2019 Round Review: Round 4

Discussion in 'Blog' started by Cpt Pugwash, Apr 14, 2019.

By Cpt Pugwash on Apr 14, 2019 at 7:54 PM
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    And that’s a rap!!!

    - Score & Rank?
    - Rnd 4 Cpt?
    - How many players 100+?
    - Who is in your trade rage crosshairs?

    Some rookies looked tired.

    2248 disappointing (82 pts diff on bench)
    Grundy Cpt (via loop)
    10 players 100+

    For mine, Oliver and Dunkley only played slightly better than Meat Loaf at the GF!

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Discussion in 'Blog' started by Cpt Pugwash, Apr 14, 2019.

    1. ike2112
      Indeed I think Lycett is going to swing good and bad based on match up. Whereas Dunkley is getting no midfield time and I can't see where improvement is coming from.
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    2. Owen
      I read somewhere the Jacobs might be out for significant time with leg injury, I think it said they will know more tomorrow. That has definitely perked my interest in O'Brien - considering a Bines to the forward line, and O'Brien to Ruck bench trade. The only thing it that there is rumoured to be mass forward line problems this round with Heeney, Moore, Setters (out for two), Parker, and Balta all iffy.
    3. IPOD
      TU - Butters to Stack
      TD - hold your fire 27 trades remain
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    4. stripey
      Yes if Sauce goes under the knife tomorrow and misses two months, ROB should be a great option to the byes... combined with a Setterfield to Marshall trade the forward line should cope ok (i'm not expecting Heeney to miss, he's just sore?)
    5. Penske file
      Penske file
      Read Heeney & Parker maybe non starters this week.
    6. ike2112
      Would you roll with ROB as Ruck 2 though?
      I'd be bringing him in for either Lycett or Dunkley and instead of Mummy, who'll score better but I think earn less cash by round 10. If playing for overall position think you have to go for Mummy, you can't leave points behind for potentially 6-8 weeks just to make an extra $80-100k.
    7. stripey
      It really depends on what I do with the extra money doesnt it.. provided that side of the equation provides a greater points differential I can still be in front. Also the Salary predictor suggest ROB would go up $250 by his bye if he continued his 85 point average.. I've seen nothing to suggest he cant score better, been unlucky with frees against i reckon

      Goldy to ROB when combined with my other cash gives my $530k to upgrade a couple of players.

      If I go Setterfield to Marshall this week I can afford one of Petrol, Parker or Drew to Tim Kelly in a couple of weeks when he bottoms out
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    8. Nick
      I was thinking to get ROB to ruck bench via Bines for cash gen, but I like the idea of him at R2 - who knows my average close to Goldy, generates cash and allows from damage control in the forward line by bringing in Marshall and Kelly or Boak in future.
      It's a bold move but one that may separate from the pack.
    9. headmandude
      This has thrown a spanner in my thinking. I was going to go M Wallis - Heeney and Butters to Stack which would leave me with 190k in the bank.
      If I go Wallis to Heeney and Gawn to Mummy then I'm left with $382k in the bank. I've got Lycett and Bines so Mummy getting rested isn't an issue. But will he keep tonning up and will Gawn stick around a 110 average? And is it worth using the trade???? Agggh!
    10. DanJS
      Trying to decide between Boak and Marshall and the rookies Stack and Rotham. ~270k in the bank and I can swing Duursma from DEF into MID.

      I can trade up Setterfield or Petruccelle for Boak if I trade Butters for Stack.
      Otherwise, I'm considering trading out Gibbons for Stack/Rotham, and Balta for Marshall.

      I feel that holding Setterfield might pay off in the long run, and he won't be losing cash for at least a couple of weeks while Balta is just wasting space.

      But I'm worried Marshall's output will drop, especially against Gawn this week. Boak might get a tag this week too, but he looks like finishing a top 6 forward so could pay off regardless.

      I think Butters and even Gibbons might still generate some decentish cash, not as much as Stack or Rotham but maybe enough to make it not worth burning the trade


      1. Butters and Setterfield > Stack and Boak
      2. Gibbons and Balta > Stack and Marshall
      3. Gibbons and Balta > Rotham and Marshall
      4. Some other combination of these
      5. Hold

      I'm favouring option 2 right now.
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    11. DanJS
      I don't like the Gawn to Mummy option. Gawn will be a top 2 ruck and Mummy won't, and that extra 300k now will end up costing a bunch of points and you'll lose a fair bit of it when you eventually get Gawn back in.
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    12. Owen
      Depends on whether you're going for overall, or for league. Worth thinking about I think if going for league.
    13. headmandude
      And that is the other side of the coin that I'm considering and which I believe I will lean towards.
    14. headmandude
      Good point. I want to have the highest rank I can. Leagues, not too fussed about.
    15. headmandude
      Who do you VC?

      TU - Grundy
      TD - Neale
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    16. port_leschenault
      Interesting one, I think it's a matter of what history does Grundy have against Brisbane/Stef Martin and in 4 games over last 3 years he's had: 114, 120, 110, 121 which is good without having an outstanding score, he's still in very good form. Neale is going against a stacked midfield, but then there's no Greenwood/recognised tagger so he could keep going off like he's the reincarnation of Tom Mitchell and it's a Brissy home game so I'd say him.
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    17. anthak
      I’m going to the game with my daughter who is a Collingwood supporter, so I’m VC Grundy :)
    18. port_leschenault

      Who is the best option to trade out for ROB who is now a must have rookie with Sauce out for another six at least

      :thumbsu: Setterfield
      :thumbsd: Parker
      :1: Gibbons
      :2: B.Scott
      :4: Any of your shit underperforming prems :poop:
      :5:Just get rid of Bines
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    19. headmandude
      And it would appear the answer was “neither”
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    20. TheTassieHawk
      Can someone please start a round 5 thread ?

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