2021 Too Serious signups for AFLW based keeper and annual (re)draft leagues

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By TheTassieHawk on Jan 15, 2021 at 9:43 PM
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    Hi All,

    Too Serious will be holding our 3rd season of AFLW based competition in 2021 during the 2021 AFLW home and away season, building on the success of our 8 team, 7 week competition in 2019 and our unfortunately more succinct 2020 season.

    We are one of the few full season fantasy comps on offer for AFLW next season – the other many played in 2020 was Sheplays (ShePlays Fantasy League).

    Hopefully success of ShePlays as well as our comp and others elsewhere will lead to SuperCoach and RealDream team comps further down the track.

    We are looking to grow our numbers substantially so whether you are an AFLW fanatic, general fantasy football or fantasy sports fan or both please consider having a crack at either a keeper league or (re)draft format competition (or both). Also pass on the word to your family, mates and fantasy league buddies if you think they would be keen. Let's try our hardest to get this shout-out to go viral. Multiple leagues can be formed depending on how many entries we receive.

    Whether you are a long time Too Serious member or otherwise we would love to have you joining in. If your fantasy site of choice for AFL mens comps and other Australian and global sports is elsewhere that is no issue and this comp will slot in nicely with slight overlap only for those who compete in BBL supercoach and AFL Supercoach and AFL Fantasy comps.

    With the AFLW season commencing on Thursday 27th January, 2021 there has been a decision to start new leagues commencing week 2 of the AFLW season which allows a majority of players to be selected post AFLW round 1 selection.

    Drafts would commence between Friday 22nd January and Tuesday 26th January with an optimal league size of 8 teams to provide an intense home and away comp prior to finals. AFLW player positions will be finalised by 20th January and league draft order, league draft starting time and other details will be finalized and listed as soon as practicable once leagues fill up.

    To join up for 2021 ORFFW comps either post below or send me a tweet at MystixORFFW @MOrffw indicating whether your preference is for a keeper league, annual draft league, or you are willing to sign up for one (or more) of each.

    Cheers TTH

    Keeper ……………. Re(Draft)

    1@teddy2 1 @teddy2
    2 ….. 2…..

    3 ….. 3…..

    4 ….. 4…..

    5 ….. 5…..

    6 ….. 6…..

    7 ….. 7…..

    8 ….. 8…..

    9 ….. 9 …..

    10 ….. 10 …..

    11 ….. 11…..

    12 ….. 12…..

    13 ….. 13…..

    14 ….. 14…..

    15 ….. 15…..

    16 ….. 16…..
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by TheTassieHawk, Jan 15, 2021.

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