AFL Round 19 Review

Discussion in 'Blog' started by stripey, Jul 29, 2019.

By stripey on Jul 29, 2019 at 1:56 PM
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    Well, the finals are upon us if that's your thing... for me its not, I play for overall...

    2,457 was good enough this weekend to see me rise 140 places to 1,169 overall... the Ryan injury my main concern...

    How is your team tracking, is it all coming together like well laid plans do or is it a complete shemozzle, bouncing from one disaster to the next....



Discussion in 'Blog' started by stripey, Jul 29, 2019.

    1. Owen
      2437 and good enough for a top four in one cash league, and a top eight in another. So happy in the short term. 3 trades left, a bit of cash in the bank, and the nagging temptation for one luxury upgrade
    2. TheTassieHawk
      2398 for my mob. A non event week league wise as I could not make finals in 3 leagues and was locked into 5th prior to the round starting in my work league.

      Having has another terrible year I am hoping to ride 4 trades for a late surge in overall rankings and would love to cause an upset to make the work league prelim. 8th is a much better than 6th and 7th so week 1 could be a tough ask.

      A few decent rookies in recent weeks and holding Cripps and Fyfe while injured has gotten me much closer to a completed side than I thought I would be during the byes - albeit missing the likes of Grundy and Marshall amongst others.

      Quaynor getting injured is untimely however Hurn is the most obvious concern.

      Round 20.png

      I have crunched some breakeven and price rise numbers and have made separate plans for a few alternatives
      - upgrading both M8 (someone under $570k) and F6 (Marshall) using 4 trades
      - upgrading both M8 and F6 using 3 trades (both would need to be around $500k)
      - upgrading M8 using 2 trades and keeping Chol/Hill as F6/F7 looping options (possibly bringing in Langlands).
      - upgrading F6 using 2 trades and keeping 2 of Clarke/Duursma/Hind/Hill as M8/M9 looping options.

      Assuming that he is named Hurn playing the very last game of the round complicates things. As does Duursma, D Clarke and Z Clarke all playing in the early Saturday game.
    3. Royboy Forever
      Royboy Forever
      Finished in top 1% for the week with 2514 and won all 4 leagues . Now overall 9890 so am creeping up but not quite good enough. Wanted to do better than this but looks like my run is too late
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    4. Penske file
      Penske file
      Unhappily I cannot say my plan came together this year, couldn't seem to get all my ducks lined up at all, however for everyone that did congrats and good luck for finals or overalls or whatever your go is...
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    5. TheTassieHawk
      It sounds like the Round 23 fixture will be released at 6.45pm tonight - ie during the Channel 7 news
    6. TheTassieHawk
      here it is - all times AEST

      FRIDAY, August 23
      Collingwood v Essendon at MCG, 7.50pm

      SATURDAY, August 24
      Sydney v St Kilda at SCG, 1.45pm
      North Melbourne v Melbourne at Blundstone Arena, 2.10pm
      Geelong v Carlton at GMHBA Stadium, 4.35pm
      Gold Coast v GWS at Metricon Stadium, 7.25pm
      West Coast v Hawthorn at Optus Stadium, 8.10pm

      SUNDAY, August 25
      Western Bulldogs v Adelaide at Mars Stadium, 1.10pm
      Richmond v Brisbane at MCG, 3.20pm
      Port Adelaide v Fremantle at Adelaide Oval, 4.40pm

      The 6 bold teams are those with the best loophole fixtures over the last 4 weeks of the season.
    7. The_Swert
      Finished with 2526 for my highest score of the year.

      My team has been flying now for the past 4 weeks in which time I've moved up from 7,877th to 2,762nd.

      Will need to trade Ryan, but otherwise no complaints.

      Except in one public league i somehow finished 3rd on total points, but only 14th with 5 wins - 12 losses in head-to-head despite a positive percentage. Weird stuff.
    8. ike2112
      My wife's TG team scored 2430, lowest compared to avg for a while, saw a drop to 2,739th. This was the team I was going for overall with.

      Have Duursma as D6, Answerth on MF bench and Hurn on D bench so if he is back then I can cover for Ryan without using a trade. But then I doubt he'll be back this year anyway and if going for overall it makes no sense to leave $400k+ on the bench.
      However I don't have enough cash to get to Whitfield, and only 2 trades left, so I'm reluctant to go 1-up/1-down and no trades left.

      If Hurn isn't named then my hand is forced, as Naish is D8.
    9. TheTassieHawk
      What is the maximum you can afford to spend trading Ryan using 1 trade @ike2112 ?
    10. IPOD
      2507 with great selection of Macrae (C) and moving on Brayshaw and Logue for Greene & Birchall. Unfortunately have the Ryan problem this week but do have Answerth as cover, am Running M.Crouch as M8 Greene as F6 no cover in the Fwd line or Rucks, Hind & Hill as cover in the mids and def cover if Ryan is out there is Answerth but D8 is Naish. Have 3 trades so i will see how we go
    11. choppers
      2561 was my highest for the year and was helped by making MacRae Capt. and moving Ryan to the bench and taking Answerth's 98.
      Ryan then gets injured (48) so 2511 becomes 2561....a very lucky break.
      Still had Williams Laird Sicily Gray Danger and Dunkley all scoring below 100.
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    12. TheTassieHawk
      I am counting Hill as Fwd cover in my team (despite currently being M10) as 4 out of my 5 premium forwards are f/m and can be swung onto the Mid bench if needed. It is also why I am looking at bringing Langlands in this week if he is named in the Saints 22 (I don't have Cameron).

      In terms of your current D6/D7/D8 situation can you trade Answerth and Hind to a premium standard D6 and rookie ? If not I would trade out Ryan without hesitation if you think he will miss 2 weeks and loop Birchall and Answerth via Naish wherever possible
    13. IPOD
      Can only afford to move Ryan on for a defender worth under 460k (prefer not to burn 2 of my 3 remaining trades) which rules out most defenders except Vlaustin Saad Stewart
    14. Owen
      Stewart would my pick of those, he seems pretty consistent
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    15. IPOD
      That will leave 2 trades almost no cash or I wait a week and play Answerth and Birchall but knock out finals make me panic trade
    16. ike2112
      So nowhere near Whitfield.
      But also just short of Tom Stewart, Rich, Rampe, Crisp etc. Ryan really bottomed-out on price just as a final kicker....
      I'd actually considered bringing in Hunter Clark 2 weeks ago - I did in my AFL Fantasy side as he's been moved to a half-back role that he seems far more suited to and is winning a lot of ball.
      Kade Simpson seems to have found some form. Connor McKenna maybe - he was home for a family wedding but think is available this week. They're maybe the best options in a one-for-one.

      To get a true top 6 Defender I'd need to use both remaining trades to 1U/1D, so if Hurn is fit, I might just hold. I'm presuming Ryan is done for the year though?

      If I was to get Birchall though I could loophole him, Answerth and Duursma which would be a logistical nightmare, but could do ok - if the rest of my team fires I'm really only needing maybe a 70-80 from D6.
      That Hawthorn play Friday night is a bit of a nightmare though, WCE don't play till Sunday so I'll have no way of knowing if Hurn will play and I need cover or not.
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    17. TheTassieHawk
    18. TheTassieHawk
      Hurn is named
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    19. IPOD
      TU - Ryan to Stewart Loophole Birchall/Answerth
      TD - Play both Birchall & Answerth deal with Ryan next week
      Only have 460k as ideally i would have liked Rich and dont want to burn 2 of my 3 remaining trades getting him or Whitfield.
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