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Discussion in 'Blog' started by stripey, Aug 12, 2019.

By stripey on Aug 12, 2019 at 9:47 AM
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    Hi my name is Stripey and I have a trading problem... it's been two weeks since my last trade...

    Anyway, courtesy of ROB's omission I officially ate my second donut of the year... a 2,400 saw me rise in the ranking 13 places, now up to 1,092 overall.

    Main issue (apart from the obvious need for ROB to return) atm is the injury concern to Rohan Marshall but I have Jezza Cameron on the bench as cover so should be fine for another week.

    How is everyone else faring?? Any chance ROB returns, I think Sauce wasnt too bad...
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by stripey, Aug 12, 2019.

    1. Penske file
      Penske file
      It is also 2 weeks since my last trade, alas it will be 6 months until my next trade, however I have limped into the prelim of the lightning premiership, indeed a sorry state of affairs.
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    2. stowie
      SuperCoach is still going? I thought it all finished up a couple of weeks ago :(
    3. TheTassieHawk
      My team punched out a 2437 which was enough to grab a win in my work league major semi final and 2 minor semi finals.

      Ranking wise I made up 146 points to move within 4 points of a top 30k finish.

      My last 2 trades were used on upgrading Dylan Clarke to Toby Greene which allows me to whichever F/M has the latest match each week at M8 with Dunkley and Hind as mid cover. Hill is F7 cover so I am hoping he keeps his place for Round 22.

      In hindsight I probably should have kept the 2 trades for prelim final week as I have no RUCK or DEF cover so I will be needing some luck if I am going to make any grand finals this season.

      After a very slow start to the year the YahooTooSerious League is up to #162 in the rankings which will be well outside our usual #50 - #100 finish but the competiveness is as strong as ever amongst the top teams with 5 of the 6 major finals decided by 17 points or less !!
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    4. Owen
      2491 and with two trades left I'm still alive in my main cash league after concentrating on that after a lacklustre start. Currently considering an upgrade of Rockliff to Yeo/Zorko/Duncan this week as Rocky has averaged 91 over the past five weeks. It'll probably be Yeo as he's been super consistent lately. That's assuming no injury trades of course.
    5. IPOD
      2520 with 2/2 wins into the prelims! Have come from 5th in one comp 7th in the other. Could have been a whole lot more with Boak 49! Still holding on to my 2 trades and still running Answerth at D6 although may be time to move him even though he is saving me from a donut. Will look at D/G options of Birchall or Hind to upgrade Answerth
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    6. ike2112
      Stripey you did well to break 2400 with a donut.
      With Hurn, Boak, Lloyd, Neale, Grundy, B.Smith, Rocky, Cameron, Sloane, Marshall, Ziebell all scoring between 49 and 86, I'd expected a lot lower scores.

      My (wife's) Trading Games side had become my focus a month ago after it was massively out-performing my own side. Since then its gone downhill and my own side has improved. My team scored 2400, TG side 2208. With the latter, having come 1st and 2nd in my leagues, I'm now knocked out of finals after 2 losses. So that's a bit rubbish... dropped over 2,000 places overall too to 7,875th.

      Jeremy Cameron is out, injured again apparently. Marshall named though. Duursma out too. I can trade Ryan for maximum cash, Gardner to Def bench and bring in a forward like Billings. That's it though, running with Answerth (or Duursma) rest of way and sketchy bench cover.
      Or just use McLean and hope keeping Ryan is worth it next week - but I doubt now they're out of finals Freo would bother bringing Ryan back in?

      EDIT: Just realised I can drop Ryan, switch Danger to Fwd line and bring in Dusty, Sloane, JPK, Swallow, Taylor Adams... any thoughts?

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    7. IPOD
      So 2 trades prelim week can do one of its either trade Birchall or Hind to a 102k (preferably a playing one especially if it Birchall as my D8 is Naish). A Birchall to 102k def leaves 155k to upgrade Answerth to any defender up to 505k (Laird although i have B.Smith already, Blicavs, Hurn or possibly Simpson im 5k short of Whitfield). On the other hand Hind would give me the extra 13k to allow me to upgrade Answerth to Whitfield. Or hold fire run with Answerth as D6 and hopefully make the GF with 2 trades
    8. Penske file
      Penske file
      This sounds like a good option to me, probably Dusty as he has just been rested. Good luck.
    9. Owen
      Is it worth using one of two trades left to upgrade Rockliff?
      TU: Yes
      TD: No
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    10. IPOD
      TU - Birchall to 102k def then up Answerth - Laird, Blicavs, Hurn or possibly Simpson
      TD - Hind to 102k mid then can go Answerth - Whitfield
      Comment - Hold fire fot GF (If i make it)
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    11. Owen
      Righto Rockliff gets the flick.
      :1: Yeo
      :2: Zorko
      :3: Duncan
      :4: Prestia
      :5: Sloane
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