2022 ORFFF Round 1

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    Round 1 saw a split result for the newest ORFFF centurions with The Boozers @leematty1 dispatched by the Ducks @thokash and the Virgins @YAD69 initially following suit against the 29ers but managing to extract the required points to take the win via a late clarification to loopholing arrangements for week 1 of season 2022.

    In the weeks other feature match the Glow-Worms @James84 smashed the All Time ORFFF Round 1 record and posted the 9th highest ORFFF score of all time in a 1561-1221 spanking of the Whales, Mole Creek’s winning streak now stands at an impressive 11 straight level with the 2021 Ducks and 2016/17 Noahs and 2 behind the Boozers side of 2017-18

    Other winners were the Avengers @Len who outnumbered and outclassed an 11 player Power outfit, and the Bucks @Dale Duivesteyn, Woylies @port_leschenault, Noahs @That KI Guy and Atoms @Brett Sanders who defeated the Shags, White Pointers, Fugitives and Dropbears respectively in 15-aside clashes.
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