AFL Round 20: Teams, Discussion and Review

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    Good luck to those playing finals.... except those up against me...

    These are the Thursday night teams.... not allowing for gastro related changes to teams!

    Friday August 2, 7.50pm at Marvel Stadium
    B: Williams, Thompson, Durdin
    HB: Macmillan, Tarrant, Pittard
    C: Dumont, Ziebell, Polec
    HF: Wood, Larkey, Thomas
    F: Zurhaar, Brown, Simpkin
    FOLL: Goldstein, Higgins, Cunnington
    I/C: Garner, Davies-Uniacke, Ahern, Turner
    EMG: Anderson, Hrovat, Campbell, Hosie
    IN: Thompson, Turner
    OUT: Atley (injured), Anderson (omitted)

    B: Howe, Frawley, Sicily
    HB: Hardwick, O’Brien, Stratton
    C: Henderson, O’Meara, Scully
    HF: Shiels, Gunston, Nash
    F: Breust, Lewis, Puopolo
    FOLL: McEvoy, Worpel, Burgoyne
    I/C: Birchall, Wingard, Smith, Hanrahan
    EMG: Ceglar, Glass, Cousins, Mirra
    IN: O’Brien
    OUT: Ceglar (omitted)

    Saturday August 3, 1.45pm at Marvel Stadium
    B: Redman, Hooker, Gleeson
    HB: Francis, Ambrose, Zaharakis
    C: Fantasia, Merrett, Langford
    HF: Parish, Brown, McDonald-Tipungwuti
    F: Snelling, McKernan, McGrath
    FOLL: Z. Clarke, Shiel, D. Clarke
    I/C: McKenna, Guelfi, Stringer, Saad
    EMG: Hartley, Myers, Ham, Laverde
    IN: Fantasia, McKenna
    OUT: McNiece, Laverde (both omitted)

    B: Houston, Clurey, Bonner
    HB: Hartlett, Jonas, Byrne-Jones
    C: Duursma, Rockliff, Amon
    HF: R. Gray, Dixon, S. Gray
    F: Westhoff, Ladhams, Rozee
    FOLL: Ryder, Powell-Pepper, Boak
    I/C: Sutcliffe, Broadbent, Butters, Marshall
    EMG: Howard, Farrell, McKenzie, Mayes
    IN: Dixon, Ladhams, Marshall
    OUT: Howard (omitted), Lycett (omitted), Garner (omitted)

    Saturday August 3, 2.10pm at GIANTS Stadium
    B: Shaw, Davis, Haynes
    HB: Perryman, Tomlinson, Stein
    C: Reid, Taranto, Keeffe
    HF: Whitfield, Mumford, Deledio
    F: Finlayson, Cameron, Greene
    FOLL: Simpson, Hopper, Daniels
    I/C: Williams, Himmelberg, Hately, Hill
    EMG: Caldwell, Bonar, Shipley, Idun
    INL Stein, Deledio
    OUT: Taylor (injured), Lloyd (injured)

    B: Aliir, Mills, Clarke
    HB: Lloyd, McCartin, Florent
    C: Rose, Heeney, Jones
    HF: Blakey, Reid, Dawson
    F: Parker, Menzel, Papley
    FOLL: McLean, Hewett, Kennedy
    I/C: Jack, Ronke, Fox, Rowbottom
    EMG: Stoddart, Thurlow, McInerney, Melican
    IN: Florent, Rose, Menzel, Jack
    OUT: Melican (omitted), Stoddart (omitted), Rampe (injured), O’Riordan (injured)

    Saturday August 3, 4.35pm at Optus Stadium
    B: Duman, Hamling, Blakely
    HB: Hughes, Logue, Cerra
    C: B. Hill, Fyfe, Langdon
    HF: Banfield, Walters, Crowden
    F: Brayshaw, Darcy, Matera
    FOLL: Sandilands, Conca, Mundy
    I/C: Carter, Switkowski, Tucker, Schultz
    EMG: Bewley, McCarthy, Nyhuis, Colyer
    IN: Hughes, Banfield, Crowden, Carter, Switkowski
    OUT: Ballantyne, Bewley, Wilson, Ryan, Lobb

    B: Henry, Blicavs, Kolodjashnij
    HB: O’Connor, Tuohy, Stewart
    C: Clark, Dangerfield, S. Selwood
    HF: Ablett, Ratugolea, Duncan
    F: Rohan, Hawkins, Atkins
    FOLL: Smith, J. Selwood, Kelly
    I/C: Miers, Bews, C. Guthrie, Dahlhaus
    EMG: Stanley, Parsons, Henderson, Menegola
    IN: Tuohy, Rohan
    OUT: Taylor, Parsons

    Saturday August 3, 7.25pm at MCG
    B: Hibberd, McDonald, Lever
    HB: Salem, Frost, Lewis
    C: Harmes, Petracca, Jones
    HF: Dunkley, Petty, Hunt
    F: Melksham, Oliver, Fritsch
    FOLL: Gawn, Viney, Brayshaw
    I/C: Preuss, Kennedy Harris, Baker, C. Wagner
    EMG: Neal-Bullen, Hore, Chandler, J. Wagner
    IN: Dunkley, Melksham, Preuss, Kennedy Harris
    OUT: J. Wagner, Neal-Bullen (both omitted), Jetta (injured), T. Smith (injured)

    B: Astbury, Broad, Grimes
    HB: Houli, Vlastuin, Edwards
    C: Short, Prestia, Bolton
    HF: Rioli, Ellis, Lambert
    F: Baker, Riewoldt, Lynch
    FOLL: Soldo, Caddy, Martin
    I/C: Graham, Butler, Castagna, Chol
    EMG: Naish, Coleman-Jones, Menadue, Townsend
    IN: Caddy, Butler
    OUT: Stack, Cotchin (injured)

    Saturday August 3, 7.40pm at Adelaide Oval
    B: Kelly, Talia, Brown
    HB: Mackay, Hartigan, Laird
    C: Sloane, B. Crouch, Atkins
    HF: Douglas, Lynch, Knight
    F: Murphy, Walker, Betts
    FOLL: O’Brien, M. Crouch, Gibbs
    I/C: Otten, Milera, Fogarty, Smith
    EMG: Greenwood, Seedsman, Stengle, Jacobs
    IN: Douglas, Betts, Gibbs, Fogarty
    OUT: Wilson, Seedsman, Jenkins, Stengle (all omitted)

    B: Savage, Brown, Paton
    HB: Wilkie, Carlisle, Clark
    C: Billings, Ross, Langlands
    HF: Hind, Bruce, Steele
    F: Lonie, Membrey, Battle
    FOLL: Marshall, Dunstan, Gresham
    I/C: Coffield, Newnes, Long, Sinclair
    EMG: Parker, McKenzie, Joyce, Marsh
    IN: Battle
    OUT: Acres (injured)

    Sunday August 4, 1.10pm at MCG
    B: Maynard, Roughead, Howe
    HB: Crisp, Scharenberg, Greenwood
    C: Phillips, Pendlebury, Sidebottom
    HF: C. Brown, Cox, Hoskin-Elliott
    F: Elliott, Mihocek, Varcoe
    FOLL: Grundy, Treloar, Adams
    I/C (from): T. Brown, Crocker, J. Daicos, Madgen, Mayne, Thomas, Noble, Wills
    IN: Greenwood, Adams, T. Brown, Madgen, Noble, Wills
    OUT: Quaynor, De Goey (both injured)

    B: Lukosius, Ballard, Harbrow
    HB: Martin, Burgess, Weller
    C: Hanley, Miles, Fiorini
    HF: Sexton, Wright, Miller
    F: Lemmens, Day, King
    FOLL: Witts, Swallow, MacPherson
    I/C: Ainsworth, Bowes, Dawson, Graham, Horlin-Smith, Heron, McLennan, Rischitelli
    IN: Ballard, Martin, Ainsworth, Bowes, Graham, Horlin-Smith, McLennan
    OUT: Joyce, Ellis (omitted), Hombsch

    Sunday August 4, 3.20pm at Marvel Stadium
    B: Weitering, Jones, Thomas
    HB: Petrevski-Seton, Plowman, Simpson
    C: O’Brien, Cripps, Setterfield
    HF: Gibbons, Casboult, Silvagni
    F: Lang, McKay, Kennedy
    FOLL: Phillips, Walsh, E. Curnow
    I/C (from): Newman, Murphy, Deluca, Fisher, Goddard, Fasolo, Lobbe, Dow
    IN: Fisher, Fasolo, Goddard, Lobbe
    OUT: Nil

    B: Hurn, Barrass, Schofield
    HB: Jetta, McGovern, Sheppard
    C: Redden, Shuey, Sheed
    HF: Petruccelle, Darling, Rioli
    F: Ryan, Kennedy, Allen
    FOLL: Hickey, Yeo, Gaff
    I/C (from): Waterman, Masten, Watson, Cole, Nelson, Williams, Hutchings, Cameron
    IN: Hurn, Cole, Williams, Hutchings
    OUT: Nil

    Sunday August 4, 4.40pm at the Gabba
    B: Hodge, Andrews, Adams
    HB: Witherden, Gardiner, Rich
    C: McCarthy, Zorko, Robinson
    HF: Cameron, Hipwood, McCluggage
    F: Mcinerney, McStay, J. Berry
    FOLL: Martin, Neale, J. Lyons
    I/C (from): Keays, Christensen, Bastinac, Walker, Rayner, Taylor, Bailey, Answerth
    IN: Andrews, Keays, Bastinac, Taylor
    OUT: Nil

    B: Duryea, Trengove, Crozier
    HB: Daniel, Cordy, Wood
    C: Hunter, Liberatore, Johannisen
    HF: Dale, Naughton, Lloyd
    F: B. Smith, Bontempelli, Dickson
    FOLL: English, Dunkley, Macrae
    I/C (from): Suckling, Schache, West, McLean, Richard, Lipinski, B. Williams, Sweet
    IN: Suckling, Schache, McLean, Williams, Sweet
    OUT: Morris (injured)
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by stripey, Aug 2, 2019.

    1. TheTassieHawk
      Hurn In, Ryan and Stack out. Snelling, McLean and Langlands are all named and a few playing cheapies in or back in this week.

      Do any of the Port fans think Ladhams is likely to play in Rounds 21 to 23 ?
      Is Taylor (GWS) out for long enough to bother bringing in Stein ?
      Elsewhere Dunkley is looking like he may be a possible downgrade for those not requiring mid dpp.

      Anyone know anything about Carter (Freo) and his JS or scoring potential ?

      Hopefully Friday night culling is kind to everyone's teams and trading plans.
    2. TheTassieHawk
      A few late changes earlier in the day

      2 now for the Cats

    3. ike2112
      Ugh, what happened to Mundy, he get taken for assessment? He was on 9 points when Walters was on 71...

      Brought him in for Stack to partially upgrade M8 and add some DPP flexibility, and he's underperformed my bench!
      Was on track for 2646 before him and Logue.
    4. TheTassieHawk
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    5. IPOD
      Mundy was played as permanent forward all day and didnt get a touch until 15mins into second quarter! Lucky for the 2 goals! Lucky for me as i beat my oppenent by 2 points
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    6. TheTassieHawk
      My team managed to win my work league elimination final and my score of 2560 was a season best round ranking and improves my season best overall ranking but still 150 points needed to be caught up for a top 30k finish.

      I have 2 trades and minimal cash left so if there are no Thursday night bullets I will be planning an upgrade of D Clarke using either funds received via a downgrade of either Hind or Z Clarke. Hopefully that is good enough to get me into a good position for another work league win.

      With regard to my "completed team" should I get there, Grundy is the obvious missing star while Houli, Z Wiliams and Walters would be upgrades on my 5th and 6th Defenders and Forwards.


      It is a much better finals lineup than I should have ended up with giving some shockingly bad premo picks in my starting side as well as the fact I only managed to start or trade in 11 of the top 30 rookies - missing ROB, Stack, Marshall when cheap and Shai Bolton - and of those 11 selected 4 were traded out far too early and made another $80-$100k. The trade-off has been carrying injured premos post byes I would rather have traded out quickly to improve my ranking but had too hold to conserve trades.
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    7. Royboy Forever
      Royboy Forever
      Had my best ever week scoring 2726 and a weekly rank of 57. Moved up over 4000 places and now ranked at 6400. Won all 4 leagues and now straight to prelims. Have two trades left so will wait and see what happens next week before I even think of pulling the trigger. As I said last week - it just took me too long to get here but am happy to have made it this far and will try and win a couple of leagues.
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    8. ike2112
      Cost my wife's TG side wins in both leagues, beaten by 10 and 16 points!

      I'd be inclined to try get Walters as M8 if you can, as it allows the DPP to offer various options for cover especially since you have Hill. In my own side I have Hill and Setterfield on mid and fwd bench which gives me the confidence to use up last trades.
      Last edited: Aug 7, 2019
    9. ike2112
      Is it worth bothering trading Rocky for Merrett... or Mundy (at M8) for Shiel, Ross, Mcrouch, Cunnington?.... I'm just not sure I trust any of them anyway so seems like no point, as frustrating as Rocky and Mundy are.
    10. TheTassieHawk
      D Clarke scoring 37 and Walters punching out a 130 plus sees me $5k short of a Clarke to Walters upgrade this week. Bringing in a Forward like Toby Greene would allow me to swing Heeney to M8 and get a similar dpp cover for my 3 M/F premos.

      If there was another F/M I particularly liked I would definitely be keen on that option however at this stage I am leaning to a mid only M8 partly because Greene has the first game of the week and I am not wanting to trade too early due to the lack of DEF cover. If I hold trades until Saturday night 4 defenders would have played and my late withdrawal risk is reduced to Hurn and Laird.
    11. TheTassieHawk
      Rocky is often feast or famine but is playing early enough to be loopholed at M9 this week if your team structure allows. Mundy playing forward for Freo is a terrible role for SC owners and may be worth moving on if you have trades in hand.
    12. ike2112
      Yeah I am leaning towards Mundy out, but I just don't think I trust any of the options to bring in - Mcrouch, Shiel, Cunnington have all been having down weeks.
      I'm thinking since my entire Midfield bench are named (Answerth, Hately, Baker) I might just play Danger as M8 and switch Mundy to forward line and look at what Hayden Maclean scores - if its 70+ take that score, loopholed using Gardner, and leave Mundy on the bench, saving the trade.
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    13. ike2112
      Also for my other team, I can't believe Sam Jacobs has been named on-ground, ROB extended bench. What's going on there?

      With 1 trade left and no ruck cover I can't be doing with this, this isn't why I kept a trade behind!
    14. IPOD
      2 trades left but confident Answerth can pull another 75-90 game as my D6 vs Gold Coast hopefully get through use a trade next week (leave Birchall rot on bench)

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