havent made any trades this year but am seriously considering it with Heeneys form and Greene missing a second week FML. I do have 235k to spend do move Greene to Moore and maybe Heeney to Kelly (tim) that will still leave 373k in the bank. Or i can leave Heeney hope he comes good and straight trade Greene to Kelly leaving just 83k. Only other concern is the form of Goldy was gonna move him for Grundy and even though Goldy will drop in price i think Grundy will drop more.

      Option 1 trade Heeney & Greene - Kelly & Moore leave 373k for upgrades
      Option 2 trade Greene & Goldy to Kelly and Lycett - leaves 190 k
      Option 3 hold your fire
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    9. anthak
      if you started the season with so much cash in hand, now is the time to spend it.
      Out of all the options you suggested, I think just Greene to Kelly is the best idea.... but Im so confused about what to do about Heeney. Im still leaning towards keeping him, but Im very tempted to trade him. If you do trade Heeney and Greene, I would forget about Moore and use your cash to get two premiums.
    10. anthak
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    11. bunza52
      2194 with Neale C. Scott on field over Constable hurt & of course fielding Hoff over Burgess :rolleyes:, what a stinker in his 250th. Surely Balta and Hore return this week, if they don't think I will still hold them as I have everyone I should and no one screams pick me. Also unsure what to do with Heeney. But I could be entering the zone, where I'll have 30 trades after R3. Don't think I can every recall that happening.
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