2019 Round Review: Round 4

Discussion in 'Blog' started by Cpt Pugwash, Apr 14, 2019.

By Cpt Pugwash on Apr 14, 2019 at 7:54 PM
  1. Cpt Pugwash

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    And that’s a rap!!!

    - Score & Rank?
    - Rnd 4 Cpt?
    - How many players 100+?
    - Who is in your trade rage crosshairs?

    Some rookies looked tired.

    2248 disappointing (82 pts diff on bench)
    Grundy Cpt (via loop)
    10 players 100+

    For mine, Oliver and Dunkley only played slightly better than Meat Loaf at the GF!

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Discussion in 'Blog' started by Cpt Pugwash, Apr 14, 2019.

    1. Royboy Forever
      Royboy Forever
      2196 this week and won 4 out of 4 leagues. Last week traded in Marshall and Libba for Cognilio and Lobb which didn't lose me points but gained me $300000 in cash. Have 10 over 100 and Walsh knocking on the door. I think I will go one more week of trading for cash and move topped out bench players Ballard (D7) to Rotham and Butters (M9) to Stack which would bring my cash total to just over $600,000 to hold for trade-ups when they come on line.
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    2. TheTassieHawk
      2121 for my lot, defeated by 20-40 points in my 4 league matches but a slight rise in my overall ranking from 49k to 47k.

      Looking at the price rise calcs for all players up to Walsh’s price shows most rookies need to fire up with a big score soon in order to boost their cash generation. Getting the culling sequence right will be crucial.
      rd4 stats.png

      I guess most teams will be looking at bringing in Rotham, Stack, L Baker or Hore this week. I traded Hore out 2 weeks ago but at this stage will be trying to bring him in this week.

      tth rd4.png
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    3. stripey
      I'll definitely be looking closely at Stack... both Rotham and Hore were late ins I think so wouldnt have confidence in JS there and Baker (who I know nothing about) is another high priced rookie I am fairly determined to avoid... rookies suck this year!
    4. Owen
      Is anyone considering trading Gawn down to Mumford, pocketing $323.7K, then potentially trading Gawn back later in the season?
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    5. DanJS
      Pretty disappointed with 2131, slipped down to ~12k. Had Butters and Parker on the ground. I still have Hore and Scrimshaw but they were on the bench. 9 tonnes, took Grundy's VC (would've had Danger as C so glad I did). I still have Balta so he's gone. Will give Oliver and M Crouch a bit longer but running out of patience. Might end up jumping on the Rocky train.
    6. stripey
      Yes considering this strongly as I have the Bines/Lobb DPP if he does miss a week from getting rested... but could also swap Goldy too

      I think Butters to Stack could be a given...
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    7. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      Trades completed (for now) - teams selection to bugger this up.

      (Trade 1) - Gawn to Mummy
      (Trade 2) - Setterfield to Heeney

      Loss of pts off-set by gain in Heeney. And additional M/F.

      Keeping Dunkley wither Blues and Freo coming up.
    8. Senator96
      2333 and a move up to early 4000s. Probably the best week so far but still a few little issues simmering away.

      What are people thinking they’ll do with setterfield? Most have him he hasn’t set the world on fire that’s for sure and now out for 2 weeks

      TU: hold
      TD: fold
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    9. TheTassieHawk
      Settersfield looks like a player ready to to be traded out, but there is a risk he comes back in and nails a high score in Round 7 or 8 and we miss out on a lot of his longer term cash generation. His f/m dpp also appeals.

      I haven't looked at the fixture but hopefully for those keeping him he is scheduled to play late in the round and can be used to loophole while he is out.
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    10. Pistolas de Espana
      Pistolas de Espana
      :( Sad as. Kills when the non choice goes huge. I left Lycett on bench last minute and 167 went begging.
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    11. Pistolas de Espana
      Pistolas de Espana
      Only 2189. 42,000 overall, managed 9 x 100's. Had VC loophole on Grundy so pretty happy there. Sideways traded in (before last round) Boak - Tick. Parker on the field - Fail. Scrimshaw wasted on bench too. :(
    12. Pistolas de Espana
      Pistolas de Espana
      Gawn to Mummy is a bit harsh. I am able to do a trade of Lycett down to Mumford. Will then trade mummy to Gawn after round 13 based on byes.
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    13. ike2112
      Only 9 over 100, but Newman, Scrimshaw and Caleb Daniel were close. I'm now just outside 5000 having had a shocking week one.

      Lloyd / Whitfield / Newman
      Brodie Smith / Scrimshaw / Duursma // Collins / Clark

      Cripps / Macrae / Rocky / Treloar
      Libba / Cousins / Smith / Constable // Butters / Scott / Atkins

      Grundy / Lycett // Schlensog

      Danger / Dunkley / Daniel
      Worpel / Bruce / Drew // Settersfield / Parker

      I took a gamble on Lycett and in round 2 I looked a genius but he's not looking great now. Same with Bruce, after two high 90s he's now posted below 50 twice. Dunkley is doing my head in, and I'm not sure Worpel is a keeper.

      I can do Bruce and Dunkley (Lycett to fwd) and bring in Mumford and Marshall. Both with raise $ and are scoring better than the outgoings, so even if they tail off I can then move them to true premiums like Boak and Heeney.
      Means I miss Stack though.

      Other options include going for O'Brien and Boak, knowing I'll switch O'Brien again in 2-3 weeks to Gawn so it's purely to bank $90k.
      Or finding a way to get Stack in, which likely means Scott, Butters or Cousins go. Butters for Stack and Bruce for Marshall, hold Lycett and Dunkley another week?

      1= Dunkley and Bruce out for Mumford and Marshall
      2 = Dunkley and Lycett out for Mumford and Boak
      3 = Dunkley and Bruce out for O'Brien and Boak
      4 = Butters and Bruce out for Stack and Marshall

      Dunkley and Bruce for Mumford and Marshall makes most sense to me as they could both end up keepers but if not will make money and get me to a premo so it's win-win. Could end up they cost me 4 trades overall though, and Dunkley turns it around.
    14. anthak
      Why not an option for Lycett & Bruce?
    15. stripey
      I’m guessing his displeasure with Dunkley outweighs his displeasure with Lycett... o_O
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    16. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Yeah toying with Goldy>Mummy and
      Mainly looking at this route to get Rocky. With rookie scores and cash gen a tough ask at this stage, I’m grabbing this now to improve my on field team. Skipping Stack and banking on Ross, Hately and Valente coming through to bubble soon.
      ROB could be another option for bubble cash gen with Sauce set to miss a few.
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    17. Nick
      Thoughts on Gawn/Goldy to Mummy and Butters to Stack

      To create war chest for Constable to Neale the following week

      TU: good idea
      TD: Crazy
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    18. ike2112
      Agree choosing which rookies to drop and when is gonna be critical, cos although their BEs are rising, even knocking out a 65 might be enough to see them through another 2 weeks. Plus which ones to keep - I like the look of Collins for example to just hold as D7 all the way, not bother cashing in unless I have to.

      Are you really that desperate for Hore to basically use 3 trades on him - out, in, then out again? I'm not sure he has the job security. If it was like Kelly last year then fair enough but he's not a must-have. I've got Scrimshaw, Duursma, Collins and Clark and happy enough with that as rookie defenders, I'd think Stack is the player to go for over Hore?
      To be fair I'm not ecstatic about either of them.
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    19. ike2112
      Also Parker looks like being out for Saints.
      So if, like me, you have Setterfield and Parker on fwd bench, you now have no bench or loophole. On the plus side, neither will drop in value so you could focus elsewhere (Butters) and then move Parker next week.
    20. ike2112
      Yeah I could dump those two for Mummy and Marshall I think, you reckon that's a better option?

      I am trying to calculate if its actually better to get O'brien instead of Mummy for cash generation, and just swap for Gawn in 3 weeks and sack the thought of waiting till byes.
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