AFL Round 18 Review

Discussion in 'Blog' started by stripey, Jul 22, 2019.

By stripey on Jul 22, 2019 at 10:30 AM
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    Well, an interesting weekend - personally I got screwed over by the late Hurn out.. Had Logue available as cover but had already loopholed him to take Brodie Smith's score off the bench... oh well, sometimes I think I actually cost myself more points by trying to be too clever..

    To support this, last week I reversed my planned trades on the Friday but forgot to fix my emergencies for looping... over the weekend i couldn't work out why my score was so poor but there it was Brodie Smith and his 98 sitting on the bench with no E...

    My team scored 2,422 to move up to 1309 overall.. my daughters TG team (now tradeless) sits at 726 overall after a 2,448...

    Anyway, enough about me... how did y'all fare this weekend...
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How many trades left before trades this week?

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Discussion in 'Blog' started by stripey, Jul 22, 2019.

    1. The_Swert
      Scored 2467 by avoiding the Hurn and Birchall omission.

      Moved up to 3,643rd which is my highest rank this year after crawling back from 100,777th after round one.

      Rowan Marshall my trade of the year getting him in for only 406k.

      Bust of the year probably my starting team or trading in Josh Kelly a week before getting injured.
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    2. TheTassieHawk
      A question for @Len or any others with a better than average knowledge of the Giants

      Have Toby Greene's last 2 weeks been any indication of increased scoring potential for Rounds 19 to 23 ?? Greene#xMOuuKUQysJhpyyb.97

      If I can slot him into F6 instead of the more expensive Billings, Lycett, Marshall types then there is a chance that I can trade into a fully upgraded team by Round 21 with Duursma holding M8 in Round 20 and being replaced with a $500-$520k premo the next week.

      round 19.png

      The full current plan before Thursday night teams is :-
      Rd 19 - Answerth to Greene (via Gardner), Logue to Hill (via Duursma)
      followed by
      Rd 20 - Work League EF - D Clarke to Whitfield (via Duursma) [or Duursma to Whitfield if just short of $$$]
      Rd 21 - possible Work League SF - Duursma [or D Clarke] to Premo (500-520k) M8 which is funded by downgrade of Quaynor/Hind/Z Clarke or Chol to a bottom priced rookie

      Rds 22 and 23 - 1 trade and most likely not a lot of cash remaining if I somehow make it through to my SC work league prelim.

      Happy to hear feedback and any other suggestions.
    3. port_leschenault
      With all the mid outs for Giants he's had increased time in the middle himself, so I'd check the ins etc if trying to guess if this form is more permanent.
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    4. Len
      Not something that's certain, he is in there due to the host of injuries, he'll stay there till Kelly is back for sure, after that I'd expect his midfield rotation to be higher than early season as he was more of a Cogs replacement than JK, but it is still something of a dice roll
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    5. stripey
      Yep my third and fourth trades...

      Setterfield (194k) and Goldy (522k) to Marshall (406k) and ROB (137k)
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    6. HeavyMen
      Yes, yes.....but any new of Bama's mob, have the Uglies saluted?
      I want to get the party started :)
    7. TheTassieHawk
    8. walesy
      Whelp, it appears that I loaded the SC file into DT this week. Will get it fixed in the not too distant future.
    9. stripey

      Rylee West to make his debut
    10. Vernon Vincent
      Vernon Vincent
      So i'm ranked 253 overall with 2 trades left. Thinking I burn them now and go all out and either completely blow out or see how high I can finish. Therefore, I'm weighing up the following trade this week: Josh Kelly & Dalhaus (swingman on my bench currently) to Whitfield (my last upgrade with Logue/Dursma/Rozee rotating as my D6) and either Dusty/Cameron/Greene. Due to dpp options I can move players anywhere. Any thoughts on any of Dusty/Cameron/Greene or another option less than $485k?
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    11. stripey
      Dusty has started looking good, he’d be my pick.. it is looking like you’ll need Whitfield too... risky strategy though to go no trades... consider this, upgrading D6 to Whitfield might gain 30ppw but if it costs you a donut for one or two weeks you’re advantage is gone... I’d probably hold but no guts no glory! 0 trades with decent cover should work
    12. Owen
      I'm not sold on Dusty, but then I'm not really that sold on any of the other options under $485K either. If you wait one week you might be able snag Cunnington for $485K or pretty close to that.
    13. TheTassieHawk
      Congrats on the high ranking V.V.

      Unless Kelly is back unexpectedly this week (currently listed as 2 weeks on the injury list) I would trade Kelly to either Whitfield (via Duursma) or a mid $500k premium M8 and sit tight. Then use your last trade (and cash) to cover a 2 or more week LTI or possibly an in round late withdrawal when one or the other inevitably occurs in the next 3-4 weeks.
    14. Vernon Vincent
      Vernon Vincent
      Thanks Stripey, Tassie, Owen...I have Dursma, Rozee, Answerth, Hoff, Bines (R/F) & K Hayden (M/F), so can swing them around to cover 0's...unless I lose 2-3 from the one position...Im also not completely sold on any of the sub $485k options, so also throwing up the option of trading dalhaus down to Ian hill (have another playing dpp for more flexibility and it basically means I can have Rozee/Dursma cover for any prem outs) and then Logue up to Whitfield...& keeping Kelly (but will be spewing if he is not back next week).

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