Adelaide v Hawthorn @ the game impressions

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    Hi guys was lucky enough to watch the Crows get up over the Hawks on Sat night and thought I would share some observations, probably pretty obvious stuff but could help a few.

    Just going to talk about the common SC choices, if you want details on others ask away :)


    Knights - moved well looked very sharp. Doesnt look to be carrying any niggles at all and was very clean with the ball. I think if you took a flyer on him you would be happy with his (79) points, I think h can definitely improve on that.

    McKernan - Was a solid target up forward all night for the Crows and took a couple of good marks. Wasnt great at ground level and probably quite lucky to score 90 odd, still should retain his spot. Also suprisingly Walker rucked the forward line not McKernan (not good news for Moran owners)

    Porpz - sell him now. Re injured his already dud shoulder will be lucky to come back this year.

    Dangerfield - 2 touch first half has to be a concern for consistency. But his 3 goal 3rd term was huge and he stole the game, big game player, question is can he back it up?


    Rioli- so silky smooth, I have him in my team was damn fun to watch him, his disposal is top notch, really he didnt even have a lot of it, so his 110+ is a great sign if you have him. ONE CONCERN he was off quite a bit and getting his legs worked on by trainers all night, he seemed a tiny bit slow as well, i reckon he isnt 100% which could be good or bad. Played some HB and HF and a small amount of time on the ball.

    Franklin - was solid but gave away too many frees (what else is new) and was terrible in front of goal 2g 6. Could have been his night if he had kicked straighter and been more disciplined, guess thats the catch 22 with him ha?

    Mitchell - was everywhere, massive engine, was involved in so many passages of play, really good sign he might be back to his best.

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    Watched on Tv.

    Thought Buddy was extremely unlucky. Quite a few of his frees against were very 50/50 and thought the usual Adelaide home ground umpiring favouritism was against him. 26 to 17 total free kick count helped contribute to the Adelaide effort. Also hit the post twice in the 2g6. Could have easily been 4g4. Good news is out of all the forwards got the most shots on goal for the round. So getting back to 2008 when he was getting about 10 shots a game.

    Mitch was great but effeciency was a worry with using his left foot alot, but they came from pressure on the inside and just trying to get the ball out.

    The entire Hawks side seem to run out of legs. Skill level fell away after half time. Bit of a worry. Same problem as last year with last quarter fade outs.

    Hodge should be back next week. Also think Ellis, Guerra and maybe Cheney/Puopolo will get a run very soon.

    Players already in the spotlight. Suckling and Shiels but think as young guys gotta keep playing them. Renouf was horrible. Birchall, for a guy his size doesn't want to lay body contact. Osborne had better lift his game and provide something in a forward pocket or else. If Bruce keeps up that kind of footy he will be destined for the sub position as a versatile impact player. Hale needed to show more and followed his preseason form of showing something early in games to go missing for the rest of it.

    Savage was the best of the rookies and will definately keep his spot.

    Renouf had better pick his game up so keep an eye out for Bailey in about Round 7 to make his way in after he has had some game time in the McGoo's to get match fitness. Could eaisly become the Hawks No1 ruckman.

    Question. When did Matthew Knights become our coach? Essendons game plan from last year with slower players.

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