AFL Round 13

Discussion in 'Blog' started by anthak, Aug 23, 2020.

By anthak on Aug 23, 2020 at 1:32 PM
  1. anthak

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    Already 5 games in, how is everyone going?

    My trade outs were fairly easy decisions this week with both Sicily and Ladhams in my team :(
    Who to bring in, though, is always a tough one...


Discussion in 'Blog' started by anthak, Aug 23, 2020.

    1. ike2112
      Two things I'm not clear on:

      1) When is the point at which we can no longer trade out a Lion or Crow this week? I got stuck with this in a previous round - went to trade out GWS' Green mid-round, but he was already locked - yet hadn't been locked after the first game of the round. Not clear to me when bye players get locked.

      2) I'm stuffed for overall, but by a fluke of the draw I'm between 8th and 4th in three leagues. Am I right in thinking I read that week 15 is basically a mulligan - there'll be no head-2-heads. So its a free week of hopefully rookies rising in value and an extra chance to trade to get your final team ready for finals starting week 16?
      I'm just conscious I was considering Laird, but he's on bye this week and it'll be irrelevant the week after - I can really wait and decide 2 weeks from now. Similarly don't have to worry about Taylor Adams' bye any more for bringing him in (which seems unfair, given we had to consider this for likes of Lloyd or Josh Kelly).
    2. anthak
      Bye players don’t lock until the final game commences.

      SuperCoach finals start this weekend. Then there’s a week off from SuperCoach and the last 3 weeks of SuperCoach finals are rounds 16-18.
    3. ike2112
      I've just been pipped for 8th on percentage in my Bigfooty league. Yet I didn't get to face the teams in 18th and 16th, I've won 5 of the last 6, and I'm currently projected to score the most in the league next round by a clear 80 points. I just started slow; cos I figured cash-building quick was important.
      One more regular season week, I'd be in finals, and a good chance to win. This fantasy season really sucks...
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    4. stripey

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    5. ike2112
      He's named
    6. ike2112
      09:30* - worked out I can get to full premo with Ryan and Petracca, if I ditch Grundy and field Draper as ruck.
      Great plan - he should rise in value, hopefully not score much lower than Grundy, and I'd get back up to Gawn by round 16.

      10:50 - Draper omitted by Dons ‍ :mad:

      *my time - I'm in Scotland
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    7. anthak
      Can’t believe Draper is out. It’s thrown my plans way out of whack too
    8. anthak
      Actually I’ve had a good look and I’m just gonna ride it out during best-18 round and stick to my original trade plans. Hopefully Draper is back next week for the multi-bye round.

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